Dreams Related To School

Entering a school building

A dream in which you see yourself entering a school building from outside is a positive sign. It indicates that you are about to encounter gratification and satisfaction in your life. It could also symbolize that you are about to experience great bliss and contentment.

Being inside your school

A dream in which you find yourself inside your school building is symbolic of some negative elements in your life. It signifies that people might hold you accountable for something which you might have done in the past and which might implicitly have had some influence on their life or which might have concerned them in some way.

Seeing a school

A dream in which one can perceive their old school building where they once spent their time studying is symbolic of the presence of negativity in their lives. It signifies episodes or interludes of apprehension as well as a mounting concern for the current situation their life is in.

School filled with children

Dreaming about a school brimming with children must be taken as a forewarning. It portends that you would be startled or petrified of something. This sense of foreboding could be a result of any mishap about to occur in your life.

Attending school

Dreaming about being in school which you have already attended in the past is symbolic of a little negativity in your life. It signifies that you might have to face certain issues and concerns. Additionally it is also indicative of some impediments or hurdles which you might have to confront or deal with.

Visiting a school

A dream in which you see yourself visiting a school which might seem unfamiliar or unknown to you signifies that you are endowed with the ability to become a great writer. You would be able to compose gratifying and well-written novels and also be a very successful author.

Misbehaving kids at school

Dreaming about a gang of unruly kids at school must be taken as a warning that you are about to become a subject of your friends' hoax or pranks. These practical jokes might in turn lead to possibly solemn consequences and could result in potential discord amongst you and these people.

Old school friends

Dreaming of school friends you had in your younger years, like grade school or high school, likely reveals your sense of nostalgia for your more carefree years. You may be experiencing a lot of stress from your adult responsibilities, so your mind is escaping to an idealized period in your past. You could also be looking back because you are having trouble with your current friendships or relationships, so you are searching for lessons from previous relationships which you can use to resolve your present-day problems with your friends or other people you know.

School uniform

A dream in which you see yourself attired in your old school uniform is symbolic of the rules and principles which you follow to this date and which you have acquired from the school. It signifies that you have always adhered to these ideas and beliefs and stood by these values during all kinds of circumstances.

Presenting to the class at school

A dream in which you see yourself giving a presentation in front of the class or being summoned by a teacher to answer a question is symbolic of the comprehension and expertise you have on certain issues. In fact you might use this knowledge to instruct or tutor someone.

A school teacher

A dream in which you find yourself getting reacquainted with your old school teacher is symbolic of your beliefs to keep yourself updated education-wise. This signifies your desire to expand and add to your wisdom and knowledge. Additionally, it could also means that you like spending time working on quiet and calming activities or hobbies which indulge you in a serene mood.

Graduating from school

Envisioning yourself to be graduating from a formal school in a dream represents your bright future. As the act of graduating suggests, this vision implies that you are in for something good that is mostly centered on your career path. Additionally, this also indicates an end of a phase in your life. You might be dealing with a distressing situation, and this is a sign that it will soon be over. Take note of how your emotions played out in this vision for this will also tell whether this ending is indeed for the better.

Fire and rain during a school reunion

My dream was about the high school that I attended catching fire during my reunion. I was calm and with a faceless friend the entire time. Then it started pouring down raining and I made it to my truck and offered a man and a lady a ride home and they accepted. It was raining so hard but as soon as we were around the corner from the school we stopped at a store and the rain turned into drizzle. I had a feeling of peace when I woke up just minutes ago.

Reunions, such as a school reunion, represent unresolved issues and past events that are haunting you until now. Your subconscious is telling you to look to your past for valuable lessons because these insights would help you navigate the tumultuous time ahead. In particular, the symbol of the pouring rain points towards negative feelings that are plaguing your waking life, such as depression and feelings of inadequacy. The fact that you let a man and woman inside the car to escape the rain indicates that you might come to a crossroads point in your life. Overcoming the negative emotions that are holding you back would help you start a new, passionate relationship that could greatly enrich your life or lead you on an amazing journey you never thought possible before. These new options available to you would bring you much happiness and contentment, as witnessed by the sense of peace you woke up with.

