Dreams Related To Revenge

Sleeping with someone in revenge

I met a girl I could really love, yet thought she had too many male friends, thinking she wouldn't be faithful I slept with another girl in a drainage ditch, but the next morning I had to ask my friends what I did last night (the night I cheated). They said I slept with some old girl in a sewer ditch, I tried to feel better by asking a mate if the first girl was good and he replied she is a female version of you (me). I went to find her and she was on the top of a large cupboard, she was very sad.

Thinking that the person you like would not act faithfully towards you and then going out and partaking in questionable behavior yourself suggests you may find yourself in a bad situation in the near future. More specifically, it points toward illegal or unethical actions which could negatively affect your relationships with those around you. However, realizing that this other person is you in the opposite gender indicates going through a period of growth and soul-searching which would bring balance back into your life and get you back on track, helping you patch up the relationships which were damaged in the past while making them stronger than ever before.