Dreams Related To Rust

Falling off a rusty bridge

In my dream I was on a rusty old bridge, it had metal bars but in squares and I reached down to touch the water and it was navy blue. It almost looked black and I reached down to touch it and I fell in and somehow the water was cold and I felt it.

Standing on a rusty, dilapidated bridge is considered a warning from your subconscious to be careful when taking the next step in whatever action or activity you are currently undertaking. Just as you should take care with rusty, unstable looking bridges in reality, so does this vision suggest that treading on the side of caution is needed. This is further supported by the dark, navy-colored waters below you, which can be interpreted as a sign that you could be the recipient of bad news. Perhaps this vision is a warning for you to not react rashly before you understand all the facts. If you do, you may find yourself in the midst of great negative change, as seen in the image of falling into cold water.