Dreams Related To Reality

The complete opposite of reality

In my dream, I went to sleep and dreamed about my life and how it is now. When I woke up in the dream, everything was completely opposite. I lived west instead of east. My best male friend was a woman and my wife, my real wife was my best friend. Instead of being an engineer I was a nurse, or a doctor. In the dream I have no kids, in real life I do. My dad died instead of my mom. And when I would try to tell people in the dream that it wasn't right they thought I was crazy. I don't feel right, now.

Dreaming that your life is the opposite of what it is now is an ominous message to receive in a dream vision. This vision speaks of peer rejection, suggesting your social life and interactions may suffer greatly in the near future. It could be that you are simply being misunderstood, or people may begin to distance themselves from you because your words and actions may be rubbing them the wrong way. In many ways, this could symbolize the need for self-assessment and an evaluation of how you treat and interact with others. If you do not, you could go through a period of loneliness and isolation, which could in turn result in extreme depression.