Dreams Related To Rectangle

A rectangle and ovals

I dreamt just the other night and I had remembered when I woke up that I had seen the same thing in my dream years ago. Let me describe the dream. I see a vivid rectangle in the portrait position and in each of the corners there was blending swirled ovals also in the portrait position, and in the middle of the rectangle there is a bigger oval of blending. I was 4 years old when I first remember having the dream, I had it again when I was 16. I am confused, but very intrigued. Please help.

Dreaming about patterns and shapes depicts the current status of your life and inner self. Your vision of a rectangle represents the boundaries which you have set for yourself. The clear well-defined lines symbolize that you follow a certain set of rules and try to adhere to them. However, the blended ovals on the inside speak about your desire to go beyond those boundaries and find your actual purpose in life. Since it is a recurring dream, you must pay attention to how you can achieve harmony and balance in your life. Develop rational objectives, yet also make sure to explore your true potential by thinking out of the box. Doing so would help bring about synchronization between your desires and limitations resulting in peace and tranquility in your life.