Dreams Related To Sea

Seeing the sea from afar

Seeing the sea or sea expanses from far away in your dream means that sex encounters for you at this point is something unattainable or hard to enjoy. The underlying reason is in the way you think you appear to other people preventing you from establishing good relationships, which would result in sexual activities.

Blue sea water

Looking at sea water blue or dark blue in color foretells a possibility of meeting with someone you know very well, which will bring joy and happiness as a result of the time spent together.

Walking along sea shore or beach

Seeing yourself taking a walk along seashore or on the beach predicts a possibility of a long and distant trip, it can also be a sign of reuniting with your long-known friends who currently live far away from you.

Black sea

A black sea as a dream symbol represents confusion or negative emotions likely overwhelming you in the real world. For instance, you may view the sea as black because it is night-time or perhaps the water is black as ink for no apparent reason. Regardless of the details, however, this does portend a descent into depression and the possibility that you dwell in dark thoughts because of disappointments or bad experiences.

You swimming in the sea

Having a dream about yourself swimming in the open sea is a symbol of great satisfaction with your sexual life, which you previously treated as something insignificant or not worth paying attention to.

Clear blue sea

Seeing clear blue sea in your dream foretells joy and happy existence you will experience in your life for a long time.

Calm and soothing sound of sea

Hearing the calm, slightly melancholic sound of the sea waves in your dream means that your existence will be lonely and empty, devoid of love or companionship.

This dream could be personification of your current lonesome existence, especially if you hear these sounds from the sea shore or from somewhere on the sea surface.

Sailing the sea on a ship or boat

Having a dream about sailing the sea on a ship or a boat is an indication of important changes which will take place in your life in the near future.

Looking at the sea

Dreaming about looking at the sea is a sign of getting some news from far away or from people who live far from where you are right now.

Sea surface

Dreaming about being on the sea surface symbolizes ruined expectations because having lots of carnal pleasures in your life may lead to spiritual emptiness, which can be very difficult to deal with.

Floating on something in the sea

Dreaming about floating on something in the sea, for example some kind of a vessel or a raft, is a promising sign of your ability to win while being confronted by some prominent and influential person or people and become wealthy and powerful yourself.

Sea waves near shore

Finding yourself on the beach or sea shore with waves rolling over your feet in your dream is a symbol of peaceful and ordered existence. At the same time, in order to succeed in your life, you will need to take a turn in the right direction.

A sea turning into a lake

My dream was about sea... I see calm sea waves and then I talk to my friend saying this sea is not a sea, it has no much water....We walk on the sea body which has no water, and then we reach a place which looks like a canal, then the sea has turned into a lake which has houses around it, trees grown. I see a guava and bulls heart tree grown and we start plucking those fruits and I see another kid from other side plucking the fruits too.

The calm sea in your dream vision refers to prosperity, victory or overcoming trials. Meanwhile, its transformation into a lake points to your level-headed way of approaching relationships. While others may tend to blow issues out of proportions, you remain calm and collected, using your mind instead of emotions to navigate problems. Finally, picking the fruits of a guava tree means you would soon find a romantic partner. Overall this dream is telling you that you are ready to be in a relationship because of your maturity and appreciation of the benefits of having a significant other.

Looking at sea from a mountain

Viewing sea beneath you from a spot on a highland or a mountain is an indication of stable and carefree existence you have achieved either financially or socially. This could be a sign of your high status in society, meaning now it is time to relax and enjoy the results of your efforts and hard work.

Excessively quiet or stormy sea

Seeing excessively quiet or, conversely, stormy sea in your dream is a warning about some impending events or circumstances which you will have hard time enduring or coping with.

Stormy sea

Having a dream about stormy or raging sea is a warning sign to pay attention and be prepared for potential troubles which may come from sources you would least expect. These issues may be caused by your temper or the way you treat people around you.

Seeing sea during stormy weather, especially with big waves is a bad sign of financial losses or looming bankruptcy.

Gliding on the sea with a lover

If you are a female and had a dream about gliding on the sea surface accompanied by your lover, it can be a good sign of realizing your dreams and aspirations with a great success and in a short period of time.

Dreams about vacation and relaxing by the ocean

Contemplating calm sea from ashore

Contemplating the calm waters of the sea from its shore or a ship in your dream indicates the lack of peace and stability in your life, which you are struggling to find. However, very soon the situation may change, and you will finally get what you need to make life happier.

Falling into the sea

Falling into the sea, for example off a ship or a boat, means that you are in good health or that you will be able to recover from current sickness or health problems within a short period of time.

Being on a sea cruise

Finding yourself on a sea cruise is a prediction of your ability to overcome doubts and uncertainty, to put your mind to work and never worry or hesitate. You may have an opportunity to perform some outstanding work with great results and be rewarded in a short period of time.

Island in the sea

Seeing an island in the sea in your dream reveals a lack of support and help from people when you need it. If you experienced being stranded on this island, this dream indicates a possible mistake you have made by trying to rely or get support from someone you know.

