Dreams Related To Sardine

A sardine under the skin

I dreamt I was looking down at my leg and saw some hair but when I started to investigate it I realized it was the tail of a tiny fish. I pulled out from under my skin a tiny silver dead sardine. I wanted to record its length so I got a ruler and it was approx 0.5cm long. I was more interested in the research side and was saying how fish oils obviously make up part of the skin. Female.

For women, hair on the legs is associated with power within her relationships. If you are currently dating someone, you may find that he listens to your opinions more or that you have more confidence in asserting yourself. Alternatively, if you are single, it may be a sign that you would find a man who is more interested in an equal partnership. This is closely tied to the sardine you pulled out from under your skin. Silvery fish is associated with engagement and marriage, so your suitor may find your new confidence very sexy. However, you cannot fully rely on your own opinions to make the relationship work. Measuring the small fish may reveal a need to use your power not to control your partner but to make your ideas and experiences mutually beneficial.