Dreams Related To Robbery

Robbery in general

Dreaming about a robbery, whether you see someone being robbed or you are the one robbed in the vision, is an allusion to upcoming issues. Certain details about the robbery could give you further clues about the potential problem you have to deal with. For example, if someone you know is robbing you, then perhaps a part of you feels like someone is taking advantage of you or sabotaging your success. You can also try to remember the items taken from you and what they represent in your existence.

Car robbery

Seeing or discovering your car robbed in a dream, regardless if it is the car itself or some of the contents of the car, denotes upcoming changes in your current relationship. It could be with your significant other or even a close friend or family member. If it has to do with your partner, then there is a likelihood of a break up or an instance of cheating which would have serious repercussions to your relationship. A new character could also show up and create conflict or generally change the overall tone of your dynamics.

Being robbed in own house

I am female and I keep getting a dream where I'm getting robbed in my family home, but each time I know they are coming. I try to hide usually but this time I didn't hide. My mum told me it's going to be fine so we waited for them coming, 3 guys with no masks arrived. We pretended we weren't waiting for them and screamed. They were tying us up and one guy was going to cut my foot off. He said he needed to, before he did I woke up confused.

Being burglarized in dreams is usually an allusion to a breach in privacy or toxic social relations. In the case of your dream, knowing that the burglars are coming likely reveals your intuitive nature. You have the ability to gauge the sincerity or genuine motives of different personalities. As such, there may be individuals in your social circle who are becoming a little too close for comfort. Perhaps they are encroaching on your privacy and you are starting to feel uneasy about it. Placing your trust in them could cost you your independence and freedom. Depending on your state of mind, this may also refer to domestication. Perhaps you need to decide whether you are ready to settle down and give up some of your autonomy to make room for your romantic partner.

Being robbed

Getting robbed in dreams, whether by a thief in the street or being burglarized in your own home, means you are going to lose your friends in reality. Depending on what sort of friends they are, it could be a heartbreaking development or a relief for you. If the robbery happens in your residence or near your place, then this means you have toxic friends who may just be using you for their personal gains, so losing them is the best thing that could happen to you. Otherwise, thievery in the streets or something similar means this could just be a natural development as you drift apart due to changing interests and priorities.

Being robbed at home

A home robbery in the dreamscape predicts financial setback. The robbery itself suggests a risk to your personal finances, so make sure you do not make any unnecessary purchases or put your job in jeopardy. You could be robbed in reality or someone you know will require financial assistance. The fact that the robbery occurred at home means your loved ones may be jeopardizing your finances, stealing from you or simply being extravagant and reckless so that you have to pay off their debt.

Witnessing robbery

Witnessing a robbery taking place in your dream reveals your growing concerns about financial matters. You may be starting to lose track of your finances just as taxes, bills and other financial obligations keep piling up on your to-do list. It is also possible that you have been spending indiscriminately lately and you are racking up quite a lot of debt. This may be the reason why you are stressing out about accounting all your expenses and seeing just how much trouble you are in financially. It may be time to talk to an accountant or a financial adviser to help you get back on track.

Being able to resist robbery

Successfully evading or resisting a robbery in your dream likely reveals your ability to dodge conflict, negative situations and threats in real life. Perhaps your gut instinct and sensitivity allows you to read the tone of a situation so that you can avoid awkward encounters and possible conflicts. This could also be a reflection of your immaturity and inability to face your problems. Maybe you cannot take care of yourself and you have to depend on others to resolve your problems or clean up your mess.

Being robbed very fast

Getting robbed in a dream before you can even realize that you have been robbed, let alone do something to stop it, does not bode well for your financial state in reality. Your fear, disorientation and overall confusion about being robbed likely reflect the same state of disarray in your personal finances. You are not fully in control of your income and money matters. Perhaps you are spending beyond your means or you are committing mistakes and oversights at work which could put your job in peril.

House being robbed

Dreaming that your house is getting robbed typically means that you are someone who often feels like the victim in situations, even when you may be the cause or instigator. Instead of taking responsibility for your own actions, you become defensive and entitled, thinking everything should unfold exactly the way you want. Instead of letting people break into your home and ruin your inner peace, consider being more understanding, patient and forgiving. Your positive mindset would likely improve not only your day, but everyone else's too.

