Dreams Related To Reptiles

Reptiles in the river

I always dreamt about the same river that I cross to go to school. About swimming in without needing to breath. Crossing by the boat. Walking across the river. I pay no hind to those cause I'm always calm just like in this dream but the reptiles triggered this post. The latest was again in the same river on the same boat with a man who is holding an oar with a 2-3 inch long unmoving alligator at the end of it and a bigger white grey snake following us, swimming under the gator.

Bodies of water, including rivers, usually allude to the dreamer's consciousness or state of mind. Perhaps you associate this river not only in terms of your route to school but as the path you are taking in your personal journey. Hence, crossing the river is a representation of the challenges and trials you face as you work your way towards your goals. Your calm demeanor in those previous dreams likely reveals your composed and self-assured nature. Either you have a healthy perspective about the world and your capabilities or you tend to have a laid-back attitude and prefer going with the flow. Therefore, the appearance of an alligator and a snake in your recent dream reveals dormant fears and anxieties that are bubbling to the surface of your mind due to upcoming life-changing events or important decisions you have to make. Alternatively, the reptiles could be symbols for adversaries who would reveal themselves to you. There is a likelihood that trusted peers or loved ones could betray or disappoint you because both alligators and snakes are associated with deception and treachery.

Stuck in a pit of snakes and reptiles

Finding yourself in a pit filled with snakes and other reptiles may reflect your fear and despair in the face of attack. You may currently be going through a conflict in wake life or such an event may be on the horizon, like a falling out with a friend over social media or disappointment from your family over how you decide to live your life. You may feel powerless to stop the pain and harsh words that are sure to follow, especially about sensitive topics like gender identity, politics or religion.