Dreams Related To Reflection

Reflection of myself

I was in the bath in my dream, but every time I put bubble bath in, no bubbles would appear and the water wouldn't warm up, so I decided to get out of the bath. I saw my reflection in the mirror but every time I moved, my reflection would move about 5 seconds after I moved that part of my body.

You may be going through a challenging and demanding period. Your most ordinary expectations would prove to be wrong. Alternatively, you are receiving a lot of empty or unacceptable promises. Your subconscious seems to be trying to cope with such uncomfortable situation. However, its attempts have not yet succeeded. Such failure could be consequent of the existence of an inner or outer obstacle that is preventing you from making sound decisions, fulfill your desires or achieve your objectives. For example, you may tend to over-rationalize your each and every step. Moreover, dreaming about delayed mirror reflections could translate your tendency to make decisions after the occurrence of important events and of your lack of timing. You seem to be struggling with the coordination of what you plan and expect to happen with what is observed and happens. This could be responsible for your delayed or reactive decision-making process. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that you are trying and failing to take control of your life. You might benefit from temporarily suspending your attempts to control things and see what life brings as a result.