Dreams Related To Scalp

A black dot on mother's scalp

My mother had a big black dot in between her hair strands. She turned to me and said "It is alright, I'll be fine".

Assuming that what you are describing had happened to the skin of her scalp, discovering blemishes or skin coloration on other person's skin means that this person needs your help and support in something they have just started doing or going through. Even though your mother could be showing to you (and other people) that she is quite capable and independent without any additional help, your input, advice and assistance would greatly benefit her.

Green cockroaches in scalp

In my dream I had large greenish cockroaches embedded in my scalp hiding in my hair. I was asking my partner to remove them off my scalp in my dream. Second time I have had this very same dream. What does it mean?

Cockroaches in dreams usually represent filth, but the green hue in this case brings out their positive attributes. In particular, green cockroaches could mean growth, vitality and longevity. Perhaps this is an allusion to your innate resilience and resourcefulness. In addition, finding them embedded in your hair and scalp could indicate nagging thoughts and feelings that you are trying to eliminate from your system. If combined with the symbolism of green cockroaches, it seems that you may be suppressing your true nature and your natural instincts. It is possible that you view your spirited or feisty side as undesirable or grating to others. Alternatively, you may be trying to become more calm and composed instead of always being stressed out and riled up whenever issues come up.