Dreams Related To Room

An empty room

An empty room in dreams, like a bedroom with no furniture or a vacant office space, portends upcoming disappointments. This desolate room means you may have to leave your friends and family because of opportunities elsewhere or perhaps a falling out. As such, the empty space serves as a metaphor for the loneliness and isolation you would feel as you would have to spend time away from your loved ones. It may even be a sign of depression which you would hopefully overcome in time.

A dark room

To dream that you are inside a dark room could be a good or bad omen depending on how you felt. For example, if you are comfortable in the room, then you may be dependent on the support of your parent or parents, especially financially. This vision thus means that you would enjoy this comfort for a while longer. Meanwhile, if you were frightened, then there may be changes afoot. You may need to become a little more independent and a little less reliant on your parents because they are growing old and would need someone to take care of them instead of taking care of you.

A best friend guarding the room

I was alone in a dark, cold, windowless room and my best friend was standing in the doorway looking at me and he would leave and come back but he kept the door open and I felt like he was there with me.

Being inside a dark, windowless room is a sign of dependency. You tend to rely too much on your friends and family, especially your parents, when it comes to money matters or even basic necessities like food and shelter. You may still be living with your parents even though you are already earning enough for yourself. If you felt comfortable inside the dark room, then it means you have no plans of leaving your comfort zone. However, feelings of fear suggest unforeseen developments which will force you to fend for yourself and become more independent. The presence of your best friend could be significant. This person may need you to step up and take charge because a loved one may contract an illness and they need you to support them in this critical period. This time it is your burden to become the dependable one.

A well-furnished room

A well-furnished room, especially with luxurious furniture and rich tapestry, is a dream symbol depicting financial gain in the real world. You may stumble upon an exciting opportunity for investment or establishing your own lucrative business. It is also possible that you would receive an inheritance from a long-lost relative, like an estranged aunt or rich family member. For young women, this could be an indication that your would have a wealthy suitor. If the relationship progresses, you could improve your current living situation by moving to a mansion or an even more well-off environment.

A room without exit

Dreaming of a room without an exit, like a door or window of some sort, is a metaphor for a controlling presence in your life. The claustrophobic element of this room represents feelings of being trapped and unable to find the freedom or independence you desire. This may be your own parents or authority figures trying to steer you into the direction of their expectations regardless of how you feel about it. Alternatively, this could also be a reflection of your tendency to withdraw from the world in an attempt to protect yourself from the harsh realities of life.

A tiny room

A small, claustrophobic or tiny room is a dream symbol of good luck. Any room which feels suffocating, especially if it is windowless can represent a silver lining. The room itself represents problems and limitations, but in reality it means you would actually be able to overcome hardships and negative circumstances just when you feel like quitting or there is no possible resolution. Again, your sheer luck would come into play to give you the reprieve you need. Perhaps someone would step in and bail you out.

An unfamiliar room

Dreaming of an unfamiliar and mysterious room, whether it is a commercial or residential space, is a positive dream symbol associated with personal success. There is a chance that you would experience tremendous success sometime soon as you accomplish some of the things you have always dreamed of. Following your gut and pursuing a project you are passionate about may be the key in finding fulfillment and achievement in your chosen field, so trust your instinct.

Many rooms

Many rooms or multiple rooms in dream visions refer to positive developments to your financial standing. It means you would become wealthy soon and be able to afford luxurious things, activities or an overall lifestyle which you never thought you could achieve. The coming months or weeks could give you this window of opportunity to boost your income or wealth. It may be something minor like a bonus or a much bigger financial gain like an inheritance or huge investment returns.

Unable to recognize own room

I had a dream that I and my boyfriend that has another girlfriend was in a room having sex and while getting to the toilet I discovered that it wasn't my room and we had to go to my room and I found a different-looking furniture and a bigger TV there.

Envisioning your boyfriend having sex with another woman could mean that you are making enemies in reality through some of your actions or behavior. Looking for the toilet could reveal that source of that tension, namely that you may want to be more involved in that relationship. However, your current projects or work may prevent you from having a closer connection with them. You would have to decide whether the relationship or your personal goals are more important to you.

