Dreams Related To Sandwich

Being served with a strange-looking burger

I was at McDonald's and when I ordered my sandwich, they gave me a burnt miniature-sized top bun with a regular-sized patty.

This dream of a less-than-stellar burger is emblematic of your appetite. You might have lingering feelings of dissatisfaction in some areas of your life, whether physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual. Perhaps you feel like your life should be better than its current state. This disappointment is reflected in the mini top bun covering the regular-sized patty, suggesting that you feel you have more to offer, but life is not giving you the right bun to complement the meat, so to speak. However, all It takes is the right opportunity at the right time to help you reach your potential.

An egg sandwich cooked wrong

I was served a slice of bread and a fried egg by a maid in my service. The yolk was runny, but unbroken. I said to myself "But I taught her how to fry an egg the way I like, why did she leave the yolk raw?". Then I went to the kitchen to cook it further. But the egg fell and disappeared in a gap between the wooden floor and the wall. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it. The dream ended before I found it.

Eggs are highly symbolic of both the ethereal world and your awareness of things beyond the physical. Dreaming that your egg is under-cooked at the beginning of your vision, then, represents your frustration with those who cannot see past their own nose, people who are selfish and cannot consider opinions and feelings other than their own. Your desire to rectify the situation is understandable, however, dropping the egg and being unable to find it reveals the truth of the situation, namely, that you cannot open someone's eyes for them. This individual or group must be willing and able to find the truth on their own.

A large cat wanting a sandwich

I was walking home in the dark holding a sandwich that was cut in half. There was a large orange cat, possibly a mountain lion, about 100 feet in front of me. He started charging towards me. I threw one half of my sandwich and the cat went and ate it (that's what he wanted). The cat then came to me and sat in front of me, purred, and let me pet him. I gave him the other half of my sandwich and then he jumped on me and loved me and gave me kisses.

Sandwiches tend to represent both things in the physical world and things that are beyond our perception. You may be more sensitive than most to the ebb and flow of the cosmic energy that surrounds us. This symbol is followed by the image of the large cat and your ability to tame the cat by feeding it. This suggests you have the power to succeed or positively influence the outcome of decisions in your life. It is possible that your penchant for reading the air or between the lines may give you a one up on your competitors. This vision, then, seems to be a reflection of the special gifts you possess and possibly a guide for how you may use that power in the future.