Crystal clear sea

Dreaming about crystal clear sea, especially when you can easily see through it down to the bottom, signifies attaining wealth and high status in society, it can also be a sign of good health, enjoyment and personal satisfaction in things you are trying to accomplish.

Someone swimming in the sea

Seeing or looking at someone swimming in the sea is a promise that you will have the ability to help this person in solving issues or problems he or she could not handle without you.

Sea waves bearing foam

Seeing foamy sea waves delivered to the shore in your dream is a bad sign of unfortunate events or some major disaster you are about to experience after having this dream.

Sea storming lightly

Experiencing a dream about a weak sea storm is a good sign of being successful or winning under any circumstances. This dream can also mean that after years of turmoil and uncertainty you will be able to straighten things up and get back on track.

Diving in the sea

Seeing yourself in the middle of the sea and diving to explore its depths is a positive indication of your character traits, such as being resolute and exercising perseverance in achieving life goals or completing tasks managing to spend little effort or time on your part.

Walking into a raging and stormy sea

Seeing yourself attempting to enter a raging and stormy sea in your dream predicts a night or encounter filled with great passion and sexual pleasure you have not had in a long time. You do not even have to do anything to make it happen, things leading to this event will occur spontaneously and without any effort on your part.

Swimming in a calm sea

Making plans or deciding to swim in a calm and peaceful sea suggests that your relationship with family members or loved ones may sour due to some minor or insignificant reason. Be more vigilant and tolerant in order to prevent this from happening.

Sea in clear weather

Dreaming about seeing or going for a swim in the calm sea during clear and fair weather is a positive sign of surge in vitality and energy you are about to start experiencing very soon.

Long swim in the sea

Dreaming about yourself swimming in the sea for a long time and being exhausted from swimming means that you will not be able to count on anyone at the time of hardship or personal problems when they happen.

Sea water rising

The image of rising sea water is often interpreted in Freudian terms as a neutral symbol. This is because it often marks the return or reappearance of someone you once were close to. However, the rising nature of the water can have negative or positive connotations depending on the aftermath of your original parting. If you were on good terms before, it is likely the meeting would boost your spirits and bring back fond memories. If you parted in a fight or disagreement, however, this meeting could give way to a confrontation and many negative emotions.

Swimming in raging sea

Seeing yourself swimming in a raging sea or trying to struggle with big waves while swimming is a reflection of your current life situation which is inundated with a variety of things and events for you to take care of and which seem to be overwhelmingly insolvable.

Diving into sea depths

Seeing yourself diving into and swimming under water in a deep sea reveals that your desire to know or being excessively curios about something will only bring harm and disappointment once you find out more about what you wanted to tap into.

Ships in the sea

Seeing ships sailing in the sea in your dream foretells possible hesitation and uncertainty you will go through when faced with some events or circumstances you did not expect to happen.

Getting feet wet walking on sea shore

Walking on the beach or along sea shoreline and barely getting your feet wet in your dream is a symbol of your hesitation or indecisiveness to manage or solve things which are of importance to you. You are simply afraid that dealing with these issues will bring negative outcomes or impact you adversely.

During this dream, when the sea is calm and serene, your plans or aspirations have a good chance to turn out to be successful. If the sea is stormy, postpone or avoid going forward with your plans or actions because they will either be unavailing or can seriously undermine your stability.

Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea in your dream is a sign of successful realization of your long-time dreams or completion of projects you have been working on for a long time. This dream can also indicate becoming wealthier and more independent financially.

Drifting in the surging sea

Dreaming about your own body drifting in the surging sea waves is a hint that you have to rely only on yourself and go through vicissitudes of life while not depending too much on help from other people.

If during this dream you also heard the sound of waves crashing on the shore, this can be a prediction, which will come true in a very short period of time and that you have to take another look at the way you live as soon as you can.

Dark and surging sea surface

Sailing on dark and slightly surging sea or just looking at it in your dream means achieving success in things you aspire to and satisfaction received after completing projects you have been working on.

Clear and calm sea

Dreaming about seeing or sailing in a clear and calm sea is a good sign of joy and prosperity which will come into your life and help you successfully accomplish projects or endeavors you have planned or are in the process of pursuing.

Raging sea

Looking at or being on the raging sea is a bad sign of looming troubles which may occur in your life, areas such as workplace or inside your family circle. This dream points to your concerns related to solving some intractable issues. Try to calm down and approach these issues with common sense and composure.

Calm sea

Calm and peaceful sea in your dream predicts periods of good weather and favorable environmental conditions for things you are intending to do or plans involving travel.

This dream is also an indication of balanced and harmonious relationship with your lover or spouse and perfect compatibility in sexual relationship you have with this person.

Admiring beautiful sea

Experiencing a dream when you are admiring a beautiful sea, for example somewhere south, from the seashore is a sign of your nostalgic longing for a loved one in the past and feeling lone and unloved at this time in your life.