A wide and spacious room

A dream about being inside a huge, wide and spacious room depicts prosperity in various aspects of your existence. Rather than gaining financial or professional success, this dream vision symbolizes overall growth and wealth. For example, you may become rich with supportive and genuine social connections which could contribute to your success and happiness. Due to your friends and loved ones, you may be steered into a path of prosperity and wonderful opportunities for you to pursue your passions with great success.

In a room with women

I dreamt being in a house. The walls were not painted. The door was painted blue. I am with other women. I recognize only one from my church. Another woman came seeking for a room, and the lady I recognize welcomes her.

Unpainted or bare walls mean you are surrounding yourself with people who do not care about you or have no emotional investment in you. As a consequence, you are feeling lonely as depicted by the blue color of the door. A blue door can also represent an opportunity to learn and gain enlightenment. Your subconscious is encouraging you to seek out new hobbies and interests to widen your perspective and open your mind to ideas that may not necessarily conform with your beliefs. This journey will help you in your search for happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Decorating a room

Dreaming that you are decorating a room, such as painting the walls or adding furnishings or decor, denotes big changes ahead of you. In a way, changing the look or interiors of this room is akin to the transformation about to occur in your life. This may be a good or bad change, but it would ultimately either shift your perspective, uproot you from your day to day routine or both. It could mean a career change or a new job which means you would need to adapt to differences from your former work.

People watching while in a dressing room

I was standing in a dressing room. I looked up and there was a crowd of people staring. I asked my girlfriend to hand me a towel, but a big black man was standing in between us so she couldn't. I am a 23-year-old male. I continued dressing and when I was done, I had the towel.

Dressing rooms are thought to represent a certain place or situation in which change takes place. In wake life, this may be a coming-of-age ceremony, birthday, graduation or another life-altering event. The presence of your girlfriend (a helping factor) and the man between you two (a hindering factor) suggest that this moment may have been preceded by certain challenges which you were able to overcome with the support of others.

Several people in the same room

Seeing many people inside the same room at some point during a dream could reveal that your personal life is stable at the moment. If you have recently been experiencing some upheaval or turmoil, things at home would calm down and become more relaxed. This would give you a much needed break and improve your mood when around friends and family.

A strange room inside a house

Hello. I am a 50-year young female. My recurring dream is I find a strange room in my house. I am very frightened by the room. It gives off a bad feeling. I can't bring myself to go in there. I just look around. There is an old bedroom suite and personal things that belonged to someone??? I feel it was a lady there. I can never get myself to go in. What in the world ??? LOL. Thank you so much for your help!!

Different rooms in your house characterize your specific attributes of personality. Dreaming of a strange new room could mean that you are developing new perspectives or taking on new roles. The negative energy emanating from the room and the bad feeling it arouses in you indicate possible repressed emotions or uncomfortable scenarios. A bedroom in particular reveals the side of you that you want to keep private, especially those related to sexuality and intimacy. It could be that you are experiencing and pondering unfamiliar impulses and compulsions which is why the room appears to belong to someone else as if it is an aspect of yourself that you do not recognize. Whatever is it that is inspiring curiosity and fear in you, the key to resolving the issue is for you to decide whether you want to explore it further or close the door behind you?

Locked in a hospital room

I was visiting my boyfriend in hospital and a lady said if he left the room visit would be over! That night I dreamt we were in visiting and he left the room, the lady slammed the door shut, I was locked inside the room and couldn't see my boyfriend or hear him. I was left alone looking around the room and through the window of the door seeing if I could see my boyfriend, but couldn't see him. I woke up then, so that's it.

Dreaming of visiting your boyfriend in a hospital may be related to a potentially shocking news in your future. This surprising piece of information may change the way you perceive your boyfriend. Likewise, being left all alone and locked inside the hospital room alludes to feelings of being trapped in a complicated situation. This event would unveil certain qualities you did not know about your boyfriend and could place you in a very difficult place trying to make sense of it. You may have to regroup and get back your bearings in order to figure out your next steps.

