Dreams Related To Rape

Being raped

A dream in which you see yourself being raped must be considered as a sort of a forewarning. It is indicative of the fact that there are certain trials and tribulations in store for you, which will influence people's attitude towards you. It could also portend that you might be forsaken by the person with whom you are involved.

Someone you know being raped

A dream in which you see an acquaintance being raped has ominous connotations. This could signify that the person whom you dreamed about might go through a fateful or disastrous ordeal. It also indicates that you would be entailed to help this person out.

Witnessing a rape

A dream in which you see yourself glimpsing a rape must be considered a forewarning. It signifies that a close acquaintance might be incarcerated, wounded or burglarized. This person might need your assistance and encouragement.

Someone raping a boy and them acting normal after

My dream was very vivid and disturbing. It was about someone I know, he was raping a young boy in our family home which I have not been to in a while. I was looking on in shock and confusion, I could see the younger boy's face but I don't know who he is. It felt like the child knew the perpetrator and was also in shock and fear as he lied there. After the ordeal they both go outside and play like nothing happened.

Witnessing someone being raped in a dream conveys an negative message. It means that someone you know may get into trouble. This individual could be incarcerated, wounded, burglarized or experience some other unfortunate circumstance. You may have sensed that something is off with a close friend or loved one and that he or she is silently calling out for help while trying to look calm on the outside. Alternatively, the rape of child, such as the young boy in your dream, alludes to yourself being powerless in the face of influential personalities and authority figures. On the one hand, you may see yourself as someone being oppressed by individuals in power, but it is also possible that you may feel like the rapist in your dream is someone who takes advantage of others who are weak to resist or have submissive personality.

Witnessing rape of a minor

Dreaming about someone breaking in a house and rape a minor. I caught him ejaculating and I assaulted him badly.

Dreaming about witnessing rape could mean that you are feeling frustrated and having some personal struggles due to a recent failure. You could also associate these shortcomings with your inability to provide a fresh start for yourself and that is why you dreamed about a minor being raped and not a grown person. You could be blaming yourself for not having been able to fulfill your dreams and ending up putting a lot of effort in some kind of futile endeavor. The same vision could also predict that a close acquaintance might become incarcerated, wounded or burglarized. This person may need your assistance and help.

Being drugged and raped

Being drugged and raped is a highly ominous dream symbol indicative of trials ahead. You are probably about to face serious challenges or difficulties in reality, more so than ever before. The drugs that prevent you from being totally aware or in control of the situation reflect your feelings during this period. You would feel like nothing you do has any effect and that whatever happens is beyond your ability to control or change, leading to disappointment, frustration and despair.

Being a rapist

A dream in which you see yourself as a rapist must be considered a cautioning that you are about to be in an identical situation as your victim in the dream. Additionally it could mean that you might become incarcerated, condemned or even imprisoned.

Rape for a woman

If you are a woman and have had a dream of being raped could be an indication of the positive factors which will influence your life. Additionally, it could signify that all your aspirations and endeavors will be met with success.

Being kidnapped and raped

The symbol of being kidnapped in a dream indicates that you are overwhelmed with assignments or tasks you perceive as an immense burden. It means you wish to overcome this difficulty you are facing at this moment. The vision of being raped, however, has an ominous meaning. It predicts that you are about to go through some troubling event in the near future. You can avoid or prevent these ordeals by paying more attention to your current progress on tasks and responsibilities.

Wife being raped and husband mad

Wife being raped and husband seeking revenge.

Whether or not you were one of the participants in this vision or an outside observer, this vision suggests you would soon find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Envisioning a woman being raped predicts someone you know being accused of a crime. This would likely result in either a gathering of friends to discuss this individual's behavior or a lengthy court case where you would be forced to testify. While you know your friend is a good person at heart, the revenge aspect of this vision points toward an equally strong desire to see justice, as you are probably equally aware of your friend's guilt in this case. You would have difficulty choosing whether to reveal the truth of your friend's actions or trying to hold onto your relationship with him or her.

