Dreams Related To Restaurant

Unable to pay your bill at a restaurant

Dreaming that you are unable to pay your bill at a restaurant, because your credit card got denied or the cash you are carrying is not enough, means your misguided or ill-informed actions may cause complications. While a particular choice or decision may initially seem like a win-win situation, your lack of foresight could get you into more problematic places. Perhaps you could make snap judgments or hasty decisions. Unfortunately, others may be affected by your failure to plan ahead.

Spending time at a restaurant

A dream scenario where you find yourself hanging out or spending time at a restaurant, perhaps as a customer dining out or as part of the restaurant's crew, means there would be major improvements in your life after you become acquainted with a powerful or wealthy individual. Perhaps this person would be impressed by you or you become good friends because of your common interests. Whatever the connection may be, it seems like this would open a lot of career-advancing opportunities for you.

Not being served at a restaurant

Dining out with strangers at a pizza and pasta restaurant and not getting served my food while everyone else is eating.

Dining out with strangers at a restaurant suggests you are on the cusp of making decisions that may have a major impact on your life in the future. This could be anything from starting a family to moving to a new country. Very exciting and interesting propositions may soon appear on your doorstep. However, not being served in this vision does not mean you would be unable to achieve this possible future. Rather, it means you would need to step up and advocate for yourself in order to make progress. For instance, instead of just dreaming about starting a new life in a foreign country, you would need to research possible job opportunities and start learning a new language.

A candlelit dinner at a restaurant

Having a candle-lit dinner at a restaurant, perhaps with your significant other or with a Valentine's date, reveals your desire to experience more romantic moments or grand gestures. You may be dreaming about this because you cannot afford it in reality, maybe because you are too busy, you do not have the budget for it or you do not have a partner yet. Fortunately, you can still change this. Perhaps this is the motivation you need to finally put a little more romance in your life.

Dining with someone at a restaurant

To be dining with someone at a restaurant, whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a cozy meal with a loved one, points to the possibility of a meeting or chance encounter with a person who would become a romantic prospect. This would ignite passion and inspiration in you. It may even make you more productive and creative because of the novelty of the relationship. However, this bubble of romance would burst pretty quickly which would lead you back to a typical and unremarkable existence.

A restaurant by the roadside

A restaurant that is located by the roadside, like a highway cafe next to a gas station or a restaurant close to a hostel by the side of the road, refers to an upcoming travel. This trip may be work-related or purely for leisure, but this dream symbol implies a busy schedule during this travel. If it is for work, then maybe you would have a lot of appointments and tasks to do during the duration of your stay. On the other hand, if it is a vacation, then it would be an adventure-packed trip rather than a lazy, relaxing break.

Paying the bill at a restaurant for women

For women, dreaming of paying the bill at a restaurant generally points to your difficulty in finding the perfect man or partner in reality. For example, you may dream of paying for a dinner date with someone or a restaurant meal just for yourself. If it is the former, then this means you may find yourself quickly cycling through different partners or relationships in the hopes of finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. So prepare yourself for a lot of disappointment and heartbreak before finding happiness with someone special.

At a restaurant with your friends

Being at a restaurant with your real-life friends, having brunch or weekend dinner to catch up about life and personal milestones, is a positive signal that your ideas or business plans could get approved or receive the funding you need to execute them. A greenlit project gives you the opportunity to really stretch your skills, not just in terms of technical skills, but also social and leadership skills which are crucial in the success of this undertaking. At the very least, you have a very good starting point because of your great concept.

Coworkers at a restaurant and assault outside

I dreamed I was in a restaurant, saw some coworkers sitting together having lunch. They snickered as I walked by. I turned around and said something back. As I was leaving the restaurant, it was dark outside. I had my keys out going to my car. Someone was hiding in the bushes as I walked pass. A man grabbed me from behind, I tried to scream, there was no one to hear me. He had his arms tightly around me, all kinds of thoughts went through me, I was scared. I didn't see his face.