Being in school

Envisioning yourself in school, sitting in a classroom or roaming the hallways, signify nostalgia for the past. It is possible you miss your old, carefree ways or you want to escape adult responsibilities. Your current stressful life may be reminding you of memorable moments in your student days as a coping mechanism. Another dream reading of being back in school indicates a lack of discipline. Your subconscious could be telling you that you need to go back to school and learn about responsibility or add some structure in your life.

A school building from afar

A dream in which you see yourself observing a school building from a distance could be symbolic of your involvement in academic activities. It indicates that you are about to partake in educational proceedings and also devote substantial time to scholastic environment.

A school bursting with life

A dream in which you see yourself in a school which is a hub of activity as well as one which is full of students who are lively, dynamic and energetic can be considered a good sign. It signifies that you are about to climb the ladder of success and are soon to receive a promotion or a more fulfilling and rewarding job or a higher rank career-wise.

Unprepared for school

A dream in which you perceive yourself as being unprepared for a school homework or assignment is symbolic of the fact that you are all geared up and organized for a project which you are about to undertake. Additionally, if you are a student and have had this type of dream, it could signify that you are adequately and sufficiently prepared for assessments or examinations.

Unable to find your class at school

A dream in which you find yourself incapable of finding where your class is in session is symbolic of you trying to put your fingers in more than one pie. This could signify that you have undertaken too many projects and have taken the responsibility for too many things at the same time which are required of you or someone else.

Being unprepared for school

Keep on having a dream about being at school or on my way to school and I only have one book to write in for all different classes, can't find any pages left or I always forget to buy a new book and am looking where I can to find to write in.

Being at school while you are dreaming tends to be a metaphor for negative energy or stress surrounding you in wake life. You may currently be suffering due to some act you committed in the recent past, or you may be experiencing guilt from something you did that no one knows about yet. The notebook, then, is an allusion to your attempts to escape reality through different means. You may try to distract yourself with video games or loose behavior, for instance. Alternatively, you may try to justify your behavior through bullying others to side with you. However, running out of pages or forgetting to get another book could mean that no matter what you do, you cannot shake the bad feelings you carry. You can only be free by making amends for your misdeeds.

Seeing an old teacher at school

A dream in which you can perceive your former school teacher is symbolic of your own tolerant and compliant nature. It signifies that you are very accommodating as well as receptive of new things and ideas and this in turn allows you to undertake innovative projects with relative ease.

Getting lost at school

A dream in which you perceive yourself as being lost or incapable of finding your way to school signifies that you have pending plans which are both undefined as well as unrealized. These uncertainties are related to some of the latest endeavors or projects which you have undertaken and are unable to commence due to your lack of preparation.

Real and fictional schools together

My school and Hogwarts (Harry Potter) combined. I had to go outside for a something and my friends tagged along. While we were passing a classroom, we caught professor Snape doing a spell that was not allowed. My friend yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and all of a sudden we started running. Then my teacher told me to carry something and my crush kept on being annoying. After a while, I had enough and I asked him what is it? Why is he always so mean to me but then doesn't want me to like others?

Dreams that take place in fictional universes are fairly common. In this case, a magical world like Harry Potter points toward an innate desire to escape some of the troubles that currently plague you in reality. This type of coping mechanism suggests you prefer to focus on what things could be like rather than the actual way things are at present. Your disagreement with your crush in the dream world is also telling, as it sheds light on your personality. It reveals you tend to be shy and reserved in front of those you are concerned about making a good impression on. You may even believe you have made a bad impression on someone you were hoping to impress, like a love interest or teacher. Perhaps you need to focus on the skills and topics you need to get along with this individual rather than pretending like nothing is wrong.

Unable to present at school

A dream in which you find yourself incapable of delivering a presentation in front of the class or answer a teacher's question is symbolic of your own unrehearsed and ill-equipped groundwork for dealing with life in general.

A pupil at school

Dreaming about being a student or a pupil attending a school symbolizes the feelings of nostalgia which you have for the initial and youthful period of your life. It indicates your desire to revive or experience those years again because this was the interlude of life during which you believed yourself to be the happiest.

Standing by the blackboard at school

A dream in which you find yourself giving a class presentation or standing near the black board in school signifies your desire to let someone know of your intent. On the other hand it could also symbolize your yearning or desire to be appealing to someone of the opposite sex.