A rapist and chocolate candy

I dreamt I was walking in the bush, then a stranger appeared with a knife and wanted to rape me but I managed to run away. On my way I found chocolate sweets which I ate and they were very nice.

Walking in the bush is a symbol associated with needing a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You may be stressed out due to responsibilities at work or home, or you may be concerned about something going on in your area. The stranger with the knife suggests that the issue is something that is beyond your control, meaning you do not have much of a choice but to grin and bear it. Escaping from potential rape, however, does reveal that you would get some help or assistance by asking someone to cover for you or simply telling the offending party that you cannot take on any more work. Indulging in the nice chocolates at the end of the vision, however, predicts that your behavior would upset those around you no matter how deserving of a break you are.

Being molested by a security guard

I was at the train station with two friends when a security guard came up, brushed my hair back and said "Is that perfume I smell?", pulled me back to his house or room in the back filled with weird old ladies. I pleased him to let me go but instead he hosed me down in the shower. I managed to escape and my two friends pulled me away.

When you dream about being sexually assaulted, it could indicate that you are feeling helpless in the real world, when you are unable to control things which affect you in a negative way and when you cannot deal with the consequences you experience as a result. In case you have been through a similar episode in real life, it could be your subconscious way of dealing with the fear and abuse, which can exacerbate during more stressful periods. Since it was someone in charge who assaulted you, that could also mean you harbor a strong feeling of repulsion towards societal standards and rules, which could be a consequence of the way you were raised as a child and you feel violated by having to comply with certain rules and norms dictated by more powerful individuals.

Being dragged into a building and raped

I know my dream was odd but it's been bothering me, so I need to figure out if it means something. In my dream, I was with a group of people and we appeared to be studying something, so we were out in the woods. The next thing I know I found this old building type thing and once I got in it almost looked like a spaceship. When the door shut behind me a group of soldiers ran up and grabbed me and dragged me somewhere. They ended up giving me to this guy who was tall and creepy looking. He then kept saying how I was of great importance to him and repeatedly raped me.

The beginning of your dream involving a group of people studying in the woods could mean that there is an impending shift in your lifestyle or at work. The act of studying implies an improvement of a current situation. The building you saw, on the other hand, refers to your sense of self and self-image. Hence, its outside appearance could mean low self-esteem, while the strange, alien-looking interiors suggest a personal transformation, such as beliefs or points of view that are different from your usual perspective. The people with the appearance of soldiers, including the man who rapes you, represent authority figures or institutions imposing order and discipline. The act of rape indicates an emotional upheaval as a result of things, ideas or behavior being forced upon you.

Someone getting assaulted and raped

I had a very vivid dream, in which I saw a woman trying to burn the house. The lady who was sleeping next to me sees her and I'm telling her not to scream. And later that lady comes and removes the panty of another lady sleeping and stuffs green chilly in her vagina! And the poor lady's mouth is tied up with a cloth and she is crying for help!

Dreaming about an act of violence, assault or rape directed at someone or watching someone suffer as it happens while you dream means that this person (if you know who the person was in your dream) is about to be injured or hurt, her house may be in danger of being burglarized and she may be needing your help and support after it happens. If you do not know who the person in your dreams was, this could indicate that it is about to happen to someone you may know.

Pregnant after being raped

I am a female. I was pregnant and going to have the baby soon. I didn't know who the father was. My friends told me I had been sexually assaulted.

Although this dream may seem to be about negative things considering the notion of being raped, our dream interpretation sources reveal that learning about being pregnant after a sexual assault means that if you have been going through some rough times in your life but the situation is about to improve noticeably. The symbolic vision of becoming pregnant and expecting a baby after presumably being raped could mean that you have accumulated important knowledge or learnt a new skill, which would serve as a catalyst to achieving a more stable and fulfilled position in life. Additionally, females experiencing visions of expecting a baby are most likely preoccupied with similar thoughts of becoming a mother in their real lives.

Being raped in public

I am a girl, I saw a dream. It was like this, I was raped by an unknown person in public. After that I got scared and woke up.

