Dreams Related To Royal

Royal family

In the dream realm, seeing a Royal family symbolizes a desire for answers or guidance in your life, as they are often assumed to possess authority and power. This sudden bustle or changes associated with this dream reflect a need for structure and stability. Consider embracing your leadership qualities and becoming an active member in your own palace, where you can create a sense of power and happiness by exploring your spiritual journey in profound and meaningful ways.

A royal family killed in a forest

I need help regarding my dreams. All my dreams come to me in the morning. Recently I saw myself giving birth to twins, which really was positive, but this morning I had a horrible dream. I saw a mother and daughter being kidnapped and murdered in a forest. They both were from a royal family, queen and princess. They were killed brutally with a sword. Believe me, I am not into violent movies or stories or any other things like this. I am 17 and I am getting these terrible dreams from 2 yrs. Help!

This vision of a mother and daughter being kidnapped and murdered is highly ominous and should be regarded carefully. Family deaths, especially via murder, represent trouble and decline for you and those you love. In some cases, it represents dealing with a single act against you, such as being mugged or becoming the victim in a car accident, and sometimes it signifies more gradual issues, like getting involved with the wrong crowd. In either situation, the fact that a sword was the murder weapon shows that whatever happens it may have an extremely negative impact on your relationship with other family members. You may have great difficulty overcoming these challenges and getting back to where you were before the incident occurred.

Talking with the royals

I was dreaming about Prince William an Prince Harry, actually talking to them.

This dream has two meanings depending on your personal situation. First, it could be an indication of your obsession with or excessive interest in Prince Harry and Prince William. You could be completely absorbed and taken by their life story and appearance and yearn to be closer to them. The second interpretation involves your own desire to live their life. You may want to be in their shoes to know what it feels like to live with that level of prestige and attention.