Back to school

Dreaming about being back in school is often thought to precede realizing that you have made a big mistake. You may have neglected to do something important, like pay a bill or keep an appointment. Alternatively, you may have misread something and made a poor choice regarding your financial planning or scheduling. The source of your troubles may be due to your own immaturity and lack of attention to details.

Enrolling in a wrong school

In the dream, me and my parents have just moved into a new, nice neighborhood. Without their knowing, I go over to a nearby high school, which is full of delinquents and awful students, and enroll there. First day of that school, I realize this was a mistake and sneak out, but a bus driver saw me. That driver followed me home with the bus and stopped in front of my house. My parents and the driver talked and sorted out the situation, a little amused, but mostly disappointed in me. I felt bad.

This vision contains two main symbols. The first is that of your new house and neighborhood, a sign associated with prosperity and wealth. You may receive some unexpected monetary gifts or get some valuable material possessions through shopping or inheritance. The bad behavior of the children at the school you enrolled in, however, suggests your friends and comrades may make fun of whatever it is you acquire. For example, buying a figurine or poster from a show you like may provoke your friends to tease you for your preferences. While they would probably not be serious in their criticism, you may feel a bit hurt or disappointed by their reaction, causing some friction between you and them.

Dark figures of pupils at school

If you dream about a gloomy looking classroom with despondent and dull pupils being taught by someone you know as their teacher, it portends that this individual whom you dreamed about might pass away in a short period of time.

Being a teacher at a school

A dream in which you see yourself as a instructor or a teacher at a school is a forewarning. It portends that there would be negative anecdotes, gossips or rumors circulating about you behind your back. When you become aware of this entire matter it would deeply dishearten and dismay you.

Pupils exiting school

Dreaming about a number of pupils departing the school building is portentous. It indicates that at present you might be having to go through periods of misapprehension and confusion as well as discord and skirmishes with people who are your acquaintances and with whom you do transactions on an everyday basis.

A big blackboard at school

A dream in which you see yourself standing next to a big blackboard at school is portentous. Its an indication of the negativity which is about to enter your life in the form of some devastating news. Additionally, it could also mean that you might have to face certain hurdles and hindrances which might interfere with your progress at the workplace.

School years

Dreaming about the time spent in your school is symbolic of the realization which may dawn upon you regarding your current endeavors. You would comprehend and discover your mistakes which you made while undertaking one of these projects. The mistakes which you made are a direct result of your juvenile attitude, amateurish ideas or simply being too gullible.

Being hesitant about enrolling in school

I saw a dream in which I was holding a university admission form but I was not filling it out.

This dream vision about not taking advantage of the opportunity to enroll in studying at a university, regardless of the fact if you presently study at school or college, or not, speaks of your anticipation of a big change. You could soon be presented with a chance to improve and grow, either professionally or on a personal level, however, you could be subconsciously sensing that you do not have enough skills, resources or time to take full advantage of it. The dream serves as a hint to carefully assess your current situation and pull your best qualities together to succeed, even if you have doubts that you will.

A flooded school and ex girlfriend

In my dream I was in a school and a bunch of people I knew were there and I was trying to get some food, but the school was filling up with water and by the time I got my food the water level had reached my chest so I left. Then I saw my ex girlfriend and she was crying, she said she was sad that I would find someone else and forget about her. I cried too because I love her, so I hugged her. And that's where my dream ends.

The flooding you witnessed in your dream could allude to your raging hormones and turbulent emotions. The presence of water flooding your school likely means that you may be distracted by other non-academic concerns. Instead of learning your lessons and studying, your attention may be more attune to peers you are attracted to or other social concerns. This diversion and flawed priorities could reflect negatively on your academic performance. Hence, you may need to reevaluate your present motivations and goals in life.

School being under all sorts of attacks

My dream was my school being in lock down, surrounded by fire, attacked by spiders, blown up, and shot at. We were saved at the end, but they never found out who did it. I am a girl.

Dreaming that your school is under lock-down means that there is a lesson you need to learn. The chaos surrounding the establishment, including the fire and the explosions, refer to distractions keeping you from concentrating on the task at hand. Meanwhile, the spiders represent powerful and influential individuals likely urging you to remain motivated while in the confines of the school, such as the educators and administrators. Ultimately, the dream may be a projection of your emotional state which is characterized by a yearning to get through the requirements put forward for you.

