Dreams Related To Secret

A secret being revealed

A secret being revealed in the dream realm may cause you some anxiety or discomfort upon waking, but it is more often a sign that you are attracted to the idea of knowing or learning everything you can about a certain subject, be it a field of study in school, a hobby, a possible career or a person you are interested in. With this in mind, the secret that was revealed in your vision may actually be a sign that you design knowledge that is private or at least known by few individuals.

Secret agent

A secret agent in dreams warns of shady deals and questionable ventures. Your subconscious is telling to exercise caution when dealing with people you do not know very well. They may have ulterior motives in roping you into illegal deals, then putting the blame on you once the cover is blown. Alternatively, this symbol also pertains to brewing ideas and plans being implemented by your competitors. They could be working on sabotaging your own plans or they have something infinitely better in the works which would render all your efforts useless. Work smart and keep your enemies close.

Someone keeping a secret from you

Dreaming that someone is keeping a secret from you during the course of a dream vision is an unfortunate symbol to perceive. It is often associated with a subconscious knowledge or fear that you are being left out. Perhaps some information or ideas were recently revealed to you that made it clear that something was happening behind you back. You may have a growing distrust of others, especially those who have power over you.