Dreams Related To Robot

A robot annihilating the world

A robot burning the world down and seeing all of it take place has been recurring by a 9-year old girl.

Dreaming about the world being destroyed by robots, in and of itself, suggests the dreamer may be on the verge of learning about the negative aspects of someone close to them. Robots could point to the idea of perfection and, therefore, suggest that someone that they saw as infallible could make a mistake or say something which destroys that image.

Talking to a robot and washing hands

I was in a cybernetic room, and people were watching a screen with virtual reality googles, I went to the bathroom but I did something that made a female-sounding robot to come over. I talked with her or it, and went back to see the screen but my family told me to wash my hands, and I realized that there were droplets of poop on the toilet, so I washed my hands like a germaphobe, and went back. Then I woke up.

The robot could be a metaphor for a structured or mechanical life. Perhaps you feel like the people around you are becoming less in touch with emotions and more focused on optimizing themselves which can be detrimental to mental health in the long run. In addition, using a toilet reveals your desire to get rid of negativity or possible bad habits, while human excrement suggests a troublesome issue that keeps coming back to your life. You could be feeling pressured by your friends and family to earn more or achieve more despite the circumstances. You can use these expectations to motivate you or fuel your insecurities. If you are feeling demoralized, it may be helpful to be upfront with your loved ones so they know how their words and actions are affecting your disposition.