Dreams Related To Salad

Buying salad, heartless boyfriend and mother

I am a female and my ex boyfriend and I were talking on the phone while I was grocery shopping. I bought a salad and then I was back in high school at a football game. He was being heartless towards me on the phone and laughing like he didn't care about me at all. I then see my mom with my skirt and bra on and I got mad at her wearing my clothes.

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend is being rude and heartless towards you means you are having a hard time reconciling your past with your present. Your past mistakes and bad memories are still holding you back from enjoying the present and forging new relationships. This means that buying salad from the grocery is a cry for help. You want to hold on to healthy relationships and supportive friends. Unfortunately, even your family can be unreliable. For instance, seeing your mom wearing your clothes suggests you see your elders or older relatives as immature. You find no guidance or helpful advice from them, hence you deal with your issues on your own.