Dreams Related To Relationship

Being told about a relationship ending

What does it mean to dream of a woman telling you that your relationship with your boyfriend will end at a certain month?

Dreaming that your current relationship is in trouble or is ending soon reveals your reservations about your romantic partner. The woman is a representation of your insecurities and lack of trust in your boyfriend. Perhaps there are days when you question his loyalty or you yourself are unsure about your feelings for him. Either way, this vision can either be a premonition of the demise of your relationship due to a weak foundation or it could be the eye opener you need to address any issues coming in between the two of you.

Being in a relationship with someone

Dreaming of starting a relationship with someone new, either a complete stranger or someone you know in reality, could be an indication of your sociable personality. You like to meet new people and forge new connections, either for professional or personal reasons. Alternatively, this could also reveal your insecurities about your attractiveness. Maybe this insecurity makes you overcompensate by getting involved in numerous love affairs or pursuing partners you deem more attractive than you are.

A relationship with a lover

Dreaming about having a relationship with your lover or someone you had a fling with actually bears the opposite meaning in reality. This scenario of getting serious with the affair instead of the usual trysts may be a wish fulfillment of some sort. You may be playing it out in your head in order to satisfy your curiosity. In reality, however, this is not going to happen. You are well-aware of the pitfalls of a possible relationship and you have probably weighed the pros and cons already. As such, you would likely cut this affair short or a conflict could arise which would lead to a parting of ways.

Starting a relationship at school with a kiss

I've been having a recurring dream about going to a school very much like my own and meeting, and eventually dating, a girl. Before it was always my girlfriend at the time, but now it's a girl I don't know. Also, in the previous dreams the relationship began with a conversation in the halls of my school, this time it took place in a small wooded area and the relationship began after I kissed this young woman as a means to stop her from being upset.

Being in school during a dream vision usually represents growing stress in your life, especially stress related to daily activities that take place outside of the home (particularly work or academic studies). This is most likely due to the social group you are a part of in these places. Seeing an unknown or unfamiliar female as your love interest in this vision suggests that malicious rumors may be the cause of these troubles and are focused on your relationship with those around you. Giving up your friends to stop the rumors is probably not a good course of action, but it may become burdensome to sit by and do nothing while others ruin your good name.

Arguing while in a relationship

A dream wherein you are arguing with your significant other can be interpreted both in a positive or negative way. On the one hand, it can actually mean that your existing relationship is stable and going along smoothly. On the other hand, this may also be an indication of a stale relationship bordering on boredom. If that is the case, then the argument and conflict you envisioned reveals your desire for some excitement or something that would shake up your relationship in order for you to reignite the passion you once had for each other.

Being in a relationship with the pastor

I keep having dreams about me and my pastor are a couple or we keep looking at each other but scared to speak.

Dreaming about being in a relationship with your pastor predicts going through a period of moral struggles that will greatly strain your relationship with those close to you, especially your family. Having a bit of eye contact but refusing to speak highlights the worry or apprehension you felt in the dream, indicating that whatever challenge you are facing greatly affects your future. It may primarily deal with the relationship with your loved ones, but it could also have a ripple effect on your career and life outside the home.

Betraying a relationship

Dreaming that you betray your significant other, likely through cheating or keeping secrets, is actually an indication that your relationship is on the right path. Instead of eroding trust and acts of infidelity, you may be working consciously on strengthening your partnership by being more open to each other about important issues. You could learn a lot about your partner that would make you fall even more in love. Maybe this evolution in your relationship is merely a preparation for the next step in your journey.

In a relationship with your enemy

If you dream that you are in a relationship with your real-life enemy, then there may be changes afoot regarding your rivalry. In a way, your relationship in the dream is your mind's way of presenting an alternative situation to you. Perhaps in the waking world, you would have an encounter which would show you a different side to your enemy. This previously unknown side to you could make you change the way you treat this person, for better or worse. Other feelings instead of just anger and hostility may surface.

Forcing someone into a relationship

A dream wherein you are forcing someone to be in a relationship with you means you may be losing control of your life. This act of coercion represents your own struggle to make your plans materialize or make things go your way, whether at work or in your social life. You represent yourself and your will, while the other person represents fate or life in general. Maybe this is happening because you have relinquished control for a long time and you are now starting to feel the lasting impact of your passivity.