The presence of your co-workers is an indication of fatigue. You have been working hard lately, perhaps even taking some extra tasks from someone, so your own subconscious is telling you to take a break. In fact, the restaurant symbolizes leisure and time away from work. Alternatively, being in a restaurant also refers to skill advancing opportunities. If you are feeling unsatisfied with your current job or what you do for a living, then this symbol foretells a fateful encounter with a powerful personality which would give you a chance to pursue another avenue. There is a downside to this opportunity, unfortunately. The man who grabbed you at the end of the dream points to a domineering person who will try to control your actions. This could be a loved one holding you back from pursuing your passions or the very person providing the opportunity who will abuse their power over you.

A cheap restaurant

A cheap restaurant as a dream symbol points to financial difficulties. The restaurant may be perceived as cheap because of the poor quality of its food, the terrible service or the dirt-cheap prices on their menu. In a sense, the state of the restaurant likely reflects the struggle you would soon experience because of money problems. You could encounter job instability or pay for an emergency situation so that you end up depleting your savings. As such, prepare to be extra strict in following a tight budget at least temporarily.

A very expensive restaurant

Going to a very expensive restaurant, maybe while out on a dinner date or for a very special occasion with your friends and family, portends pleasurable activities in the coming days or weeks. These happy occasions would likely involve a romantic prospect or your significant other. If it is someone new, then your paths could cross again and again allowing you to get to know each other better. At the end of these enjoyable moments and experiences, one or both of you may fall in love.

Enjoying your time at a restaurant

Enjoying your time at a restaurant, with friends, colleagues, family or your significant other, could portend a failed relationship or a romance that would quickly fizzle out. You may be seeing someone promising at the moment only to find out that there are deep personal differences that would make it impossible for you to get together long-term. It could also suggest difficulty in trying to find a deeper connection with the person you are currently dating or even with your spouse, if you are married.

Not enough food at a restaurant

Dreaming that there is not enough food at the restaurant, perhaps because there are too many customers being turned away or not getting their orders, serves as an indication that you should not wait for others to help you or open doors of opportunities for you. Waiting for things to go your way may only lose you a lot of precious time. Instead, this dream vision is telling you to take matters into your own hands and to take charge of your own destiny so you can begin to live the life you want.

Endless supply of food at a restaurant

I am female, 45 of age. Was in a restaurant. We ordered a high-tea package. But ended up being served endless flow of food by the owner. Sweets and non-sweet ones. And only to my family of 3 and none of the other customers where being treated so generously. Even after we told him it's all wonderful and we are full, the owner kept laughing happily asking us to enjoy the food while it kept coming.Throughout the night I kept looping back to the restaurants dreaming of more yummy food being served.

Being served unlimited or huge quantities of food means you and your loved ones will be showered with plenty of blessings in reality. The delicious food on your table signifies fertility, abundance and prosperity. While a part of you will be thankful and grateful for all the good things headed your way, another part will also feel a bit guilty especially when you notice the struggles of your less fortunate friends or relatives. This conscience and sense of justice is illustrated in your dream by the customers who were not receiving the overflowing food you and your family get to enjoy. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. As such, you will also be deluged with problems about how to handle your blessings responsibly and decide whether you want to use your resources to help out other people in need. Even though you get rewards due to your diligence and focus, this vision ultimately reveals your desire to uplift others and not just your own vested interests.

Held at gunpoint at a restaurant

My dream was about my uncle getting a date with a girl at a restaurant. I was there just to say hi and good luck. But a man in a beanie mask came in with a gun and wanted money. My uncle tried to protect me and everyone in the restaurant. Next, we were all on the ground except the beanie guy. And he said "How about I kill this girl right now!". And held the gun to my stomach. But his fingers weren't around the trigger. I looked up at him and called him a pussy. But I never died. Because I woke up.

