Dreams Related To Roof

Roof blown off

Dreaming about the roof being blown off means that an adverse situation is likely to hit your family. A very negative condition is imminent and you should therefore be cautious.It is important to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Your family is at risk of being affected by a potential threat.

This dream signifies the presence of people who have ill motives against you. Be careful not to trust people who seem to have bad intentions. You will be able to know their true colors soon after the occurrence of an altercation. Be careful whom you tell your personal issues to because not everyone is trustworthy.

Being on the roof

Being on the roof points to the successful materialization of a project you are working on. Sometimes, in the course of your undertakings, you may tend to lose sight of the end. Doubts may arise due to one or two factors, and these leave you not sure whether you will make it or not. So being on the roof kind of reassures you of coming to a victorious conclusion of your venture.

Being watched from the roof

Someone is standing on my roof watching us with our daily life. People there are me, my mom who I haven't spoken to in seven years, my ex best friend of 42 years who I haven't spoken to in 10 years, and my daughter. I can hear him walking and have only seen him once.

Being watched in dreams is actually a manifestation of your own guilt and shame. The person watching you from the roof is actually your conscience judging your every move. The presence of people you have not seen or talked to in reality signifies your readiness to reconnect with them. You are feeling burdened by all the unresolved issues and resentment building up inside you, so your subconscious is encouraging you to reach out to people you have kept at a distance by looking at the bigger picture and learning how to forgive. You may even need to forgive yourself in order for you to find some peace.

Roof collapsing

When you dream that the roof has collapsed under your feet, it means you are likely to experience some unforeseen hardships in your life. It is common in this life to have both high and low moments. You may be currently under that season of plenty, where everything seems aligned to your expectations, but then, all of a sudden, things change and take a negative turn. Issues seem to get out of hand.

Repairing a roof

Dreaming about repairing a roof predicts some forthcoming breakthroughs. Sometimes your life endeavors can get to that plateau phase, where there seems to be no much advancement in what you are doing. You are still putting in the effort required but the fruits of your efforts are not being seen. When you begin building a new roof, we are likely to start witnessing new successes in your project. The stagnant period of your undertaking takes a new turn and comes to life.

A leaky roof

This vision signifies complications and drawbacks when creating a romantic bond with someone. The vision can also mean that you are preventing a romantic connection with someone from happening. Drawbacks in romantic relationships prevent the two people involved from fully connecting. If you are the one building walls around you then not much can be done to improve the situation.

A roof on fire

The dream symbolizes that an individual in your family, especially one who is advanced in age is likely to pass on. This might be someone whom you relate with on a personal level. The demise of this person might be due to natural reasons and so not much can be done to avoid it. If you have such a person in the family then try to spend time with them and allow others to do the same.

Sleeping on the roof

This vision means you are meditating on how harmless your enemies are to you. Nearly all of us have adversaries that tend to oppose our actions. There is nothing better than to be sure that the deeds of such foes will not affect us in any way. It is therefore worthwhile to ponder on the powerlessness of our opposers. This dream vision also points to your excellent health and well-being.

Standing on the roof

The vision means that you are at a stable point in your life, where things are just how you want them to be. You should not feel obligated to work on changing any part of your life during this point in time. It shows contentment with your present situation in life that does not require any modifications. Understanding that you are at a right place in your life should allow you to sigh a breath of relief and simply relax.

An old roof

This dream means that you should consider strengthening your beliefs or increasing your knowledge regarding a particular aspect of your life. You might have to gain more comprehension about a specific academic area. Sometimes being enlightened about a certain topic that might be vague to you can be an opportunity to learn.

Building a roof

Dreaming about building a roof signifies an impending disagreement with someone close to you. You should be careful not to get carried away during an argument to prevent a quarrel between you and this close friend or family member. Try and remain calm to prevent things from going out of hand.

Climbing on the roof

This vision signifies the need to exercise caution due to a high likelihood of being susceptible to a threatening situation.You should take precautionary measures against the imminent threat that awaits you. Falling off the roof in the same dream means that the situation might be disastrous.

Protected roof

This vision showing a safeguarded roof signifies that a married couple should expect a new member in the family. This could mean that a baby is on the way and so the couple should be prepared. For those who are just dating, the dream shows that the relationship will not be long lasting. You should understand that certain romantic liaisons do not last forever.

Falling off a roof

The dream symbolizes that you are highly likely to receive upsetting information about someone in your inner circle. Sometimes disheartening news can dampen your moods and leave you feeling low. You should prepare yourself for the probability of being away from a relative or close confidant. Expect to hear troubling news in due time as it will discourage you from enjoying your day fully.

A flat roof

Your dream vision portends a good break that brings with it positive results. If you are working on a particular task, then expect to receive great end results. The vision is a sign of good luck in whatever undertaking your are working on, so be inspired and stay positive knowing that the consequences will be favorable.

