Dreams Related To Relatives

Having to deal with relatives

Having to deal with relatives in the dream world, especially when you find the task difficult or annoying, is a highly ominous symbol to perceive. It predicts going through a difficult period of time in reality, meaning you would either face many obstacles in the path to success or deal with failure and setbacks for the time being. Additionally, this symbol is sometimes seen before receiving bad, unfortunate news about something you were hopeful about.

Deceased relatives

Meeting, running into or interacting with a deceased loved one while in the realm of dreams may shed light on some unanswered or unfulfilled aspect of your relationship with them while they were still amongst the living. It is possible you need to find closure by completing some task you started together or making amends with their offspring or heirs. Until you resolve whatever issues that stand between you, it is possible you would continue to see their image in dreams or be reminded of them in reality.

Dead relative

The presence of family members who have already left this world is often thought to be a reminder to pay attention to what is going on around you and think carefully before coming to any decision or course of action. Reflecting and using the wisdom you have gathered over the years from the deceased loved ones is sure to bring about a better result than acting rashly and shooting from the hip. It may also reveal new opportunities that you did not see before in the process and grow spiritually.

Talking with relatives

Talking with your family members, both close and distant, in the dream world may represent soon achieving success and greatness in your current endeavors. A recently begun business venture or work task could turn out to be quite profitable, even if you did not expect it to be. You would then feel confident putting more of your time and resources into seeing the thing through.

Relatives around the table

Seeing your relatives gathered around a table, either for a dinner or conversation, predicts a major event or milestone taking place in reality. In many cases, this symbol has positive connotations, although it is given a neutral reading. This is due to the bittersweet nature of such events. Marriage and the birth of children are happy occasions than also signal the end of youth and bachelorhood. Graduations signal the end of one period of life and the beginning of another. While good things may happen after seeing this symbol, it is likely they come at the price of an ending to some other part or period.

Many relatives in one place

Seeing your relatives gathered together in a relatively small space, like a single room or hallway, could predict upcoming drama involving your immediate or distant relatives. The cause of your family's conflict is not clear by this symbol alone, however, it is likely to cause very deep, lasting feelings of dislike and distrust among those who should be closest to you. This singular event may even lead to a series of unfortunate developments for your family line for generations to come.

Female relatives together

Envisioning your female relatives, like your grandmother, mother, sisters or daughters, meeting up in the same place may represent some contradictions in your life or way of thinking. This is usually manifested in one of two ways. In the first case, this vision represents a disconnect between your beliefs and the traditions that are part of your family and heritage. You may partake in some activities because it is expected of you rather than because you actually agree with it or want to do it. Alternatively, you may have said or done something in reality that does not really represent your true morals, so you feel disappointed or confused as to why you acted in that way.

Visiting your relatives

The act of visiting your family at some point during a dream could reveal an upcoming occasion where you would splash out a lot of money. Depending on the circumstances in this vision and the other symbols present, it is possible this could be for either a good or bad reason. For example, you may need to suddenly and unexpectedly pay for a fine or to get some repair work done on your vehicle. Alternatively, you may be giving into temptation and buying some luxury item you have had your eye on for some time.

Dead relative holding a baby

Dreaming of a dead relative holding a baby speaks of an enduring legacy. Babies in the dreamscape are often associated with blessings of all sorts, from burgeoning ideas to a budding relationship. In this case, the blessing coming your way is tied to your familial roots. This could be an allusion to starting a business inspired by your ancestors. Perhaps a family member will follow the footsteps of an esteemed relative and become successful in their own right.

Relatives involved in a fight

The image of your relatives in a physical altercation of some kind may be the manifestation of worry and anxiety taking hold of your subconscious. You are probably concerned about something very important to you, possibly the outcome of an application or test. In some cases, this same symbol reflects your tendency to react poorly when others do not conform to your wishes or perceptions of correct behavior. Your scorn makes them defensive, rubbing them the wrong way and causing conflict where it is not necessary.

