Dreams Related To Seahorse

A seahorse baby turning into a human

In my dream me and my boyfriend and someone else found a dead seahorse, we then cut open the stomach and pulled out a dead baby seahorse fetus. The guys left it on the ground, I felt bad, got a napkin, picked it up and took it to the kitchen and set it on the dryer to be warm. I left it and came back to find it was a human baby fetus, now I took it to the living room where it was now Christmas and I sat with the fetus by the Christmas tree trying to keep it warm. It kept growing into a baby boy.

Seeing a dead seahorse in a dream usually represents being greatly disappointed or finding yourself in a terrible, tragic situation over which you have little to no control. Despite the sadness and desolation you may feel as a result, however, cutting open the stomach and saving the baby seahorse can be interpreted as a sign that you are the type of person who tries to see the silver lining and make the best even out of the most miserable situations. Finally, the baby seahorse turning into a baby boy at the end of the vision predicts that your hopefulness is not in vain, as there may be a pleasant surprise or turn of events which would bring things back into balance for you.