Dreams Related To Sari

Husband buying and wearing a sari

My hubby purchased a new saree for me and he is demonstrating first himself with new saree.

A saree or sari can have intimate connotations in the dream world. It can also refer to new experiences. So in the context of your dream, it means your husband would open up your mind to new ideas and experiences when it comes to your marriage and your relationship in general. He would be guiding and teaching you new skills, be it about physical intimacy or more practical matters related to making your marriage stronger. Alternatively, your husband could have a tendency to be controlling. He could even be underestimating you on a lot of matters and your subconscious is pointing out this power imbalance.

A black sari with a silver border

A woman gave me a black sari which had a silver color border and along with another color... Is it bad?

Receiving a black sari from someone in your dream signifies sadness, possibly brought about by personal problems. It could be due to any reason such as losing someone you care about, failures in your plans or maybe being deceived by a trusted person. Fortunately, the silver contour connotes hope in the face of adversity. No matter how bad things may get, you have the option of looking forward to a better tomorrow with much more favorable outcomes.

A woman in red sari dancing

I see in my dreams that a woman wearing a red Indian sari is dancing alone in a house.

The red sari could be an allusion to repressed desires or hidden sexuality. You may have set your eyes on a romantic prospect and are contemplating your next moves to woo them. In addition, observing a dancing woman in the dream world often pertains to emerging love. It usually translates to the possibility of being about to fall in love or start a love affair. Both cases would involve the development of an intimate romantic relationship with an unexpected person. That is, you would become involved with someone that you had never thought you would. However unexpected, the relationship with this person would be pleasing and enjoyable.

Being given saris at a temple

I dreamt about me, mom and sis at a Temple (Kaliamman Temple) by the beach. We attended for prayers and coincidentally they were offering sarees to all the women there. Most of them were purple and a little bit of green. We were queuing up. But I guess I woke up before I received it, I told my mom and she said next month we are going to an island where they have a Kali temple opposite to the beach.

A temple in dreams denotes growth and transformation. This can also refer to spiritual enlightenment. Since the temple is located by the beach, it means you are conflicted. You are torn between following the advice of your elders or letting your emotions guide your judgment. The sari provides further clues about the source of your dilemma. A sari symbolizes safety, security and modesty. It seems that you want to break free from traditions and be free to make your own choices, but your family could be trying to rein in your stubborn nature so you can have a more stable future.