A new roof

This vision means that you have someone or something that provides a strong support system and which will help push you to higher limits. When in pursuance of life's many endeavors, it is important to have people who act as our support during both the good and the bad times. It means that you have a strong base on which to depend on when going after your numerous undertakings.

Birds on the roof

This dream signifies an imminent vacation or business tour. You should be psychologically prepared to go on a journey, though it might be for official or personal reasons. Sometimes a change of environment can greatly contribute to new experiences. Prepare your traveling essentials to be ready for when you begin your trip.

Walking on a roof

Dreaming about walking on a roof means that your opinion of whether something is believable or not may be of importance in the coming days. A situation will soon present itself where you will be required to make a selection. You should take your time before finally deciding to do something or not.

A roof with a window

This dream shows the coming of a charming adventure or trip that ends up being devastating for those involved. You can expect to receive terrible news during this romantic trip. You can prepare your heart as well to prevent yourself from being heartbroken. The demoralizing news might take a huge toll on your relationship.

A glass roof

This vision signifies your insecurities when it comes to someone else revealing your secrets. There are certain matters that should never be revealed to the public. Your restlessness is as a result of the threat which might show others information which would rather remain discreet. Take necessary precautions to prevent someone from leaking your sensitive information.

Looking at the roof from the ground

This dream shows that you are unsure about certain arrangements regarding your life. Attaining mental stability will require you to make a final decision in whatever you are planning to do. You can try prioritizing the tasks at hand in order to achieve a more organized state of mind. Your well-being depends on the strategies that you establish for yourself.

Standing on the roof with your partner

This vision means that you are in great standing with your relationship partner. The bond which you share with your mate is stronger and more symmetrical. You both feel content with each other and are at a state of tranquility. Enjoy the awesome feeling of the strong connection that you have with your partner.

Owls landing on the roof

Hi, my dream was about heaps of owls landing on roof tops. Looked European-style roofs. I was in an open area court yard. I lied down in a garden bed, pulled a sheet over me so I can watch them without disturbing them. One then flew down and landed on me and touched with its beak gently. They were white, grey and other colors.

Watching a group of owls or a parliament of owls on the roof means you are seeking advice from people wiser and more experienced than you are. This is also an indication of your admiration for intelligent and accomplished individuals whom you aspire to emulate and hope to achieve the kind of success they attained. However, lying down on the garden suggests comfort and contentment. Rather than taking a risk in order to accomplish your goals, you prefer staying in your comfort zone and quietly supporting your idols. So when one of the owls actually went down to touch you with its beak, it implies a fortuitous moment in which fate would allow you to cross paths with one of your heroes who would possibly become your mentor. Whether or not you grab or waste this opportunity is up to you to decide.

A roof made of simple materials

This dream symbolizes your composed personality and how well you are at peace with your life. Feeling complacent allows you to appreciate the little things in life. Your home makes you feel relaxed and pleased and that is a good thing because you are more likely to relish being in your house rather than anywhere else.

Breaking free through the roof

Dreaming about breaking free through the roof is a sign of surpassing your colleagues or competition. You are in a position where you are outdoing other people who are in the same field. This is a good sign as it means that you are making meaningful strides in your career or spiritually. Giving your best in the things you do sets you apart from all the rest by letting you emerge on top.

A house without a roof

This dream shows that you are likely to be startled by the separation from a loved one. It might also be a sign that you are establishing a relationship with a higher power. Sometimes it might mean that you might become crazy in the near future. When you lose a connection with someone dear to you, then the feeling of shock and despair can be expected.

A roof shifted on one side

Your dream vision portends the departing of a relative. It could be the demise of one of your offsprings. Take caution as this is a bad sign indicating loss of life. It is never easy to go through the demise of someone we cherish and hold dear. Stay alert and watch out for any dangerous situations developing.

A roof being damaged by weather

Dreaming about a roof being damaged by weather means that you should expect a trauma to your head. You are highly likely of being hit by a blunt object on your head. The trauma might be to any part of your head either front or back. You should be cautious by watching out for any potential threats. You can try putting on a protective equipment just in case.

Eating on the roof

My dream was about eating food with some relatives while on the roof.

A dream in which you are eating food with relatives on the roof of a building is a symbol of unexpected fortune. It is not entirely clear, but something good may happen to you in the nearest future. You could make a new best friend, start a new romance, find a new job or get a promotion. Whatever it could end up being, this circumstance would bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment to your existence.

Standing on roof

The meaning of standing on a roof in the dream realm means you have some power or advantage to overcome a difficulty in reality. In essence, you may be sitting around waiting for the answer to appear when you already have all you need to achieve your goals and have great success in life. The symbolism behind this sign has to do with being on top of a house, which is meant to represent your current status in wake life. As such, your raised position in relation to the home reveals the true strength you have if you are able to overcome whatever is holding you down.