Dreams Related To Reception

A wedding reception in red color

I had a dream I saw a very nice wedding reception colored in red, and there were red wine glasses on the tables.

A wedding reception refers to a significant change about to happen to someone close to you. This development in their life will require your support, either in financial terms or physical effort on your part. For instance, this person may be moving to a new home and you would need to help transport their belongings. The color red is auspicious and usually foretells triumph in the face of adversity. Wine glasses are equally auspicious. So, if you are ever needed for relocation or perhaps someone needs to borrow money from you, do not hesitate to help. This good deed will be repaid in full, if not more.

A fancy reception

Dreaming about a fancy and jet set kind of a reception is symbolic of your desire to climb the social ladder and rub shoulders with the elite. It is indicative of the fact that you are working hard to improve your social standing and would continue to do so until you achieve your goals.

A very crowded reception

A dream about a reception which is overcrowded and bustling with too many people could signify that you are about to get involved in undertakings which will yield no productive results and most of your efforts to get a positive outcome will be in vain. They will only consume a lot of your time and have no real benefits.

Being ignored at the reception

If you dream about being a wall flower at a reception where no one comes to talk to you or invites you to dance, it could signify the fact that you might be suffering from depression. It would be better to seek professional help to get you out of this mire of negative and depressing thoughts.

People dancing at a reception

Dreaming about people having a great time at the ball or reception, either dancing or having fun symbolizes that you are about to become a recipient of some pleasant or good news. This happy news will lift your spirits and put you in a jovial mood.

Attending a reception

A dream in which you see yourself attending a reception with a lot of people around you could signify that you are about to visit someone who could be seriously ill or it could also mean that you are about to be involved in petty talks and trivial issues which are basically the result of meaningless rumors and gossip.

Being in a bad mood at a reception

If you see yourself in a bad mood at a reception, such a dream can be taken as a significant warning of a death of a close relative. Someone you hold very dear to your heart is about to pass away.

Feeling lonely at a reception

If you dream about feeling solitary or alone at a reception, it should be taken as a warning to focus more on your family, rather then indulging in petty issues or focusing primarily on things which have no lasting value. Your family should come first and nothing must deter you from paying more attention to them.

Being dressed up for a reception

If you see yourself all decked up for a reception, it is a prediction of you meeting someone with a great personality, and whose company you will enjoy a lot. This person might be a potential suitor and a future romantic partner as well. He or she will bring you immense joy and wil be a source of great happiness for you.

Being a center of attention at the reception

If you dream about being the center of attention at a party, reception or another event, it signifies that you are about to be engaged or might be at the receiving end of a marriage proposal. If you are already in a relationship, it could mean that you are about to make it official.

Trying finger food at a reception

A dream where you see yourself trying or tasting finger food at a reception is symbolic of the feelings of satisfaction on your part or a certain contentment that you'll feel while pursuing the things which you consider to be important in your life.

Looking at a reception from outside

A dream in which you see yourself as only a spectator and not a participant of a reception could be a warning of the possible difficulties which you might face in achieving your goals. It is indicative of certain obstacles which might come your way in the pursuit of success.

Playing games at a reception

A dream in which you see yourself playing or indulging in a game of cards or table games could signify that you might be indulging in some nefarious activities which will have a profound impact on your happiness and which will only bring you trouble and disappointment in the long run. These activities would only serve to increase your distress and nothing else.

Getting ready to go to a reception

A dream in which you see yourself getting ready to go to a reception, either by getting dressed or putting on makeup is symbolic of the success which you will achieve in implementing your projects and ideas. You would be able to culminate all your goals with the help of affluent and respectable individuals who would prove to be a stepping stone in your climb towards success.

Although this dream may mean reliance on others for help, it is not suggesting you should start counting on these people entirely. You must take independent steps to achieve your own goals and avoid shortfalls. You should rely on your own skills and resources. At the same time, taking advice from people during the initial phase of realizing your goal might not be a bad idea keeping in mind you are the main player here.

Getting home from a reception

A dream in which you see yourself returning from a reception signifies the fatigue or tiredness that you are feeling because of the big projects which you have undertaken. This should be taken as a warning to devote more time to yourself and take some good rest, so that you can feel energized again and your confidence is restored to perform some other tasks with enthusiasm and commitment.

A reception with costumes

Dreaming about a reception where you see people in a masquerade or, for example, a costume party during Halloween is indicative of the fact that you are easily distracted by things which provide you with little or no fulfillment. Instead, try and focus on working towards goals which will bring you true happiness and satisfaction.

Reception with a feast

Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with large tables as part of a reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot.

Falling in a love with a man at a reception

I was at a party with my friends and they were trying to make me go on a date with a random guy and I slid down a slide and met a guy and I fell in love.

Dreaming about experiencing feelings of love or being loved often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it reflects happiness and confidence about your plans, projects, businesses, activities or occupations. Alternatively, it could indicate that you could soon encounter minor obstacles. Nevertheless, due to your determination and persistence, you would still manage to triumph over them and resolve them to your advantage. Moreover, you also experienced sliding in this dream. This symbol often indicates you could have second thoughts or fears regarding these projects or plans. However, these would be unfounded fears, for you would soon succeed.