Dreams Related To Rat

A white rat and baby spiders

I was at home headed to the back yard because for some reason there was a white rat that my mother didn't seem to be frightened of. I was taking it out still alive, once I took it out while trying to close the back door the rat was trying to come back in. There were baby spiders flying around and a bunch landed on me right before I closed the door. That's all I remember, thanks.

In a dream, seeing a white rat represents duplicity in those around you. It suggests that someone you associate with is not who they appear to be. They may be lying about their true lifestyle, character or intentions, preventing you from seeing the whole picture. This symbol is further reinforced by the image of baby spiders because spiders are good at spinning webs of lies. You should be careful how much information you share with those you do not know well. If left undetected for too long, these individuals would continue to manipulate you and cause issues in your life.

Seeing a rat

Seeing a rat in your dream refers to having an unpleasant encounter with your neighbors or with people who live in your community. This confrontation could become physical and can possibly lead to a brawl or a fight. This vision can also mean you might have some disagreements with your business partners which will cause you some difficulty in your dealings.

Catching a rat

Catching a rat in your dream refers to your strong dislike for distrustful and indecent people. You have the capability to handle people with such personalities, and avoid any negative or unwanted influence they might have on you.

Killing a rat

Killing a rat in your dream means that you will be able to successfully overcome any hindrances or troubles that will come your way. Because of this, you will be victorious in all your endeavors and goals in life.

Rat trap

Having a rat trap in your dream is a warning. There could possibly be a a robbery or theft in your home, committed by someone you know. This can happen because of your inattentiveness or inability to secure your valuables. Now may be the best time to check if you have your belongings in a safe place.

Rat eating your food

Having a vision of a rat eating your food tells you that you should be more mindful when it comes to handling certain situations in life, especially when making decisions. You need to be more careful when handling issues and concerns, and to weigh options more thoroughly before embarking on a new project.

Many rats around you

Seeing many rats around you signifies that the environmental condition around you is worsening, particularly in your community, and this is not healthy for you anymore. You should consider moving to a new place or at least do something about the problem. Otherwise, it will pose a health hazard to you.

Eating a rat

Eating a rat or swallowing it is a very promising sign. It tells you that you will triumph over evil or danger that could arise in your life. Harm or bad things may come, but you will be able to overcome them so that you will continue to live peacefully.

Rat attacking you

A rat attacking you in your dream is a warning that there may be unwanted people who will surround you and these people might become your enemies. It could require a lot of effort and energy to shake these people off your back.

Stepping on a rat

Stepping on a rat in your dream is a good sign that you will discover or unearth some treasure. You will be able to find some hidden physical possessions that you were not aware of, which will prove to be valuable.

I dreamed about a white rat what is the meaning

White rat

Seeing a white rat in your dream means that people you meet or associate with sometimes, are not who they appear to be. Do not be deceived by what you see for they have a lifestyle that is far more different from yours. They may not be as admirable as you think they are.

Rats running in all directions

Seeing rats running in all directions tells you that you need a change. It can mean moving to a new residence or being surrounded by new scenery. This will greatly contribute to the success of something that you are working on right now, or possibly the start of a new phase in your life. The move could help you have a new perspective on things.

Rat biting you

A rat biting you in your dream is a positive sign especially when it comes to your business endeavor. You will reap tremendous success in your business or career, with the possibility of being promoted to a high-level position. This will place you in a very well-respected status among your colleagues and you will garner much wealth.

Exterminating rats

Exterminating rats in your dream is a negative sign. It refers to being faced with deception, humiliation or assault from someone you least expect, and in a manner that will surprise you. This could cause you some distress and pain.

Rat close to your face

Dreaming of having a rat close to your face tells of being influenced by people around you negatively. It can either be friends coworkers or people you regularly associate with, who are affecting your behavior and thoughts in an unwanted way, such that you could be pushed into self-destruction. Or it can also be your own mother who may be trying to control your life in a way that is not beneficial to you.

A big-sized rat

Seeing a big-sized rat in your dream, especially if it is not looking in your direction, foretells that something good is going to happen to you. You will find happiness in the form of a special event or occasion, probably a birthday, wedding or an anniversary celebration within your family or social circle.

People with rat tails

Having a vision of people with rat tails connected to them warns of upcoming illness. You may fall sick so it may be the right time for you to start being more mindful about your health and well-being.

A rat biting your hand

Envisioning a rat biting your hand is a very positive reading in dream analysis. It means you are going to be blessed both professionally and personally. On the career end, you can expect higher income or huge bonuses in the near future. All the overtime and extra effort you have been exerting over the past few months will be recognized by your superiors and rewarded accordingly. As for the personal aspect, this symbol has spiritual undertones. The rat also symbolizes greed and excess. You are keenly aware of your privilege and refuse to live in a bubble, so perhaps you will decide to participate in philanthropic activities and reach out to disenfranchised communities as a way of sharing your blessings.

A rat chewing through a dress

Hello, my wife had a dream where a rat was chewing on her particular blue dress and left it with many holes. Please what does this mean?

This vision could be a sign that your wife is about to find some much-needed inner peace in the near future. A blue dress is often symbolic of emotional turmoil or stress. Just as blue is a soft color often associated with feelings, so does this symbol represent strong emotional distress which she can feel and you can see in waking life. However, seeing this dress eaten by rats predicts making breakthroughs with this trauma, suggesting that the holes in the dress at the end of the vision show how much progress she can make. Therefore, the more holes she saw, the happier she is likely to become.

A rat on the blanket

I dreamed of a rat that was in my bed while I was asleep. When I opened my eyes, the rat was right in front of me. I was hoping to see my BF, but no he wasn't there. I cover my face with a blanket and the rat was biting the blanket. Trying to bite me.

Dreaming about a rat in your bedroom could be symbolic of upcoming brawls and arguments which you may have with your co-workers or people in your everyday life. This is further reinforced by the image of the rat trying to attack you. It could mean that you may soon be surrounded by certain individuals who will make things difficult for you in waking life. The fact that you thought of your boyfriend when it happened denotes the trust you have in him to get you out of sticky situations. However, you can avoid any sort of unpleasantness by keeping a cool head and letting bygones be bygones. Indulging in petty fights would only prove to make things more difficult for you.