Ship wrecks in the sea

Dreaming about seeing remnants of a ship wreck floating in the sea is an indication of your ability to overcome doubts and uncertainties which may hinder your attempts to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Strong sea waves

Seeing strong sea waves in your dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times.

Bathing in the sea

Bathing in the sea in a dream is a good sign of your ability to rid yourself of troubles and problems and let yourself live more joyful and productive life.

Sea with palm trees

I dream I was on land looking into the sea and it was full of tall palm trees.

Dreaming about the sea or other large bodies of water predicts opportunity. However, a sea of palm trees suggests becoming tired or overworked. You may be given a wonderful chance or lucky break, but time spent working on it is likely to require immense amounts of communication with others, leaving you drained and exhausted. You should remember that while it is important to take advantage of opportunities presented to you, taking care of yourself and your mental well-being through rest and quiet time spent alone is also important.

Roaring sea waves

Hearing muffled roar of sea waves coming ashore in your dream is an indication of peaceful state of mind you have, but in the form of apathy and disinterest. It may be so that the most cherished dream you gave a lot of effort and energy to turned out to be something non-achievable or not worth pursuing. Be positive and look around - there are so many dreams and projects you can go after.

Drowning in the sea

Experiencing a dream when you see yourself drowning in the sea foretells the necessity for you to reveal valuable or even damaging information you are in possession of in order to come to terms with your own peace of mind. This could involve your manager or supervisor at workplace.

This dream can also be a sign of your own guilt and regret about unfortunate events or circumstances in the past or your wrong actions towards others which you are still trying to overcome or forget.

Wrecked ship in the sea

Finding a wrecked ship in the sea in your dreams means going in circles while trying to decide on something important to you, but not being able to come up with a readily available answer because of your idiosyncrasies and inability to focus on what really matters.

Stormy sea in bad weather

Finding yourself in the middle of a stormy sea during bad weather can be a sign of possible temporary separation from your lover or spouse because you might be experiencing episodes of jealousy and distrust which do not do any good for both of you.

Sea and cloudy sky

Seeing cloudy sky with no sun and sea sending waves on the shore is a warning about troubles your loved ones or people who are very close to you may be going through.

Gathering fish from the sea

My dream is about me collecting fish from the sea.

The sea is often connected with the idea of opportunity. You may be at a point in your life where there are many different options or paths you can choose. The image of trying to collect fish from the sea, however, indicates facing challenges or some tough situations. This dream can, therefore, be taken as a sign that you may face some difficulties on the path you choose, but the results of your hard work and dedication are likely to be very beneficial and rewarding for you in the future.

Completely calm sea

Seeing an entire sea surface in front of you which is calm and has no waves is a bad sign of your business coming to a complete halt due to some extraneous factors or circumstances beyond your control. This dream is particularly relevant for those involved in trade or sales.

Hiding from a stormy sea in a house

I dreamt while I was swimming with other men in the sea, when we finished, there was a huge thunderstorm and scary dark clouds approaching fast, with a lot of lightning. We got into the house to hide from the approaching storm.

Dreaming that you are in the middle of a stormy sea during bad weather could symbolize an upcoming separation and relationships filled with conflicts. Such breakup or disagreements, conflicts and mistrust could be related to sharing a particular asset or a task. It would be temporary and of a short duration. You would not necessarily be parted from or argue with the people that were included in the dream. Rather, the conflict or detachment would be between you and one or more of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family members or lover. You further indicated that you would all hide inside the house, seeking shelter from the weather. This could symbolize forthcoming success. You would be able to properly deal with the existing difficulties, warding off any situations or circumstances that could potentially be harmful. For example, you would be able to resolve the conflicts symbolized by the stormy ocean part of the dream. Overall, the dream suggests that you may be about to experience a disruptive and difficult situation. Nevertheless, you would be able to come out of it victorious and capable of adequately solving these issues.

Meeting schoolmates by the sea

I was walking up steps away from a turquoise sea, the sun shinning on it and a light wind, with my son and mother. Next, I was high up in a busy café finding a seat with them both here was a massive panoramic window and you could see the sea. Then, all of a sudden, I was on the grass in a park with a male that had been on my course at university who said nothing but passed me a piece of paper, when I looked up he was gone. I looked at the writing on the paper, when I looked up I was back at the sea it was dusk, a smart lady in her 50s got out of the back of a limo with a brief case offered help with masters.

Seas and oceans are often associated with new and exciting ventures. This could be concerning the masters you mention at the end of the dream though it could also be related to a new job or travel as well. Additionally, vast quantities of water also indicate that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by what is to come. The receiving of a written message and the offer of help both represent subconscious feelings of trust and admiration, perhaps for a well-liked professor or upperclassman or woman. This dream may, therefore, be a message to seek and consider following the advice of those who have gone before you, especially in regard to an academic journey.