Dreams Related To Salt

Unable to buy salt

I was looking for buying salt in several shops but shopkeeper said salt is not available.

Buying salt in dreams is generally an indication of contentment and happiness in the real world. As such, being told that salt is unavailable could be an allusion to mounting frustrations and difficulty getting what you want. You may need to persevere some more and practice patience, whether at work or at home, in order to eventually find fulfillment both in the personal and professional aspects of your existence.

Salt in general

Dreaming about seeing or using salt in general is a symbol of rejection due to opposing opinions. You are currently or would soon be surrounded by people who do not share your beliefs and ideas, and dealing with them would pose a bit of difficulty. It would be a test of whether you could stand your ground or lose your cool. Furthermore, this dream vision portends a period of conflict and disagreement right within the walls of your own home.

White salt on a white table

Dreaming about watching white salt being poured on to a white table.

A white table is suggestive of an upcoming gathering that would have a great impact on your future. Sometimes the dreamer would be directly involved in affecting this change, but in some cases change may occur through outside influence. In either situation, the white salt being poured on the table alludes to the many options at your fingertips. You may not even be fully aware of the different paths open to you at this time. It may be best to consider the possibilities with someone wiser or more experienced than yourself.

Eating salt

To dream about eating salt on its own and not as part of any food item is a forewarning of a serious and torturous illness. The fact that you seem in the pink of health and far from getting sick at the moment is no reason to be complacent. You might be surprised to discover some dormant disease which could surface anytime soon and develop to an extent beyond saving. Before this could happen, you would do well to make a quick appointment with a trusted specialist and learn what you can do to prevent this potentially deadly health situation.

A salt shaker

To dream about a salt shaker in general symbolizes remorse or regret for a past deed. On hindsight, you may have done something recently or in the distant past which you realized was not the best decision you had ever made. That action might be the cause of your present woes. If you dwell too much on your feelings of guilt or regret and cannot get around to forgiving yourself, your sense of peace and balance would leave you for the rest of your life.

Salt in the palm of your hand

In the Biblical sense, perceiving yourself to be holding or carrying salt in your hand symbolizes your search for wisdom and truth in any of your undertakings. You are careful in making decisions and consider all the variables well, whether in your personal life or professional career. Contrarily, this vision also stands for health concerns. You might soon discover some sort of medical concern, so you should prioritize your health too.

Dreams about using salt or spilling salt analysis

Table salt

A dream about seeing or eating table salt is symbolic of becoming a recipient of other people's kindness and generosity. It could also signify an increase in your wealth and a life of peace and prosperity. If you happened to spill table salt by accident while you were trying to season your food in the dream, it indicates the possibility of getting involved in a verbal conflict or disagreement with people close to you, such as members of your family and circle of friends, or people you deal with on a daily basis, such as your co-workers.

Buying salt

Dreaming about buying salt at a supermarket, say to replenish your kitchen supply, is a positive sign which translates to happiness, contentment and harmony in waking life. The gift of life, love, family and material blessings would be bestowed upon you not out of sheer luck but as a result of your hard work and determination to experience everything which is good and noble.

Adding salt to meat

Having a dream about sprinkling salt into meat or any dish to bring out the taste portends a period of financial difficulty and dependency. You might have to experience the humiliation of not being able to pay your bills.You might have to be forced out of your own home for failing to pay the mortgage. But nothing could be more excruciating than losing face and begging people for mercy.

Dropping a salt shaker

Dropping a salt shaker in a dream, whether by accident or as a deliberate act, portends an extended period of heartaches and disappointments due to failure. It is highly unlikely that your current undertaking is ever going to produce any positive results, and all indications would seem to point to the opposite direction. This dream vision may be telling you to start thinking of changing your plans and priorities.

A salt field or lake

Dreaming about seeing or walking by a salt lake or salt field indicates that a recent decision you had come up with would yield positive results. It could pertain to your career, such as opting to change jobs to better suit your qualifications. It could refer to your business, such as deciding to hire an external consultant to study the potentials of your product in other markets. It could also be about your romantic relationship, such as committing to a long period of engagement in order to know each other better before getting married.

Mountains of salt

Dreaming about standing before a mountain of salt or walking up a pile of salt portends the possibility of facing difficult and painful situations in waking life. It also indicates that someone close to you, such as a romantic partner, a child, a friend or a colleague, could fall seriously ill and would require your utmost care and attention. Moreover, it symbolizes upcoming issues and problems at home, at work, in your business or inside your current romantic relationship which you would be left to solve on your own, with virtually no one in your life expressing willingness to lend you a helping hand.

Eating salt for a young female

If you are a young woman, dreaming about eating salt is not a good sign in terms of your romantic relationship. The worst thing that a woman could experience in a relationship could actually happen to you. In what could be the biggest blow of your life, your man might leave you for another woman who he thinks is far better than you in every way, which could leave you completely devastated. You may never be able to recover from being an emotional wreck after this heartbreaking experience.

Carrying salt

Dreaming about holding salt in any way, such as gripping it in your hand or carrying a bag of it on your shoulders, is a sign of dental problems. You could be due for regular dental cleaning soon, usually every six months. If you observe some plaque building or some cavity appearing on any of your teeth, you may need to have it filled immediately in order to keep the affected tooth intact. If you observe your peers moving as far away from you as possible every time you open your mouth to speak, it could be a case of halitosis for which serious medical attention is needed.