Brutally murdering a school principal

I'm a 20 year old mother I had a dream that I killed a woman who was my principal in high school. I stabbed her repeatedly and then dragged her in a burlap sack to a ditch where she laid gasping for air until I stomped her head. I was with a known rapper at the time as well. And with this same rapper I killed a guy that I was being beaten over, I had no problem with pulling the trigger. I'm confused and worried, please respond as soon as possible.

Although your vision is very graphic, dreaming about fatally shooting someone is often considered a positive sign. It could mean that your goals or long-time aspirations are close to being realized and that you would soon have a chance to finally reap the rewards of all your hard work. Death is synonymous with great change and for you it could be a positive one, something that would significantly increase your happiness and well-being. The fact that this individual was your former principal could reveal the fears and insecurities you felt at that time. As such, erasing this authority figure grants you the freedom to fully enjoy your life. Your lack of concern when pulling the trigger suggests you are determined to become stronger and happier that you were before.

Changing schools

I dreamed about my previous school (it was a university) and now I'm now studying in an Academy. Actually, I hate to study here but I have no choice since it's my parents' decision and I didn't dare to interfere. It's just that, in my dream... I meet my old classmates and some are new ones. The place is the same but some things changed. In my dream, I transferred here in the middle of senior year and I'm quite scared. Why?

Dreaming about your previous school or your old school is an indication of your reluctance to accept your new reality or situation. Since you do not like your current school, your subconscious is bringing you back to your comfort zone surrounded by your old classmates for reassurance. However, the presence of new faces and the changes in the place suggest you are already starting to adapt to your new environment. While your more emotional side is protesting the transfer to this academy, your rational side is already starting to accept and embrace this new phase in your personal journey. As such, the fear you felt in the dream is a natural reaction to change because you are apprehensive and uncertain about your future in this new school.

Unable to move at school

I am at school and I can't move at all no mater how much I try.

Perceiving in a dream that you cannot move your body suggests subconscious dilemma. It means, your mind is not able to rest because something is bothering it. The reason can be that you presently embrace two different views or hold two opposing positions in real life. In essence, your conscious self is pestered with contradictory feelings, while another part of you is trying to gain clarity. This sort of discrepancy generally appears when the dreamer believes that a particular type of behavior works for him or her, but others cannot do the same. For instance, if you make a mistake you consider it justifiable, but if someone else commits the same error, they have to be judged or held responsible, in your view. You need to redefine some of your values and keep a more balanced, tolerant outlook on life.

Barefoot at school

I am a male and I have had repeated dreams, all slightly different, but they all revolve around me forgetting to put on my shoes before school and ending up barefoot in school.

To dream about yourself being barefoot at school symbolizes the imminent termination of a relationship with a person you like. You will probably experience a big disappointment and pain when this personal connection ends, which is not necessarily related to your romantic pursuits. The fact you see the same scenario very often in your dreams may indicate your fear of this separation. You may be sensing this upcoming closure, so you may be trying to subconsciously fight against it in your dreams.

Having to repeat school

I dream of repeating my high school year. Although I already passed high school and got my certificate I want to repeat it for a better grade. When final exams week is close I panic because I did not study and I try to calm myself by saying that I already have the certificate so even if I did not pass this time it's ok because the school can't take away my first certificate. I try to convince myself but I am not at ease. This is a recurring dream. I am female.

Repeating high school is a sure sign that you are under great stress in wake life, perhaps due to work, health concerns or family drama. This is further illustrated by your feelings of panic and unease, as well as the recurring nature of the vision. Perhaps you need to take a step away from whatever is causing you to tense up in reality in order to stop seeing dreams of this nature. Alternatively, seeking advice or assistance from a trusted third party may give you the support you need to get through this situation.

Failing school

To fail school in your dream, such as flunking out of college or failing a specific class, reveals your anxiety about lagging behind your peers. You may be feeling inferior, whether at work or in your group of friends, and this waking situation is seeping into your subconscious and manifesting in your dreams. This may also be a reminder about the value of continuous learning and the inevitability of failure before the results you want.