Dreams Related To Rice

Rice spilled on the ground

A dream in which you see grains of rice scattered all over the ground has ominous connotations. It portends that you would face unanticipated as well as adverse circumstances or events which might take a toll on your everyday life and activities.

Rice in general

A dream in which you see rice being sold or bought has positive connotations. It signifies that you would face positive and agreeable circumstances in life. It indicates that you would be triumphant in building or establishing solid and enduring relationships with people around you.

Rice stuck inside the nose

My dream was about a small hexagon foam-like tube stuck inside my nose and when I took it out, I broke it apart and there was rice inside. What does this mean???

To understand this vision, we should focus on the two main symbols present, that is, the prominence of your nose and the rice that you found inside it. First, dreams where your own nose plays a central role often reveal an upcoming test of your moral character. You may soon be presented with a dilemma where you would be forced to choose between what is right and what is easy. The rice that you found inside the tube in your nose means that not only would you successfully overcome temptation, but you would also be able to build solid, trusting connections with others due to their respect and admiration for your upstanding behavior.

Eating rice

A dream in which you find yourself consuming rice either on its own or as a part of a side dish has positive connotations. It is symbolic of the bliss and contentment in your familial relationships. It indicates that you would enjoy a strong and enduring bond with your family and there will always be harmony and understanding between you and your relatives.

White rice

A dream in which you see yourself preparing white rice is symbolic of the good vibrations around you. It signifies that you would receive albeit a small but significant and eloquent present from someone with whom you are well-acquainted.

Cooking rice

A dream in which you see yourself preparing rice dishes is symbolic of the new responsibilities which you would undertake. These obligations would be necessary for you to fulfill in order to live a life which is balanced and blissful and which would improve your standard of living as well as greatly benefit your existence.

A big pile of rice

A dream in which you perceive an enormous pile of rice either on the ground or in a market is a sign of good vibes about to enter your life. It indicates that you would be a recipient of much happiness and contentment. This bliss would accompany you in your family life and be a source of much joy for you. In fact, you would have a worriless relationship with your folks.

Buying rice

A dream in which you see yourself purchasing rice at a supermarket or grocery store foretells that you would be acquiring or attaining real estate in the near future. Additionally, it could be an indication of the ascent in your financial situation or material assets.

Steamed rice

A dream in which you find yourself consuming or preparing a dish of steamed rice must be considered a forewarning. It could signify that you need to alter the way you budget your food expenses and adopt a more prudent manner regarding what and how you eat. Additionally, it could indicate that you should be buying groceries which are cheaper in order to counteract the financial difficulties that you are facing.

Rice with impurities

A dream in which you perceive yourself handling rice which is adulterated and impure has negative connotations. It portends that there would be a long spell of ill health and infirmity. Additionally, it could signify that you might be in discord with your acquaintances or people around you.

White rice on a plate

I dreamed of white cooked rice on a plate, with greens in it. Sitting on the table, in a bright lit room waiting for me... A light like it could had been in heaven.

A plate of cooked white rice is often thought to be a warning for the dreamer. It suggests that you may fall on hard times and be restricted to a limited budget. You would have to carefully manage your funds and be aware of where your money is going, especially in regards to food and basic necessities. The greens on top of the rice support and enhance this symbolic vision. If you are currently well-off, it would be wise to save some of available money for emergency use.

Eating rice with step siblings

Dreamt I was eating rice with vegetables with my step siblings I'm not on good terms with in front of my late dad.

Consuming rice in a dream bears a positive message. It symbolizes happiness and harmony, especially in connection to your familial relationships. If there have been long-standing conflict and disagreements among you and your step siblings, then the dream means you would soon resolve your differences. In addition, the combination of the the symbols of rice and vegetables means that to achieve peace of mind, you may have to fix your issues with your step siblings. Perhaps the memories or wisdom imparted by your late dad would be instrumental in such reconciliation.

Dropping a pot of cooked rice

I had a pot with cooked rice in it and suddenly it broke and contents fell on to a prayer mat.. Before that I also dreamed of a friend whom I lost contact with, he was extremely sad in the dream.

Cooking rice is symbolic of new responsibilities in your life, some of which may not be immediately apparent to you. Seeing the pot that you were using to cook the rice fall and break spilling the contents portends the possibility of failure regarding these new responsibilities. Try to be careful with the tasks that you may soon be assigned and you should be fine in the long run.

