Dreams Related To Reunion

Traveling to a family reunion and a lion

I traveled with children and brother from Boston. Seems like a family reunion. Suddenly I looked down a low cliff and saw a lion looking up at me. I told the family and we ran to get on the bus before he got us. I returned the bus at a church. I asked for the name and number of the bus company. The name was "Journey".

Reunions, such as a family reunion, represent unresolved issues and past events that are haunting you until now. Your subconscious is telling you to look to your past for valuable lessons because these insights would help you navigate the tumultuous time ahead. In particular, the lion you saw from the cliff means your ambitions are threatening to destroy you. In your desire to achieve your goals, you risk losing your way and losing yourself in the process. So the only way for you to remain grounded and in control of your situation is to flee from worldly temptations and renew your faith. Staying connected to your family and the important people in your life would help you prioritize and keep things in perspective.