Dreams Related To Rats

Black rats in the clutter

Had people over, but my living room had a lot of clutter and suddenly a guest noticed black rats on the clutter waking up.

This vision contains come warnings about your future, and you should exercise caution when moving forward. A messy, cluttered room in the dream world represents upcoming troubles and problems you would need to solve. For example, you may be put in a difficult situation because two friends are fighting, or you might be given a lot of work from your boss that would be almost impossible to complete. The black rats further reveal that this would have serious negative consequences for your day to day life, meaning you would feel stressed and unhappy until everything gets back to normal.

Seeing rats

Seeing rats in a dream vision, whether they are scurrying in an alley or within your house's premises, is a symbol of betrayal. Neighbors or relatives whom you trust may turn their backs on you when you need them or stab you in the back out of spite. Envy or personal ambition may drive them to break your trust. On the other hand, this can generally refer to disagreements and conflict. Perhaps you and your business partners are not on the same page which can be very problematic for everyone involved.

Seeing rats in the dream world can also reveal the dreamer's immense fear of losing loved ones and the loneliness that comes with this loss. Perhaps a recent death of an acquaintance or a high-profile death would trigger your fear and anxiety about losing friends and loved ones. You may be too happy and comfortable being around them all the time that the thought or idea of their passing fills you with unfathomable dread.

Rats in general

Rats as dream symbols generally reveal the dreamer's worries and apprehensions about dealing with enemies in reality. You may be attracting a lot of attention from your recent achievements or similar news-worthy exploits that your rivals are coming out in the open, criticizing you or perhaps trying to discredit you. As such, this onslaught could give you a lot of sleepless nights from the stress of just reading or catching wind of disheartening rumors about you or having to clarify disputes.

For dreamers who are in a stable relationship, seeing rats in a dream vision points to meddling individuals trying to put a wedge between you and your significant other. Sowing the seeds of discord could seriously test your marriage or relationship if you let them get inside your head. Alternatively, you may have snooty and pretentious friends trying to tear you apart by telling either of you that you do not deserve each other or you are not good enough for each other.

Mice and rats

According to folklore, mice and rats in your dream vision portend great hardship and misfortune in the future. As a combined symbol, these two animals both point toward betrayal of the deepest and most hurtful kind. Envy may play a role in this individual's backstabbing behavior towards you. It is highly unlikely that you would be able to return to normal after the fact, so you should mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for a complete burning of the bridge.

Dead rats

Since rats are traditionally associated with death and pestilence, dead rats can signify both an ending and a beginning. This symbol marks the end of a turbulent period and the start of new chapter. Perhaps you will put an end to a toxic relationship and begin a life of independence. Alternatively, Hinduism associated rats with fertility which means dead rats can symbolize impotence. In metaphoric terms, this could point to a lack of creativity or inability to come up with a successful business.

Rats crawling on you

Traditional dream analysis associates rats with pestilence and deceit, so finding rats crawling all over your body suggests illness or treachery. Bad habits or risky behavior will take its toll on your body, so make sure you start taking care of your body if you do not want to succumb to a serious disease. Meanwhile, rats in Hinduism represent overcoming obstacles which means this symbol is an indication of success. Increased focus and determination will allow you to triumph over adversity, so take advantage of this momentum.

A rats trap

In general, seeing a rat's trap in apartment corners or under tables, or even as display in home improvement and pest control shops, is an indication of a potential robbery or burglary that could happen to you. This could be a result of your carelessness about home security. However, if there is no rat caught in those traps, then it means luck is on your side as you would be able to successfully dodge major controversies or rumors concocted by your rivals in hopes of damaging your credibility and good name.

Black rats

As a dream symbol, black rats, like the ones you see in filthy or unsanitary places like gutters and sewerage, generally convey negative interpretations just like the repulsive reaction they stir up in reality. Specifically, dead black rats are symbols of minor issues and inconveniences that can plague your day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, Norway rats or those big and fat black rats that roam fields, farmlands and breed beneath buildings represent bigger problems and dilemmas requiring immediate action otherwise they could become unmanageable.

White rats

A white rat is a dream symbol for an untrustworthy feminine presence. As such, having several white rats in a dream vision points to manipulative and deceitful women trying to take advantage of you. Maybe you have a tendency to easily fall for sweet and caring women because you are looking for nurturing and attentive maternal figures in reality, so once these types of women find out this weakness of yours, you could fall prey to their wily ways. Take care not to be too gullible or you could get into big trouble.