The restaurant in your dream represents emotional reprieve. However, being held at gunpoint by a masked man means you could be robbed of the peace you desire in reality. Instead, you may have to deal with problems and stress associated with your family. You may even have to bail out a relative or kin because you are the only one willing to stick your neck out to protect your loved ones. Alternatively, the courage your showed in the dream vision can be an indication of your growing self-confidence and assertiveness. Perhaps you are tired of being bossed around and that would trigger a personal transformation.

Finding money behind a restaurant

I dreamed I was outside behind a restaurant with my oldest sister. I was finding money that was on the ground. I picked up several dollars and counted them. There was five one-dollar bills, and a $5 dollar bill. I gave my sister all the one-dollar bills, and kept the $5 for me. We went into the restaurant to eat. Two girls I know but don't like much, offered me extra food, like a plate of bacon to put on the sandwiches I was having made, and a cup of banana pudding which I wanted.

Being in the back of a restaurant in your vision means you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed about making an important decision, but finding money is your subconscious telling you that you have nothing to worry about. Whatever decision you make in the end would lead to a better and happier life. Furthermore, splitting the money with your sister means you get to share your blessings with your family because of an unexpected circumstance or some lucrative opportunity or offer from someone. Even the food offered to you by the girls you dislike in reality represents good tidings. Bacon often symbolizes shortage of money inside the dreamer's household, so being offered some more of it could mean starting to spend more money on yourself or members of your family because of these auspicious developments. Just make sure you spend wisely and not frivolously.

Husband and deceased father at a restaurant

I went to a restaurant to find my living husband. When I walked in, the host sitting people looked at me as if to say "What are you doing here?". I walked by my dead father who was sitting at a table with two women I never met. He was happy and we cheerfully chatted, even though I don't know about what. Before I walked away to find my husband, I woke up.

When dead relatives manifest in dreams, it is usually a result of missing their presence in your life. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are searching for answers that you think your dead father would know. Trying to find your husband in this restaurant and finding your father instead speaks of a possible yearning for your husband to be more like your father. Perhaps you are looking for certain characteristics of your father that your husband lacks. Alternatively, you may just be going through tough time and you need your father's guidance in order to navigate the issue. Look to lessons from the past to help bring clarity to the present.

Trying to buy fish at a restaurant

In a busy restaurant, saw a pair of fresh fish, I was there to buy cooked fish. Initially, I was denied as everything was sold, however, I got few pieces of fried fish. Please summarize.

Looking for fried fish in your dream points to heart-related issues which could afflict you in the future. Your calorie intake may be high, you could get temperamental too often or there may be a history of similar afflictions in your family. In any case, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a physical examination, better to be safe than sorry.

Befriending a boy at a restaurant

I was at what looked like a burger restaurant and I was sitting at a booth waiting for someone and I was letting my phone charge on the outlet next to me and a few minutes later I see someone in front of the table and it was a boy... Then he sat next to me... but quickly, so I couldn't really see his face, but we were sitting there and I had my arms wrapped around him and he said "I wish I could be like this all the time... Just me and you cuddling".

Sitting at a restaurant without actually eating is associated with the idea of being in a period of waiting. Given how prominently the unknown boy stands out in this vision, it is possible you are looking forward to a relationship or hope to find peace and comfort with a male companion in the future. The closeness you shared at the end of the vision represents much the same in wake life, namely that you desire intimacy with someone whom you can share your deepest secrets with without fear of rejection.

Being treated well at a fast food restaurant

So I went to a sandwich snack place and there was a girl working in there, so I ordered my sandwich and when I was going to eat it, it fell on the ground, so I was sad, but then I was surprised that the girl that was working saw me drop my sandwich. So she got me 2 other sandwiches for free, so I gave her a hug and she gave me her number. I went back home and tried to contact her, but she wouldn't answer.

In the context of your dream, the sandwich may represent your yearning for human contact and intimacy. The sandwich that fell down on the ground represents wasted opportunities to get closer to a possible romantic partner. Furthermore, the girl in your dream vision symbolizes all your past romances that never quite bloomed. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to change your tactics in attracting the opposite sex. Being too needy or obvious may be hurting your chances.