Younger relatives in a fight

Seeing younger family members in the midst of a quarrel predicts trials and tribulations in the future. This is likely due to your own combative behavior or a tendency to do things in a slapdash, haphazard manner. The vision may be a warning to consider your behavior and actions more carefully so that you do not cause any irreparable damage to important relationships around you by your careless attitude or deeds.

Distant relatives

The presence of distant relatives in a dream vision, particularly those you know only from albums or old family videos, may represent your efforts to suppress painful memories or move on from a difficult time in your life. You may have gone through much hardship to get where you are today, and you probably feel that the weight of the past is holding you down. However, you may find that counseling or talking to someone you trust would help you deal with those memories in a more positive, productive manner. Alternatively, this same symbol can shed light on feelings of ambivalence toward family members or blood relationships in general.

Relative telling how long they will live

Having a conversation with your loved ones in the dream state signals that you might be missing some members of your family. In particular, if you are living away from them, this is highly likely. Yet, if the specific person you are talking with is no longer alive, then this either means that even in death, this person still watches over you or that you are soon to receive news that will greatly affect you. However, there is no guarantee whether this is good or not, so always pay attention to your ongoing situation in the actual world.

Relatives of the opposite gender

Seeing relatives of the opposite gender together could mean your position and place in the family is unsure, undecided or tenuous. The cause of this situation could either be related to your coming of age or recent shifts in the dynamics of the relationships involved. In some cases, your personal beliefs or actions may cause some members of your relations to resent you, either because they do not understand you or because they cannot accept the differences present.

Losing your relatives

Losing your relatives during the course of a dream could be thought as the manifestation of your desire to receive support or aid from someone close to you in reality. You may be worried about money or work problems, and you probably seek the guidance, advice or intervention of someone older and more dependable.

Cooking rice with relatives

I dreamed of cooking rice at my ex-boyfriend's house and having conversations with his siblings. Then my brother joined us.

This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal relations and either current or upcoming romantic encounters. For example, cooking rice is symbolically linked with the idea of responsibility. It suggests you would soon be taking on some new tasks or, as possibly indicated by the other symbols present, soon take on a new role. This new role may be related to the presence of your brother at the end of the vision. The addition of your brother predicts peace and harmony among your family and friends. This comes into play with the presence of your ex and his siblings, because talking with them in the dream world could mean you are thinking about him or comparing your current situation with how things were with him in the past. Whether you are currently romantically involved or not, your changing role in this and your family's lives could mean you are drawing parallels between the past and present which may help you make better choices down the line.

Relatives with a distinct feature

The presence of a relative with distinct features or a unique backstory, such as a widowed aunt or a grandparent suffering from a disease, represents your concern about following the same path. You may see a bit of yourself in them, and even though you probably respect and love them, you do not want to end up like them for one reason or another. If you see this symbol in the dream world, you may want to reflect on why you are making this connection and identify ways you can avoid the same fate.

Relatives feuding

If you see your family members feuding or fighting amongst themselves, it could serve as an indication that past actions or decisions are coming back to haunt you. There may be a piece of your mind agonizing over something that has already been done, and you cannot seem to get past it or move on. Most likely this is related to your family or household. Another possible interpretation suggests discord among relatives predicts fateful events outside the family unit. You may meet someone who turns your life upside down and changes how you see the world forever.

Relatives giving you money

Receiving money from a close family member or distant relative sheds light on some disappointments or dissatisfactions you have with your life. Things may not be the way you want or perhaps you have failed to achieve what you desired long ago. The source of your troubles is likely your tendency not to follow through with your promises or plans, which has a negative effect on your relationships and outcomes. If you can overcome this deficiency in character, you may be able to set yourself on the right path.

Trying to avoid one of your relatives

The act of avoiding a relative, such as at a party or reunion of some kind, suggests you may be on the receiving end of some fortune or priceless item. However, this artifact or benefit may not be one you wish to be the bearer of or responsible for at this time. For example, you may not want to inherit an expensive piece of art because you need to get special insurance or build a proper case to store it, which could be troublesome or inconvenient for you.