Getting out of a relationship

To dream that you get out of a relationship or end your real-life relationship means the opposite in reality. Maybe an argument leads to a break up or your dissatisfaction makes you decide to end things in the dream vision. These kinds of dream scenarios actually reflect the positive improvements in your existing relationship. It means both of you are making significant strides in trying to understand each other better and envisioning a more long-term plan for your life as a couple.

In a relationship with an animal

Being in a relationship with an animal, such as a dog or a lion, is a dream symbol referring to an influential personality in your current existence. This individual may not necessarily be influential to others, but because of your close relationship, you could be more prone to this person's controlling or manipulative ways. Allowing this person to control your life could have dire consequences, not just to your well-being but even your loved ones who care deeply about you. You may have to be more assertive to avoid falling into this person's traps.

A relationship with a deceased person

Dreaming that you are in a relationship with someone who is already deceased in reality portends the possibility of an identity crisis. You may reach a point where you take a long, hard look at yourself only to realize that you do not recognize yourself anymore. Maybe certain aspects of your personality have been lost or are slowly disappearing due to peer pressure or as part of growing up. Alternatively, it could be a conscious decision on your part to transform and let go of habits that are not helping you achieve your aspirations.

A new relationship

To dream that you are in a relationship with someone other than your real-life significant other is actually an auspicious dream symbol. If you are currently working on projects or ventures, then this vision means you would achieve success in your undertakings. Alternatively, this new relationship could also symbolize opening doors or fresh opportunities. You may be given a chance to pursue your passions just when you thought you have no other choice but to follow a well-trodden path.

New relationships in dream visions could also point to a new chapter in your journey with your existing partner or significant other. It is possible that you are both ready to take your relationship to another level, either by settling down and getting married or starting a family of your own by welcoming a new life. You may have been thinking about having a baby, but this time your conversations may be more clear as you are both finally on the same page.

A relationship going sour

Dreaming that your relationship is losing its spark or going sour could be an indication of lingering feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. This does not automatically refer to commitment issues or relationship-related problems. Rather, there may be some stuff that is nagging at the back of your mind and making you feel like something is missing. Maybe you are feeling unfulfilled in your work and personal activities so you are searching for meaning and a deeper purpose in life.

A relationship with God

Dreaming that you have a relationship with God, be it platonic or a more teacher-student dynamic, probably points to the possibility of a patriotic move on your part. You may be galvanized to travel overseas or even within the country in order to serve your nation. This may happen through activism or enlisting into the army to fight alongside the troops. Whatever it is, the entire journey would lead to your transformation as you gain experience and insights you would not normally be exposed to if you continue your current state of existence.

A relationship with someone you don't talk to

I am a teenage girl. I had a dream where I was in a relationship with a person who I don't really talk to. Ever. And occasionally I would walk over to my best friend's (he is a boy) and he was quite nice. The person who I was in a relationship would always sit next to me, be near me, and at least try to kiss me on the lips. The boy bestfriend would always be there on the side watching over us.

Being in a relationship with someone you do not really know or like is often considered by modern dream interpreters to represent your internal feelings about this individual. For instance, you may not like them in general, but a small part of you may be jealous of them because they are popular, stylish or talented at something you would like to be good at too. The presence of your best male friend, in this instance, may also suggest that you would like to gain some of the qualities this individual has so that your friends would like you more. Whether this is because you have feelings for this particular friend deep down or just want to improve your relationships with everyone in general is unclear.

Relationship with someone you met online

Dreaming of a relationship with someone you met online can carry a deeper significance. While it might not inherently imply romance, it often serves as a symbol of support and assistance, guiding you to help this person through something significant. This dream reflects the modern era of connections and signifies the possibility of a meaningful connection beyond physical encounters. Your angels may be sending signals to offer aid or guidance to this individual. There's potential for a soul connection or the role of a healer in this relationship. If the dream resonates strongly, consider reaching out to them, as it could bring healing and deeper understanding.