Flooded room

A flooded room in your dream can signify being emotionally overwhelmed and being submerged in your feelings. It often reflects situations in your waking life where you may feel unable to control or contain your emotions. This dream highlights the need to address these overwhelming feelings, as they could be affecting your well-being. It is crucial to identify the source of these emotions and find healthy outlets to release them. Additionally, a flooded room can also symbolize a fear of being emotionally vulnerable or exposed.

A poorly-furnished room

A poorly-furnished room, perhaps due to a lack of furniture or shabby decor, symbolizes poverty in dreams. Some unexpected and unforeseen events could lead to significant financial losses which would force you to live on meager resources and tight budget in order to survive. As such, the poor furnishings would be a reflection of the less than ideal living situation you would have to endure due to the unfortunate event in your life. You may even have to sell some of your valuables to pay for part of your expenses.

A room stuffed with belongings

An overstuffed room filled with a mishmash of personal belongings is a dream symbol depicting bad habits. You are likely on a downward spiral and unable to control your addictions or propensity towards self-destructive behavior. The room stuffed with odds and ends reflects your troubled mental state, packed with anxiety and inability to find clarity in the waking world. You could be weighed down by a lot of emotional issues or personal trauma which is fueling your addiction. Perhaps it is time to clear your mind and face your demons.

Searching through many rooms

A dream wherein you are going through various rooms and searching for something known or unknown signifies curiosity. You may be at a point in your life where you are constantly seeking new knowledge and continuously learning about new skills or information in general. This may be in conjunction with your search for new opportunities and job openings that are in line with your areas of interests. You could discover a new passion or skill which you can parlay into a formal profession or source of income.

Finding hidden rooms in my house

Finding a hidden room inside your residence is often considered an uplifting image. It represents a larger capacity for love, sympathy and generosity than you may expect of yourself. You would be able to welcome people into your life without feeling that you do not have enough room in your heart for them. Your warmth and kindness towards these individuals would create a happy, mutually beneficial relationship.

Houses with many rooms

Seeing or exploring different houses with numerous rooms signifies wealth and prosperity. Your business could boom, you may become the head of a multinational company or your investments could post huge returns. This financial success means you will be able to upgrade your lifestyle and afford luxuries you never dreamed possible. So take this highly auspicious reading as an opportunity to make the most of the blessings coming your way.

A square room

A square room in dreams portends good luck. This dream symbol foretells blessings coming your way as a result of your positive energy and an overall existence characterized by hard work as well as generosity. Lucky circumstances and fortunate events would manifest from your good intentions, blessing not just yourself but also the people you care about. The larger the room, the more gifts and blessings you would receive and probably would share with others who are less fortunate than yourself.

A new room for young women

For young women, dreaming of a new room, especially if it is spick-and-span or newly painted, depicts an upcoming engagement. This is most likely an indication of your impending nuptials. Your significant other may propose to you when you least expect it. You may have discussed future plans though nothing concrete has been laid on the table, so it will be a pleasant turn of events when during a cursory date or an ordinary day, you would mark the first step to spending the rest of your life together.

Houses with hidden rooms

Envisioning multiple houses with hidden rooms or secret chambers is considered a reflection of your kind, welcoming personality in Christian and Islamic dream interpretations. It means you have the capacity within your heart to love and accept a wide number of individuals into your circle. This gift of compassion and understanding would allow you to figuratively provide shelter and a shoulder to cry on for those who feel they have nowhere else to turn.

Objects in the room spinning and changing

A dream where everything is spinning and then drops, and when I wake up objects around room are bigger or smaller than normal and appear to breath or move. I am a male, I have had this happen 3 times over the course of my life, the first time was when I was 5.

