Dreams Related To Rescue

Rescuing a friend

I rescued a friend shouting for help from an empty room.

Rescuing a friend who is crying out for help signifies your desire to be needed. You find satisfaction and fulfillment from helping others. Unfortunately, you may not have a lot of close friends at the moment. Perhaps you are living alone or based somewhere far from your loved ones. In fact, the empty room in this dream represents a sense of isolation. The friend could symbolize your own loneliness and you want to find meaningful connections at this stage in your life.

Performing CPR on a person

I dreamt of having to perform CPR on a person. I don't remember if I did it successfully. Thank you :)

Dreaming about trying to save someone's life through physical means, in this case, CPR is indicative of going through a tragic event or a series of trials. While this sounds bad in theory, the result of your journey is likely to help you grow more as a person and learn things about yourself you did not realize before. This could lead to the inner balance and peace you have been searching for for some time now.

Taking care of rescue animals

A lot of mice in my childhood home that someone brought and put in a cage. Then a lot of cats in another cage, then a dog sleeping in his corner. We had them as rescued animals. In the dream, not in real life. I was putting little cats out of the cage and then back and they obeyed and went inside. One cat wanted to hug me and was speaking. She was cute. Could mean my daughter, it was similar energy. At one point few cats and mice went loose and created pee puddles, and the dog got sick, had diarrhea.

Your childhood home represents something being comfortable in wake life, giving you inner peace and tranquility. The caged mice represent being too distracted to get the important things done, while the caged cats are the metaphorical equivalent of keeping your eyes on the prize. Keeping yourself in balance would be a difficult endeavor, however, as you may have a tendency toward distraction or taking on too many things at once. This could have negative effects on your health, as the pee puddles predict becoming ill or exhausted, and the dog poop points towards having to pay money to compensate for this situation.

Rescuing an old person after falling

Rescuing an elderly woman from a hole in the floor.

Dreaming about helping an elderly person after they had fallen on or into the floor contains references to your own fear of getting old and dying or mortality in general.