Filling a salt shaker

To dream about refilling a salt shaker symbolizes conflict and disagreement with a loved one or an acquaintance. You might soon engage in a heated argument with a family member or a friend concerning matters of the heart or monetary issues. Feelings of resentment and animosity could soon develop between you and a co-worker relating to your work performance or this person's work ethic.

Gathering sea salt

I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were collecting sea salt from the the sea and I was putting the salt in a bucket.

Seeing yourself walking along seashore or on the beach predicts a possibility of a long and distant trip, it can also be a sign of reuniting with your long-known friends who currently live far away from you. Collecting salt from the sea, however, could be a sign of deterioration of the relationship between you and your boyfriend. Some emerging irreconcilable differences could make it next to impossible to maintain it viable enough to last for long. The size of the sea salt crystals in your dream could help you determine the magnitude and extent of the problems you may start facing in waking life.

Salt crystals

Dreaming about seeing or tasting salt crystals is a symbol of extreme difficulty which is about to unfold in waking life. It may have to do with something you are trying to save relating to your work or your business, such as your damaged reputation which may never be saved, or your rapidly declining sales which may never have a chance to recover. It could also pertain to your romantic relationship, such as your irreconcilable differences which could make the task of redeeming your union next to impossible. The size of the salt crystals in your dream will determine the magnitude and extent of the problems you will be facing in waking life.

Holding a salt shaker

Holding a salt shaker in the hand is an indication that a former rival would resurface and pose some serious threat or competition. This person could be a former colleague, a businessman in the same field as you, or your current romantic partner's old fling. It would not be an easy battle of wits, but if you know how to play your cards, you could trump the competition any day.

Eating excessively salty food

Eating excessively salty food in a dream predicts upcoming hardships and difficulties which cannot be overcome alone. If it is not in your personality to bother other people with your problems and you would rather deal with them by yourself, you might need to swallow your pride this time. Your upcoming personal battles could be so devastating that you would need to enlist the help of people you trust, such as a family member, a friend, a co-worker or a spiritual confidante.

Seasoning food with excess salt

Dreaming about absentmindedly seasoning food and finding out a little too late that the food has become too salty is a bad omen indicating a very intense verbal conflict with someone close to you. Sadly, the reason for the disagreement would not be based on objective points of view, but would stem from your preconceived notions about this person and the fact that you have harbored a grudge against this individual long before this conflict occurred.

Spilling salt accidentally

Dreaming about accidentally spilling salt, for instance when you tried to reach for some other item across the table and inadvertently knocked the salt container off, is a forewarning of tensions taking place in your current romantic relationship. You would take it upon yourself to exercise a more objective approach to resolving your issues and refrain whenever possible from bringing up ugly situations from the past, digging up skeletons in the closet, or engaging in the blaming game even if you think you have every right and reason to do so.

Giving a salt shaker to someone

A dream about giving someone a salt shaker as a gift is a positive sign of overcoming problems in waking life. It is true that life can sometimes be tough, with all the issues you have to face and worry about on a daily basis. Then there is the uncertainty of the future, not to mention the ghosts of the past. But for having a positive outlook and a strong conviction that if you just do your part and leave everything else to the world, any negative situation will transform into a positive opportunity, and that is exactly what is going to happen.

Shaking salt over something

To dream about shaking salt over food to enhance its taste is a sign of having recently made a good decision in waking life. This decision could be the turning point in your career or romantic relationship. Even if you are currently having doubts about the merits of this decision, you should do well by not changing your mind because it will be justified in the end.

A heap or lump of salt

Looking at a heap or lump of salt in a dream symbolizes the beauty of having several options for career and personal growth. You may be at a loss as to what you really want to do with your life at the moment. The good thing about it is that your current situation allows you to choose from several options. Not many people have that privilege, so you should use this opportunity wisely.

Drinking water with salt

Dreaming about drinking brine or water with salt in it signifies an increase in wealth and knowledge. If you are already relatively well-off, you will get even richer and more affluent because you will use your current financial capacity to make more profitable decisions or investments. Your luck would lend new meaning to the saying, "The rich will become richer. The poor will become poorer unless they have a complete paradigm shift and begin to think the way you do".

Grinding salt with hand

I want to know the meaning of a dream about grinding salt in aata chakki with a hand. Thanks.

Grinding salt in a dream could represent the possibility of facing rejection in the near future. You may inadvertently surround yourself with people who do not share your beliefs and ideas. This could become a test of character and personal integrity for you in the long run.

Raining with salt

I have had many different dreams. As I can remember, I was walking home when suddenly it started raining salt, then I fell and the salt fell so heavily, it began burying me! I tried getting up, but it was so hard and I tried as hard as I got up and ran blindly down a road and then it stopped raining and I got home, but before I could open the door I woke up. I want an explanation please.

Salt is, unfortunately, often a sign of rejection. The cause of this is likely a difference in opinions or morals. For example, you may believe you acted correctly in a situation where others blame and condemn your behavior. Or you may have created some art that held great meaning to you while others dismiss it as junk. The amount of salt raining down upon you could mean that either you would face a major rejection from one place or seem to be turned around at every door you knock on. This period is likely to be very difficult for you, so you should be patient and stay true to your heart until others can see the truth.

Giving salt to someone

A vision of yourself giving salt to someone may carry good and a positive interpretation. For one, this symbolizes your control over your life, whatever the situation may be. You might face hardships along the way, but this will not stop you from persevering to achieve your goals. Yet, this vision also points to the possibility of ruining a friendship or deteriorating health. Evaluating your real-life situations and the images in this dream will help you deduce an exact meaning.