This vision has two distinct symbols that stand out, particularly due to their recurring nature. The first symbol is that of the spinning room. Envisioning everything around you spinning or whirling points to short periods of great change, either positive or negative. As a child, for example, you may have seen this dream around the time of a growth spurt, your entry into formal education or at a time when you understood something important about the world around you. For an adult, this type of symbol is often connected to changes in employment or living situations. Because the nature or result of the change cannot be determined clearly in reality, the distorted, moving objects around the room, the second symbol, is understandable. Seeing objects breathe or moved in an animated fashion is often seen as a reflection of your emotions in wake life, namely that you feel unsure of what to expect or lack the security needed to feel comfortable where you are. Considering the first symbol, it seems that periods of change may cause you some anxiety and unease. While you may not be able to control those changes, you can meditate to alleviate some stress or try to focus your energy on more consistent areas of your life, like family or a hobby.

A dark and small room

A dark and small room in dreams, like a storage space or a darkroom, conveys a negative message. There is a possibility that you would get yourself in bad and dangerous situations which could lead to punishment. In extreme cases, you may end up incarcerated because of your risky behavior and careless decisions. Even if you do not get jail time, you would still have to endure and suffer pain, both physical and psychological, in order to atone for your wrongdoings.

A room with no windows

A windowless room in dream visions depicts depression. This is essentially a miserable space or box revealing your sense of hopelessness and inability to find comfort and reprieve in the waking world. You may be feeling overwhelmed and cannot find an outlet for your pain and other negative emotions, so they end up festering inside you. Alternatively, this room with no windows could also be your mind's way of urging you to renew your faith and find guidance in beliefs you may have abandoned until now.

A room in general

A room in dreams generally represents the dreamer's emotional state. It could be the bathroom, a classroom or your own bedroom. Oftentimes, other symbols inside the room would give you hints about your mind's status as well as its condition and overall state. So for instance, an overstuffed or crowded room can symbolize chaos and confusion, while a room full of luxurious furniture denotes ambition and prosperity. Alternatively, a room can represent a mother's womb. This means you may be too dependent on your mother of mother figure's caregiving and support.

A room with cobwebs

A room with cobwebs, like an old and neglected house or the attic, is a dream symbol depicting your propensity to dark magic. You may be drawn to supernatural elements and occultism, especially the dark arts. Perhaps you have also been suffering from negative emotions such as depression and thoughts of suicide. On the other hand, this negative dream symbol can also foreshadow the death of a friend or loved one. This loss may in turn open the floodgate of misery and self-destructive behavior.

Finding new rooms in the house

My dream was about finding many new rooms in my home, as I was showing the house to my daughter-in-law. I also discovered other people living or working in some of the rooms.

New rooms in your house may reveal budding areas of interest or talent. In the dream world, your home tends to be the manifestation of yourself, so seeing parts of it you do not recognize could show where you are developing as an individual. This could be related to a habit you have recently taken up, an activity you have become involved in, or a new aspect of your personality you are working on. The idea that other people were living and working there could allude to some instability caused by these changes. You may need to get others involved in this process in order to maintain your current progress.

Bees and ants in the room

I am a girl aged 29, and I have dreamt twice a swarm of bees in the corner of my room and many ants on the walls of my room on one side. I got so frustrated with them to such an extent that I was crying and wanted to change a room in the dream.

A swarm of bees refers to unfair treatment. Someone in reality is taking advantage of you, in part because you may be afraid of this person and he or she is using this fear to make unreasonable demands. Meanwhile, the ants on the wall allude to a sense of being powerless and helpless to the changes happening around you. It could also refer to your passivity whenever big things occur that could affect you personally. You tend to go with the flow or let others dictate the path you are going to take. Both bees and ants are also associated with hard work and industry. This means that whatever is troubling you and giving you a lot of stress is likely connected to your work. Your boss could be so demanding that you are drowning in tasks and responsibilities, yet you do not have the courage to push back or say no. Instead, all the anger and frustration just keep building up inside you. You could even be contemplating on resigning and seeking employment offering a better work and life balance.

A child showing a house and a secret room

I was touring houses with two adults and a child, I see this from the child's view, we run across a house. A little kid comes out of nowhere and starts to say he will show us the house, then the door flies open and he starts walking us through and randomly would talk to what seems to be nothing. I ask him if someone else is there as he looks at a doll in a crack in a wall that you could see a secret room through, and turns back to me and says no. And when I try to leave I get attacked.

