Dreams Related To Salesman

A green frog and a salesman

I dreamed of seeing small or medium size light green frog. Like it was a pet of someone's. Then I saw the frog jump into an outside planter, it had water in it and the green frog was sitting on top. Not in any harms way, just being a frog. Then I saw a business man, he was black. Showing me a book of very healthy foods. We were talking and looking at the book, maybe he was selling something. I felt comfortable, and very into healthy foods. I called a welfare check on older sister she didn't answer phone.

To see a green frog in your dream predicts a brief encounter, a short event, or even a fling. This will not have any lasting impression on you, but it will make you feel revitalized. It could be a date, a party, or a conversation that will cheer you up. Meanwhile, the businessman selling healthy foods means you will find happiness but you must pay the price. The same goes for the book which symbolizes knowledge. In order to grow and find meaning in your life, you must be willing to put in the work. Finally, your sister not answering your call means you probably feel disconnected to your family, or to her specifically. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that instead of chasing temporary highs, you can invest your time and energy into more important and substantial pursuits.