Dreams Related To Riot

Caught in the middle of a riot

I am male Indian. I am studying and preparing for competitive exams. I watched a dream this morning. I caught in a Hindu Muslim riot. In the dream I was Hindu with my sister and I was a guest in a Muslim family. As the riot broke out, we wanted to move to our home but the outside conditions are not favorable. Still, the owner of that house (Muslim) and his daughter tried their best to save us from the Muslims who tried to kill Hindus. They take us away from the disturbed places.

Dreaming of riots and civil unrest is usually considered a negative sign in the realm of dreams. It suggests you are about to experience a period of time marked by sadness and hardship, especially if you are a young person. As you are preparing for exams, it is possible you are wondering what the point of it all is. This chaos in your dream probably reflects your views on the state of the world today or, more specifically, your worries about your future. You may be looking for help and guidance during this trying time. In a sense, the presence of the Muslim family and their protection of you represents this desire. However, in order for real change to occur, you may need to start by being more proactive even if you do not have so much power or influence at the moment.