Being bitten by rats

Being bitten by rats in a dream vision is often a positive symbol of success. The rat's bite in this case represents the zest and drive to pursue your goals in reality. Instead of catching a possible disease, the real-world equivalent is wealth and success. You would be given the opportunity to learn from the best in your field and use your accumulated wisdom and experience to climb the corporate ladder or launch your own line of business which would thrive under good leadership and unique vision.

Rats attacking you

To be attacked by a pack of rats in a vision is actually a positive dream symbol. The rats in this dream scenario represent pouring blessings or endless opportunities. If you grab the opportunities or make good use of the blessings coming your way, you could eventually find yourself having a stable and prosperous life as a productive, successful and respected member of your community. So while luck is still on your side, your subconscious may be telling you to make the most of it and seize every opportunity.

Large numbers of rats

A large number of rats symbolizes lurking threat in the waking world. These rats may come out of nowhere, from the sewers or perhaps teeming inside a filthy kitchen in this dream. Those kinds of dream scenarios usually warn the dreamer that somewhere in your social circle there are unscrupulous personalities who could potentially destroy your career. These are two-faced individuals who appear innocent and loyal but actually scheming to take you down or betray you when they see a chance to rise up the ranks.

Rats destroying your stuff

Finding rats gnawing on or destroying your things in a dream often hints at upcoming losses or potential poverty. There may be rainy days ahead, possibly from getting laid off from a job or an unexpected emergency which would drain your savings. As such, this could be your mind's way of reminding you to be more conscious of your spending and setting aside enough money for emergencies and unexpected expenses so you would not find yourself in a tight spot financially should something bad happen.

Catching rats

Catching rats in dreams, for example with a mouse trap, points to the presence of a formidable foe in reality. You could be manipulated by this powerful and controlling personality because you are scared of being hurt or humiliated. This individual's power and influence over you may be a major stressor in your life. As such, catching the rat represents your ability to overpower this person using your wit and strategic moves. Since you cannot win by sheer force, it may be more prudent to use your intellect.

Killing rats

Killing rats in dreams, maybe by using poison or by brute force, is an indication of your eventual triumph over life's hardships and adversities. There are challenges ahead of you, most of them may be because of maneuverings by rivals or malicious individuals in your circle. As such, killing them represents your victory over whatever rumors or obstacles they may put on your path as you strive to achieve your goals and just working hard to make your dreams come true.

Seeing rats on the street

A dream about seeing rats on the streets, like city streets and alleyways, actually reveals your soft spot and compassion towards animals in general. Your inability to connect with human beings, especially in social situations, is likely being compensated for your natural ability to attract and tame animals. As a result, you may often be surrounded by a lot of pets because you would adopt strays and wounded animals. You feel like it is your duty to nurse animals to health and provide them a safe environment.

Someone being bitten by rats

Seeing someone get bitten by rats, such as your significant other or a complete stranger standing near a pile of garbage or a sewer, may be associated with big and complicated issues cropping up in the near future especially involving people or projects that are important to you. In a way, multiple rats attacking the person in your vision allude to numerous problems occurring simultaneously which would take its toll on both your physical health and mental state. Perhaps your mind is telling you to stay away from toxic situations and people to avoid further complications.

Eating rats

Eating rats, whether you are being forced to dine on rat meat or you are cooking and eating them on a plate without disgust or reservations, could be an indication of cumbersome tasks or challenges that would lead to negative outcomes. You may be held responsible for the failure of a project or a deal falling through, so you would be held accountable for your actions. Your demeanor in the dream is likely a reflection of your own attitude in cleaning up the mess you have made in the real world.

Setting a trap for rats

Setting a trap for rats, such as spring traps, laying out poison, glue traps or a rat cage, is a bittersweet dream symbol of uncovering malicious and destructive plans being hatched by your enemies or backstabbing friends. Your curiosity could place you in a situation where you get the opportunity to eavesdrop on conversations or read secret chat threads only to find out that they are plotting your downfall or talking about how much they dislike you. It is up to you whether to use this information to retaliate or choose a more diplomatic route.

Being scared of rats

Feeling scared of rats in a dream, such as when you see them scurrying inside your residence or gnawing on your food and belongings, is a bad indication that safety and security in your area would either be compromised or not reliable in the first place. As a result, you may have to deal with intruders or damages to your property from troubled youth or residents in your area, so prepare yourself and your home against possible unexpected incidents that may have negative effects on your well-being.