Relatives dying

Envisioning the death of a relative can be a positive symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. It suggests you would soon be on the receiving end of a large sum of money, often an inheritance gained through the final will and testament of a deceased loved one. While you may be disappointed at the passing of your relative, you would soon be able to get over this sadness and enjoy your newfound wealth.

Sex with a deceased relative

The act of engaging in intercourse with a relative who has already passed from this world suggests unfortunate events developing for you in the near future. The source of your troubles is likely your own lack of wisdom and forethought. Future actions on your part should probably be guided by input from those who have more experience than you if you hope to succeed.

Arguing with relatives

Got into an argument with my sister and ex-wife.

Dreaming about arguing with your sister and ex-wife could mean that you have some unresolved issues with both of these women. Additionally, you may not yet feel comfortable enough to face them directly and explain what is bothering you about their behavior. The purpose of this dream may be to help you come to terms with this situation and work through your troubles, but eventually you should consider having a real conversation with both of them so that you can move on with your life.

Seeing relatives naked

In my dream I am see my wife's cousins standing and looking at me. My wife too is looking at me. Both of them are naked. I can see their breasts, they have slight smiles on their faces, and are looking at me. Then I see my wife's younger brother also standing and looking at me, slightly naked too.

Dreaming about naked body of your immediate family member (such as your wife) is a good sign of happy coexistence and resolving potential issues to your mutual advantage. Seeing your wife's brother naked in a dream is symbolic of the fact that you are about to find something shameful about this person. Discover a few skeletons in the closet about them. This could be something quite embarrassing for this person and make you question or re-assess your relationship with him.

Circling around a bed with a relative

My gender is a female. My dream revolved around circling a bed with other people, this bed was plain white and the room seemed white too, my close relative was peacefully sleeping or so I think, I was very confused throughout the dream and kept asking what was happening to people around me. When the clock reached midnight they all started saying stuff, as if to thank someone? I felt this surge of confusion throughout the dream. The people were all looking at my close relative non-stop.

The ritualistic nature of this dream scenario means that someone close to you is exhibiting negative behavioral patterns or engaging in self-destructive behavior. The people with you, circling this bed, are likely enablers of this bad habit and your subconscious is urging you to intervene or help this person break this pattern. Alternatively, a bed alludes to personal space and intimacy. This person could be the target of cruelty by people invading their privacy. This privacy breach could occur because unscrupulous people would disguise their motivations with good intentions. As someone who cares about them, it may be helpful to educate less socially adept or technologically challenged members of your social group regarding scams, cons and phishing tactics to keep them safe.

Relatives being sick

Imagining your relatives in a state of ill health or infirmity when they are well in reality can predict something out of the ordinary taking place in the near future. After seeing this symbol in a dream, it would be wise to expect the unexpected. You may get an offer that you never expected to receive or participate in some activity that you thought was completely beyond your reach.

Dead relatives jumping off a building

I dreamt of my departed relatives jumping off from building, one by one.

Dreaming about your dearly departed relatives suggests your current endeavors require more serious consideration. You may need to rely on the experience and wisdom of those older and wiser than yourself. This could include older family members in reality, but it may also refer to respected experts and philosophers from ages past. The image of these individuals jumping off a building one at a time could mean your time to find a solution is limited or that waiting to act could diminish your overall success. Time is of the essence in this case, so you should gather the information you need as quickly as possible.

Recurring dreams about sick relatives

A recurring vision of a currently ill family member, be they someone in your household or a distant relative, is a highly ominous sign. It predicts this individual's untimely passing from this world to the next, leaving behind mourning loved ones and distraught friends. You would be very disheartened by the departure of this person, as they probably held a very dear and special place in your heart.

