Dreams Related To Restroom

Being watched while in a restroom

I was going to the restroom to wash my face. I felt as if I was being watched. I slowly walk up to the window and see this man with a scary appearance. He had no face and wore a tuxedo. His face shape was very oval and incredibly white. Gender - female.

When you dream about running into a faceless person it could mean there is someone in your inner social circle who wants to deceive you and probably is envious of your current situation or status. This person could have already managed to gain your trust by putting up a friendly face and hiding their true nature. The notion that in your dream the faceless man had a formal wear on could mean that this individual is attempting to make your life a living hell and create obstacles in your path by interfering with the things you consider to be vital to your future.

Inability to find or use a restroom

Recurring dreams of issues using restrooms, either public or during a party in someone's house. The issue is usually that every stall is super dirty or doors not closing, being too short, no privacy. Nobody else in dream has a problem using the stalls except for me. I end up spending time in dream searching for a clean stall or cleaning it forever until I can use it. If door offers no privacy, then I spend time in dream trying to fix it or find one that is more private.

Coming across a dirty toilet or restroom in your dream is a symbol of your utter disgust and revulsion towards indigents, sick and disabled persons who are left in your care or in general. You may have been forced to provide caregiving services and you feel this is your punishment for treating underprivileged people badly in the past. Alternatively, being unable to find a suitable stall to do your business may reflect a lack of privacy in your reality. Maybe you are reluctant or afraid to show who you really are to your friends and family.

Being stared at while in the restroom

I was in a building like a school that had restrooms with stalls. I kept going to the restroom, as I was using the bathroom I looked up. A man was staring at me with his arms crossed, he had glasses on and a tan shirt. He never said or done anything, just stared but it was every time I went to pee.

Your dream visions have mixed symbolism. Dreaming about being in a school building has negative connotations. It could point towards the fact that someone is trying to hold you accountable for your recent actions. However, urinating while at school points towards your wish to make yourself well-known or successful in front of peers. The man watching you in the stall could be an individual or people who could be preventing you from achieving what you want. The only thing you could do is keep working towards your success irrespective of who stands in your way and interferes with your progress.