Dreams Related To Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake attacking

In Islamic dream analysis, a rattlesnake represents power and authority. If a rattlesnake attacks you in your dream, it means you have a very aggressive rival who will do whatever it takes to defeat you. Since the rattlesnake is particularly venomous, you could be dealing with an enemy who has a lot of powerful connections and influence. Take extra care not to let your guard down because they will be waiting to pounce. Finding allies may also help you have a fighting chance against this person.

Rattlesnake bite

The bite of a rattlesnake has extremely negative connotations. Dream interpreters with a Muslim background often associate this symbol with a quick, decisive strike from a powerful enemy, meant to disorient you or knock you out of the way. It would be wise to be on your guard against possible attacks by those who see you as a threat to their wealth or happiness.

Rattlesnakes everywhere

The imagery rattlesnakes surrounding you, or scattered all over the place, indicates a diminished sense of self. You likely have this perception that you do not have enough clout to compete with your other more well-connected friends. When you see your high-powered peers posting about their achievements and you compare yourself to them, you feel inadequate. However, this is only a matter of perspective. They may be successful in other aspects, but you are win in other areas. Your mind could be reminding you that social comparison only feeds your self-defeating tendencies.