Relatives dressed formally

Envisioning your relatives in fine clothing, such as evening dresses or suits, opens up the possibility of soon becoming quite rich. The prosperity of your family members in the vision reflects your own future earning potential. This could either be due to investments and work-related activities or because of a sudden grand prize or reward.

Relatives by their age

Envisioning your relatives grouped or lined up by their age may reveal a need to contact your younger family members. If you have children out of the house and on their own, you may consider ringing them up and seeing how they are doing. It is likely they may need some advice or help but are embarrassed to ask for help. For those who are childless, it is possible this vision is referring to a niece, nephew or other younger relative, although it is possible it means a non-family member, life a protege or subordinate.

Meeting dead relatives

Seeing and meeting long-dead relatives in your dream is your own consciousness reminding you to be more discerning with your decisions. Lately, you may have been making too many impulse buys because of your online shopping addiction. Alternatively, you could become the victim of cat-fishing because of your desire to find meaningful connections even if you have never met this person. Those dead relatives represent wisdom and experience, meaning you should learn from your past mistakes so as not to fall back into your old and self-destructive habits.

Dead relative mad at you

Dead relatives appearing in dreams usually point to an ominous event that requires a depth of experience and wisdom. Hence, you are seeking guidance from your ancestors to make a decision. The additional level of anger from your dead relatives is likely a projection of your fear of disappointing your clan. Perhaps you feel you have disappointed your elders, so you want to appease them by correcting your mistakes and making them proud.

Relatives in a forest

My dream was about my grandfather and my two girl cousins who were in a forest. My two cousins came out my grandfather never did.

This vision contains two opposing symbols which are of great interest. On one hand, you have your two cousins entering and exiting a forest, which indicates successfully completing tasks or moving forward with your life. On the other hand, your grandfather enters the forest but does not emerge for the rest of the dream, which represents a large, insurmountable problem. This vision seems to suggest that someone in your life is going through a troubling time (not necessarily your grandfather), but their other friends and family either do not see their suffering or are too busy to help. Because you see their pain, you should probably offer them whatever support you can during this time. They may return the favor someday.

Losing relatives while fleeing

My mother had a dream that my brother came into her house where she once lived years ago. He told both my mother and grandmother that they had to quickly pack their bags, that they had to go. Once at the bus or train station, my mother could no longer see my brother or her mother, yet she could hear her. She was left all alone at the station.

If your mother dreamed about a house that was once familiar to her, it is a sign that she is currently in a comfortable place in her life. Having someone urge her to run away from that comforting place, however, indicates that there are troubles on the horizon. Specifically, leaving a house in a hurry portends sudden financial distress, possibly due to the loss of income or an unexpected expense. Arriving at a station, be it a bus or a train station, indicates going on a journey or through some major change, most likely due to the new financial situation your mother is about to find herself in. Finally, being left alone at the end of the vision represents feelings of isolation in her new position, either because no one is there to help or because she is too proud to reach out for help.

A deceased relative dying again

I watched a close already deceased family member die.

Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior towards other people, for they may provoke or serve as a catalyst to some unfavorable, if not disastrous outcomes. This prediction is magnified if the deceased person dying in this dream was perceived to be dying because of an accident or unnatural causes.

Deceased relatives on a highway

I have seen my father (late) in a dream wearing orange clothes (like monks) in a wheelchair and my uncle(late) is holding his wheelchair and they are on the highway near to toll. I had a feeling they are in the Middle East.

Seeing dead relatives in dreams point to nostalgia. You may be missing your father and uncle due to some thing or an event that triggered memories of them in the real world. The orange garb your father wears in the dream symbolizes the wisdom and experience you attribute to him. The wheelchair he is sitting on means you and your family are keeping his memory alive by honoring the lessons you learned from him. The vision ultimately shows you how much value you place on the advice and knowledge you gained from your father.