Getting robbed

Getting robbed in the dream realm is often symbolically connected with financial troubles in reality. Jungian philosophy suggests that the confusion and pain you feel at the loss of your money or possessions is in direct correlation with the poor management of your personal financial situation. You may have an issue with self-control when it comes to spending money, or you may not be getting the deals on your utilities, services or other ongoing payments. This image is a message from your subconscious that would hopefully prompt you to take a closer look at the state of your finances and make better choices with your hard-earned money.

Street robbery

Witnessing a street robbery in a dream vision, perhaps while you are walking on a street, is usually a sign of troubles ahead. However, if you felt no fear or panic while this robbery was happening in front of your eyes, then this means you have the courage and personal constitution to overcome obstacles that can eventually propel you to success. Your ability to perform under pressure, without compromising the quality of your work, could result in career growth and perhaps a promotion sometime soon.

Caught in the process of robbery

Being caught while trying to rob someone or an institution in a dream spells trouble for your finances in reality. You may be digging yourself in a hole with your growing debt and a lack of stable source of income to pay off those debts. Perhaps this has gone to a point where it is no longer within your powers to solve it. You may have to consult financial experts to get you out of this mess. Alternatively, certain bad habits like gambling and excessive spending could put a negative stamp on your financial credibility so that banking institutions would become wary of allowing you to get a loan or similar funding.

Being robbed at gunpoint

Being robbed at gunpoint in a dream has been held as a negative omen for many years. The interpretation or symbolism behind this particular portent is intrinsically linked with being forced to do something or feeling vulnerable and exposed after a fight. In some cases, this symbol has even been seen prior to the dreamer being involved in an actual robbery. While there is little you can do to prevent this from happening, being aware of your surroundings and taking extra measures to protect yourself would not go amiss.

Stalling a robber at a mall

I was in a mall that was attached to my old high school. I was walking and a man comes up to me whom I recognize but then I think maybe a stranger. He is robbing me of my debit card and I have a few of them. I am putting them in his shirt pocket and we are talking. I am trying to keep him near because I see my father approaching him from behind. My father doesn't know that I'm being mugged yet. He continues to approach us and my dad and I start fighting the guy.

Getting mugged or robbed in a dream means you are about to face a personal crisis in reality. In that context, someone robbing you of your debit card could mean a loss of identity or self-esteem. This robber may be the embodiment of all your insecurities and self-doubt which are keeping you from achieving your personal and professional goals. The whole scenario of stalling the mugger near you as your father approaches is very telling about your relationship with him. He must be a great source of comfort and validation in your life. Or perhaps you look up to him so much that you need only to think about his influence and his achievements for you to regain a sense of purpose and value.

Robbery for single women

Single women who dream of being robbed could be on a verge of significant change to their love life. You may catch the romantic interest of several suitors. Depending on how you view it, it can be a pleasant or stressful situation. If you are looking to settle down soon, then perhaps this is an opportunity to find the perfect partner for the rest of your life. This could also be seen as a negative circumstance if you are the type who does not like playing the field and would rather start dating a friend than to date around with strangers.

For business people and entrepreneurs, dreaming about a robbery is actually a good thing. Business may be booming which means you would find the perfect opportunity and financial capacity to finally expand your business. Perhaps you would get the funding you have been asking for. Alternatively, maybe you would also get inspired and think of another brilliant idea for a lucrative new business. This is the break you have been looking for to maximize your profits.

Discovering you have been robbed

A dream about being robbed and only discovering it after the crime has been committed reveals your desire to get rid of aspects of your existence which are giving you a lot of stress and problems in reality. For example, you may want to get rid of negative thoughts and self-destructive habits you have been dwelling on or developing lately. This could also portend a positive development in some of the tedious or boring tasks and responsibilities you have been handling. Maybe you would finally find a way to delegate those tasks to someone else.