Dreams which contain scenes of a house and children in a combination are a reminder for you to adopt a less stressful and relaxed lifestyle or daily routine. You could be dealing with a lot of responsibilities at the moment, so your subconscious is advising you to take it easy. Similarly, the doll you focused your attention on in this dream could be a reflection of recent excessive spending, debt or financial hardships you have been through. Not finding your way around the house and the presence of a secret room is also a strong indication of your inability to solve your current problems, so being attacked in the end highlights the state of despair and uncertainty which is growing in magnitude unless you take concrete step towards resolution.

Being helpless and scared in a room

There's always one room in the house I am afraid of. I get dragged and held up in the air against a wall and I scream and fight but no one helps me. This is a reoccurring dream. There are times I have no voice. I then wake up scared out of my mind, but yet I am still dreaming.

Dreaming about a room which scares you signifies feelings of repression and uncertainty. Being afraid of going into a particular room symbolizes your fear of accepting or trying something new. Perhaps it is associated with something unpleasant for you and you have a strong aversion toward it. Since you are dragged into the room, it may seem that you are time and again forced to face the very apprehensions which you want to stay away from. The best thing would be to overcome your fears and face challenges without panicking.

A brightly lit room

Dreaming of finding yourself in a brightly lit room, especially with artificial lights like bulbs or fluorescent, denotes an upcoming festivity. There may be a major party or gathering happening soon which would introduce you to both familiar faces and new personalities. The brightness of the room, therefore, represents the lively and energetic vibe of the event. Perhaps it would also become a reunion of sorts as you catch up with people you have not seen in a long time.

A dilapidated room

Dreaming of a dilapidated room is a bad sign for your health. It means your health condition may be deteriorating because of your poor habits and lack of concern for your own well-being. Your unhealthy habits may soon give you a serious medical condition which would make you turn your life around. Alternatively, this can also portend poverty. You could get laid off or some tragedy or emergency may drain your savings and other resources. Your subconscious may be warning you to stop your spendthrift ways and focus on saving and investing for your future.

A room cleaned and organized by crush

I had a dream wherein this boy that I liked/like (trying to get over him) cleaned my entire room and moved everything around. I was really thankful for that, and my room looked beautiful. It all felt organized and new.

Dreaming that your room has been reorganized and cleaned is often interpreted as a sign that you have been slacking on chores or other daily tasks, such as homework or the dishes. This cause of your poor domestic abilities as of late is likely a personal matter, perhaps the boy you are trying to get over, considering his presence in the vision. In this case, dealing with your emotions or any drama the situation poses could be distracting you from the important things. To truly move on with your life, then, you need to get back to normal and reestablish a routine that keeps you happy, well-organized and focused on the future.

Snakes in a dark room

I am by myself in a room, the ceiling and walls are pitch black and the floor cannot be seen because there are thousands of snakes crawling on the floor. The snakes are crawling up me and strangling me and I cannot cry out for help.

Finding yourself inside a dark room in the dream world suggests persistent worries over uncertain outcomes of projects you are handling in your household. In addition, the thousands of snakes surrounding you could be associated with the state of your health or body issues you are currently dealing with. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, which could have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Maybe your subconscious is helping you overcome your anxieties by allowing you to confront your fears in a safe environment, in this case, the dream world.

A room with lavish interior

A room with lavish and luxurious interiors, such as expensive carpeting and antiques, is an auspicious dream symbol associated with triumph. You would bask in a period of success and great achievements as you complete projects and endeavors with flying colors. The room is your life and state of mind, while the furnishings represent your drive and valuable insights that have the potential to create a lot of revenue and unlock innovations to further not only your career but your business venture or the company you work for.

A room with artwork

In dreams, seeing a room with artwork such as paintings or sculptures means the dreamer is likely feeling a little lost. You could be trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, especially in terms of your career path. Perhaps you are the type who has a variety of interests and they change all the time depending on what catches your fancy. Unfortunately, the time for making a decision may be fast approaching. In order for you to create a legacy, you have to ultimately focus your efforts on a certain career or perfect a skill.