Freeing caged animals in a relative's house

It was night time, it was raining heavily and I was with other unknown people. We entered a private property and I saw many caged animals. We freed them all, but one I saw was an owl, a huge owl and I was scared to open the cage, but I did and then ran all the way back home where I saw my deceased grandma talking to my ex mother-in-law who is causing me a lot of grief in my waking life. In the dream I knew it was her property that we entered.

Rain in dreams often suggests sadness, though on occasion it can also be interpreted as forgiveness. Due to the presence of the caged owl, the latter interpretation could be more appropriate in your case. Owls symbolize wisdom and insight, so freeing the owl from its cage is indicative of enlightenment and rational thinking. For so long, you may have been taken by your emotions, but if you let logic and rationality rule, you could maybe find it in yourself to understand where your former mother-in-law is coming from. In seeing things from her perspective, you may be able to find a way to patch things up. Similarly, your deceased grandmother represents experience and wisdom. Those are the traits required to help heal the misunderstanding or disagreements between you and your ex mother-in-law.

Relatives behaving in a strange way

Last night I was in a dream where I saw my aunt who died nine years ago breastfeeding her baby. In the same room where she was breastfeeding the baby, my younger brother was sitting on the floor masturbating I even saw him ejaculate. Please help me. I am a woman. Thank you.

Seeing a relative who has passed away is usually a warning to use wisdom and to be logical when making important choices regarding your future. Watching your deceased aunt breastfeed a baby could therefore point toward something to do with your health. For example, if you make good choices now, you could live a long, happy life free of complications and difficulties. However, if you make short-sighted decisions to eat unhealthy foods and put off exercise, you may develop multiple medical conditions in the future. Finally, the image of your brother masturbating and ejaculating could reveal a hidden desire to do more masculine activities. Perhaps you are concerned that exercise would make you appear unfeminine. It may be better to consider your health and future benefits rather than how others perceive you.

Losing one of the relatives

My dream was about running down the stairs with my loved ones. We were hurrying to the bus, my loved ones go first and I'm going in second. When I reach down I can't find my loved one, she was missing in that place. Later I get a phone call from one of my friends calling me from my residence place. My loved one was lost.

Losing a loved one on a bus can refer to a possible interpersonal conflict in reality. Buses often symbolize drive and social mobility, so perhaps the cause of a disagreement between you and your loved one would be work or career-related. Perhaps you would become too busy and preoccupied with your respective jobs that you would forget to spend quality time together. It is also likely that your priorities would change and you would become different people than you were in the past. Maybe this is your subconscious warning you about brewing problems that could get out of hand when you fail to recognize them. You may have been drifting apart without realizing it.

Deceased grandfather and father

My deceased grandfather came to me and told me my deceased father died like it happened a few days ago. He wanted me to tell my sisters and record their reactions on video. I hugged him and told him I loved him and he left.

Dreaming of a deceased loved one depicts nostalgia and an unfinished business. Something in reality could have reminded you of your grandfather and father, so your subconscious placed them in your vision. Once you accept their passing, you can move forward with peace and clarity. Alternatively, this could mean you are looking for a male influence in your life to give you advice from a different perspective. Your mind is telling you to remember words of wisdom they may have shared while they were still alive.

So my friend had a dream about me and her. My friend and her sister broke into my house, and I was fine with it and later her sister disappeared after meeting my father who is Bruce Wayne. Me and my guy friends were all related. It was a small house so me and her went upstairs to play video-games and watch movies in my room, later her mom shows up, gets married to my father and becomes related to me.

Your friend's dream has a number of symbols that on the surface do not seem to be related. However, given the timing of this vision, it seems to have an underlying theme of wanting to shake things up in the new year. First, breaking into your house suggests your friend has confidence. The presence of her own sister also reveals she has a good support system of friends and family, such as yourself. This is reinforced by your reaction to the break in within her vision. Furthermore, the idea that your father was a superhero means she has a strong desire to be the best version of herself possible. The later marriage between her mother and your father, then, suggests that subconsciously she is aware of how she would make though dreams a reality.