Planting rice and having sex with a stranger

I am female, I experienced two reoccurring dreams. First I see myself planting rice seedlings in a field, harvesting rice, sometimes I find a rice garden already harvested, no rice in it and the crops are dry. Second dream, I find myself in the same isolated room with many people having sex as I watch them, but last dream one man, a film actor begged me to have sex. I refused, but he had sex with me, I just realized when he had finished, I got ashamed and covered myself in my boss's pajama.

Planting rice reveals your industry and the hard work that you put into your job, while harvesting rice points to the fruits of your labors. So the more rice you harvest in the dream, the more rewards you will reap in reality. In that context, the crops represent the state of your livelihood. In one instance when the crops are dry, it means you have not performed well at work so your income could suffer. You could commit an error or fail to complete a task in a satisfactory manner which would reflect poorly in your performance. The second dream could also be related to your work because of the presence of your boss' pajama. The orgy means you are taking on too much responsibilities and this is giving you a lot of stress. Being forced to have sex means you are allowing yourself to be bullied into handling more workload even though you can no longer manage it effectively. At this point you are in dire need of some rest and relaxation and this is actually indicated by the pajama. You need to talk to your boss or supervisor about delegating certain tasks to others so you can maintain the quality of your work.

Harvesting rice

I had a dream where I was participating in harvesting with some people. The harvest was huge and the rice so brown and beautiful. I saw heaps and piles of farm rice in barns. At one point in the dream, one of the reapers corrected me on a grain I thought was rice. The person said "It is barley". I was so excited being a part of the festivity. I had a sickle and being a part of the process was just exciting. Prior to this dream, I had a dream where I saw a green farm.

This dream of harvest and farms points to your journey towards harnessing your full potential. Typically, harvesting crops suggests a long process of planting and nurturing the seeds of your ambition before they become fully developed and ready to be reaped. You may be well on your way to career advancement if you keep steady and focused on your work. Learning the ropes as a farmer, which is part of your dream vision, means that you are willing to learn and keeping up your productivity. Perhaps you are keenly aware of the time and effort it takes to achieve your aspirations and you are more than happy to put in what it takes to get you to that point. Alternatively, this dream vision could also be telling you to work harder and be more focused in order to gain the benefits and abundance you seek.

Eating rice mixed with fruit and meat

Male. I dreamt where someone very close to me gave me rice mixed with fruit and meat to eat, and I did eat it. Please, would like to know the meaning.

Eating a variety of foods in a dream vision, especially this particular mix, represents a mixed basket in terms of what the future holds. Rice is generally a positive sign indicating happiness with your familial relationships. However, eating fruit is sometimes associated with the opposite situation, suggesting you may be getting along well with some members of your family but poorly with others. Meat continues this theme, further adding that the stress of your bad relationships could put a damper on other aspects of your life unless you try to make amends or appease the other party.

Rice turning into stinging bees

I was shaking rice in a bag then it turned to bees. Immediately after I was covered, I keep waking up before I get stung.

A dream in which something that you are holding turns into a swarm of bees that quickly cover your body represents a tiny piece of information or detail that could become a huge hurdle for you in the near future. It may be the discovery of some tidbit of information that you have all but forgotten that could be dug out to embarrass you or impede your advancement in a certain endeavor.

Rice and chips that look bigger

In my dream, I saw a big pile of white rice. I looked closer and I saw that it has bigger white grains and it looks delicious even if raw. Then I also saw on top of the big pile of rice, piles of potato chips and it's also bigger potato chips. It looks yummy, so I took some and ate it. It really looked yummy in my dream. What's the meaning of my dream?

White rice in dreams is symbolically tied to the idea of positive energy swirling around you in wake life. While it may not be immediately apparent to you yet, it is likely to reveal itself slowly after experiencing this vision. The potato chips on top of the rice could also specifically point to where this luck could originate from. Potato-based snacks are often thought to be connected to work-related endeavors, so it could mean that you are about to get a promotion, raise, or some intangible benefit from your place of work.

Walking on rice grains

In a dream, walking on rice grains holds symbolic significance. White rice often symbolizes purity and simplicity. If you have a Christian background, it might evoke parallels with Jesus walking on water, signifying a spiritual awakening. The dream may represent a form of reflexology, with the rice grains acting as sensory stimuli. This could reveal a subconscious awareness of your physical and emotional well-being. Moreover, this vision can also carry a meaning related to or similar to the concept of "purpose." Consider what purpose means to you as you traverse this symbolic landscape. It encourages introspection about your life's direction and goals. In essence, this dream serves as a reminder to explore the purity of your intentions, maintain physical and emotional well-being and align yourself with your life's purpose.