Being comfortable in a room

Feeling comfortable and relaxed inside a room in your dream reveals your sense of clarity. Your comfortability in this room, whether it is a living room or an office space, is an indication of your focus and drive in reality. You know exactly what to do, where to go and how to reach your goals and aspirations. The look and feel of the room represent your mental state, especially if the interiors of the room reflect your sense of style. It also means that you know yourself well enough to pursue goals that are meaningful to you.

A dirty room

A dirty room, particularly if you perceived it as belonging to you, represents your fear of having your dirty laundry aired in front of others. Perhaps you belong to niche message boards for people who enjoy video games or role-playing activities, or maybe you sent a spur-of-the-moment Snapchat that you regret. In either case, this vision should serve as a warning to both be more authentic with those around you and to avoid secretive behavior that could blow up in your face.

In a dark room and making a promise

I am in a dark room saying I promise.

Envisioning yourself in a dark room may represent worry over uncertain outcomes for some result you are expecting or complications occurring in regard to a task you are working on. Giving your word in a dream, particularly if it was repeated multiple times, points toward taking on new responsibilities or being trusted with some duty that is difficult for you to handle alone. It may be that your participation, whether you chose to become involved or not, causes some stress or agitation in you life. In summary, this dream seems to be a warning to consider carefully everything you must do before taking action or getting too heavily engrossed in a task.

Extra rooms in the house needing repair

I just got off from work and I dozed off and I had a dream that we found extra rooms in my moms house (I live there). The first thing I saw was a white bathroom and I found three more doors and one hallway and at the end of the hallway, one stairway leading down somewhere... Also in the dream I found what appeared to be like a kitchen that needed repair, it was full of stuff... This place was behind the house.

The images of new rooms within a house combined with additional doors, stairways and spaces could reflect memories or situations which involved a lot of moving or changing, either physically or emotionally. This may be directly related to you, or they may be connected to someone close to you, most likely your mother. The fact that you experienced these visions while napping suggests that one or more of these moves or transformations occurred recently and therefore are fresh in your mind. It may be that your subconscious self is very busy trying to organize all the information originating from these uncertain and destabilized circumstances.

Making a room becoming detached from the house

In my dream I was in a building with a lot of my friends and family. It was a big building considering that the building was on a ranch in the country. I was on the third story of the building. There was some construction going on because the building had a new installment on the third floor. It was an extra room but I'm not quite sure what it is supposed to be used for. Me and my brother went inside the room to kind of look around a little bit when I noticed there was a button on the floor. So I decided to push it and when I did the room detached from the house.

This image of a house with construction being done to it is often symbolic of positive changes happening in the life of the dreamer. Just as home renovations make the house better and more beautiful, so does this sign indicate improvements taking place either in the form of health, wealth or overall happiness. The fact that your friends and family were with you during this time could indicate a similar situation befalling all of you. However, envisioning the room you were in detach from the others could indicate a selfish desire to keep the good things you may receive to yourself.

Incidents in the room

When I went into my room, my old wallpaper was back up on my walls, but they were lopsided and slanted and parts of it were on the ceiling and floor. There was also incense burning. I was very upset by this and told my family to come in and pray because I felt that the room was demonic. We then got in a circle and started praying. I began levitating and became very upset, because I felt that my prayers weren't working. Then a demon grabbed the back of my neck and I felt its nails. Then I woke up.

The demon in your dream may represent someone in your family or social group who is causing your distress. On the other hand, the old wallpaper may point to past secrets and mistakes that could be the source of your negative emotions. Perhaps this inner demon is making you lash out at others. Something, in reality, may have caused the return of old issues and you are feeling quite vulnerable as a result. The incense and prayers allude to your desire to resolve past conflicts by looking deep within yourself in order to glean important insights and lessons.

Black women entering the room by mistake

I am a female, I dreamed someone knocking at my door and I said "Enter", then very black naked women entered.They asked for someone before I answered, a person outside called out that they entered a wrong room, it's next door. Then they went out. I woke up.