Organizing a robbery

Envisioning yourself organizing or plotting a robbery means there is possibility that you would make someone miserable. Whether or not it is done intentionally, your actions would have far-reaching consequences towards a certain individual. Maybe pursuing a project or turning down a favor would cause a lot of problems to someone else. It is also possible that you would plan out a strategy to advance your career or similar interests to the detriment of anyone who is in your way. Just be ready to face whatever consequences may occur.

Robbery inside your house

Dreaming that a robbery occurred in your house could signify the worsening state of your relationship with your significant other. Not listening to each other or blaming each other for little things could pile up and cause serious resentments. The same situation may be happening between you and your children or among themselves. For fear of being punished, they may point fingers on their siblings. It may be high time to encourage discussions instead of heated arguments so everyone gets a chance to be heard.

Being caught during robbery

Dreaming of a failed robbery attempt means resorting to unethical means to achieve your goals. Perhaps you aborted the robbery because your suspicious behavior caught the victim's attention or authorities stopped you while in the process of robbing someone. In reality, the factors that kept you from successfully robbing someone likely refers to your conscience and guilt. As such, if you have been contemplating using questionable means to get what you want, your subconscious may be reminding you that there is a chance you would not get away with it.

Being caught during a robbery can also represent the negative repercussions or consequences of pursuing your goals at someone's expense. A cutthroat and selfish approach would inevitably hurt anyone who gets in the way of your success, be it your colleagues, rivals or even your own family. This may diminish the sense of fulfillment you would feel had you chosen to use more diplomatic and just means. So perhaps your mind is tapping into your conscience so you can change your tactics and strategies.

Escaping robbery with the help of a stranger

I dreamt that I was in my house and then it became another house, but still mine and all our family (ladies) were there. I peeped out to look at our car and it was there, the next minute it was gone and there were robbers in the house, but chasing everyone to kill them. I dreamt I tried to hide from them, so I began to climb the brick wall until they spotted me, so I began to run to a car wash. And I ran straight into a white BMW and the owner was there. These guys got into the car with their knife, however, the owner did not let them do anything to me and eventually they left and he fell in love with me.

In your dream, fleeing from robbers is the central theme. It could signify that you strongly desire something or someone in your life to make you happier, and you are ready to use all means at your disposal. This search may increase your tendency towards more risky behavior, which, in turn, can lead to awkward moments and downfalls. Your social ties and established connections could be shaken up and uprooted during your ongoing pursuit, but there's also a likelihood of some new and rewarding experiences in your romantic life. You could soon be surprised by being exposed to events or circumstances demanding your immediate attention, things you cannot simply ignore or let pass by.

Robbing a bank with a dead cousin

My cousin is recently dead and I had a dream that we robbed a bank, but she was dead before I got the money from her.

Robbing a bank in a dream is often interpreted as your desire to achieve some important goal in real life, usually something you have been working on for quite some time now. Considering your late cousin's appearance in this vision, it seems you may have had some plans together, or you wanted to help her achieve something she otherwise could not. Being unable to get the stolen money from her suggests that whatever you were working on may never be completed now despite your best efforts, meaning abandoning this cause in favor of something more realistic would give you more chances to succeed.

Attempted robbery

Envisioning an attempted robbery is a strong symbol in the dream realm. It usually signifies that the dreamer has a strong sense of personal responsibility or purpose that is being attacked by people in their social circle. For instance, an individual who values hard work and desires to move up the corporate ladder may be ridiculed by co-workers who think they are a showoff or a goody two shoes. This is especially true if the robbers in your vision were armed with weapons. While it is sometimes good to consider the perspective of others and avoid obnoxious behavior, you should not feel pressure to change yourself because others are not willing to put in the same time and effort as you are.

Stopping a robbery

Stopping a robbery in the dream realm, such as preventing a holdup in a convenience store, means you have the ability to stop people from getting ahead in life or to support people in their endeavors. Much like you did not allow the individual in your dream to get robbed, so does this vision carry the interpretation that you have the power to help people with their problems by either preventing them from going down the wrong path or helping them avoid pesky issues that would cause them to trip up later. Whether you are feeling benevolent enough or not to help this person, on the other hand, is up to you.