A knock on the door in the dream world is usually a positive sign pointing to good news and exciting opportunities in your future. As for the naked women in your vision, the interpretation depends on your reaction to their visit. If you simply accepted their nudity as something normal, then it means the opportunity or news you would receive likely deals with your ability to embrace other people's needs they want to take care of using your help. On the other hand, if there was fear and trepidation over the nudity, then there is a likelihood that you would stumble upon a sensitive secret or information which could give you some leverage, yet would go against your principles or personal values.

Cleaning and painting the room

I am cleaning and at the same time painting the room green.

Cleaning the house is often thought to predict upcoming social events happening inside your house soon. In particular, you may have unexpected company or reunite with someone you have not seen in many years. Painting the house is also a social symbol that alludes to having kind and reliable friends. Together with the image of green paint, these symbols seem to point out your thoughtful, caring nature and the reciprocating behavior of those you call friends.

Unpleasant atmosphere of the bedroom and an ex

I was standing in the bedroom in our old house. Walls were orange in color. There were many deep cracks on the walls. I was overhearing someone was arguing with an angry voice outside the room. The bedroom's door was wide open and my ex-boyfriend was standing at door step.

Dreaming about being in the bedroom of your old house could mean that there is something bothering you recently about your past, while the orange color of the walls and the cracks point to feelings of instability or imbalance, like something you were hoping for is falling apart right before your eyes and you are unable to piece it all together. It seems as if you have been affected by some negative events of your past and you are feeling uncomfortable having to deal with them again, hence the angry voice coming from outside the room.

Daughter's father entering a dark room

I am a female and I dreamt my baby daughter's father was wearing black all over and he enters a dark room and immediately the door locked.

The all-black ensemble of the father of your baby represents health problems. He is likely out of shape and in poor health because of his lifestyle, especially if his friends are enabling his bad habits. Unfortunately, his health will continue to deteriorate as the dream showed him locking himself inside a dark room. This means he does not want to listen to your concerns or heed your advice. Pushing this issue could further damage your relationship. Perhaps you can enlist someone's help, someone he trusts, so that you can get through to him.

Never ending rooms

A reoccurring dream of discovering endless halls or rooms in a house hints at various possible interpretations that may be good or bad. On a positive note, this vision suggests good fortune and well-being. You will soon fulfill a dream that you have never expected to come true, and this will leave you feeling like you are on cloud nine. On the contrary, if you are feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending chambers, then it is likely that you are also filled with these thoughts in the actual world.

Empty white room

An empty white room is an esoteric symbol with mysterious energy. The interpretation of this symbol depends highly on your state of mind while in the room and on other objects you perceived. In general, however, dream workers often associate this blank slate of a room with emotions or feelings you have not fully recognized or identified. Perhaps you were recently overwhelmed by some news and have not been honest about your true feelings, even to yourself. Getting in touch with your true self would be key to finding a way forward in this situation.

White room

A white room is an esoteric symbol with mysterious energy. In general, dream workers following the works of John Paul Jackson conclude that this blank slate of a room is a metaphor for emotions or feelings you have not fully recognized or identified. Perhaps you were recently overwhelmed by some news and have not been honest about your true feelings, even to yourself. This is particularly true if the items in the room were perfectly placed or curated. Nothing in life is perfect, so this immaculate space is a reflection of the unrealistic expectations you have for yourself and possibly others.

Being locked in a room

Being locked in a room at some point in a dream vision carries a fortunate meaning in relation to your finances in the dream realm. This symbol's interpretation is related to the idea of being alone and restricted in your activities, much like you would be if you were stuck at home on a rainy day as a child. The key to unlocking this symbol is to see the room as holding the answers to your problems with money. Therefore, paying attention to the things in the room or acknowledging the types of objects present may help you make a good decision that positively affects your monetary situation.

Forgotten rooms

In the dream realm, forgotten or hidden rooms represent discovering a secret or the answer to a question you have long wondered about. Much like stumbling across a secret space between walls or under some floorboards, this symbol has a positive connotation and means you would go through some previously unexplored data or ideas that would put you on the path to true understanding. John Paul Jackson further extrapolates on this point, suggesting it could also refer to discovering a hidden talent or finding some old memorabilia from your childhood.