A dream in which you see yourself being raped must be considered as a forewarning. It may indicate that you could be experiencing, or be about to experience certain trials and tribulations. These hazardous circumstances might influence other people's attitude towards you. It also portends a sort of symbolic violation. Namely, you may be forsaken, ignored or disrespected by someone who is close to you or of whom you might know otherwise. This could happen under the watchful eyes of others. That is, some unexpected situation may have the consequence of leading others to estrange themselves from you, reject you or fail to support you when you most need their assistance.

Being raped and insects on the bed

I had a dream that I lived in a house with a bunch of random people that I am acquainted with and I was in the back bedroom getting up to walk out and the dude that was in there with me, grabbed me and held me down and raped me while his friend watched. He finished and let me go and when he threw me down, I looked over and saw a bunch of worms and maggots in the bedsheets. What does this mean??

Freudian interpretation of this vision suggests great misfortune is about to befall you. Being raped in particular points toward a terrible, harrowing ordeal that you would have to go through, such as the death of a loved one, serious illness or financial troubles. The friend who watched this happen to you may represent your unconscious worries that no one could or would step in to help you in your time of need. The worms and maggots you envisioned on the bed after the act are opposing images. Traditional sources point toward worms as a symbol of trying to hold everything together despite the hardship you face. On the other hand, maggots represent growing negativity and ill will due to not sharing your burden. In essence, by trying to carry the weight by yourself you are actually getting weaker by being bitter rather than displaying strength and composure. It is highly recommended that you seek help if not from your family then from a government service or counselor.

Becoming a victim of rape

At first I was watching shady areas, but the girl was found, thought to be an abuse victim. Remember seeing her taken away from where she stayed and one person she loved. Suddenly I am her and she now lives with thought-to-be rapist. I go to escape, my first thought house with person I loved. Empty. Then back in backyard. Got onto road next to house and started running. Felt so realistic. Remember the cool air, smells, fear, measuring out my breath so I could run as far as possible.

Dreaming about becoming a victim of abuse could mean that you are having some issues related to your current situation, whether in the personal or professional sphere, and you are beginning to feel trapped and hopeless. In the dream, it seems as if you were planning an escape while being in the role of the abused girl and imagining what it would be like to be free, which could also indicate that the problems you are having are affecting others around you and so you want to find some way to set them free as well. You also seem to think the root of the problem has not been addressed yet, as symbolized by living with the alleged rapist.

Raping someone methodically

A dream in which you see yourself raping someone methodically or recurrently is a sign of the discrepancy between your capabilities and the things which you are qualified to perform. This dream could also indicate that you might be required to make an effort against your own determination in order to straighten out a dispute or controversy.

Getting raped and shot

Being raped and then shot at some point during a dream is highly ominous. It suggests that some nearby enemy or competitor is ready to wreak havoc on your life. They could be ready to set into motion a series of events that would greatly impact your daily interactions in a negative way. In order to avoid the worst repercussions in this situation, you would need to be extremely vigilant and take extra precautions against dangerous situations or troublesome individuals.

Deceased mother protecting from a rapist

I'm a young girl. My dream was about my rapist trying to kill me because I turned him in. My mother who died when I was younger was there and started to protect me.

The presence of the rapist in your dream denotes trauma. You have deep-seated issues that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Similarly, the presence of your deceased mother reveals your need for guidance and wisdom. You are yearning for whatever comfort and protection your mother provided for you while she was still alive. Your mother may also represent past experiences and the lessons you gained from those experiences. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to remember those lessons and apply them to your present situation in order to overcome certain obstacles.

A waitress getting raped

A girl getting raped on her birthday by a group of people in the bar. She was the waitress, I believe. It seemed almost celebratory. It was one of those dreams where I was not there, only witnessing it.

Witnessing a girl get raped, and on her birthday no less, means something bad is going to happen to a close friend of yours. This incident will occur during an outing or while on vacation. Your friend could get robbed, scammed or figure in an accident. As such, this is a forewarning which could help you remind your friends to take extra precautions when traveling in unfamiliar environments. If the event already happened, then this person needs your help and reassurance to recover from the traumatic incident.

Behaving badly and raped afterwards

I was drunk at a work function, so I removed my clothes, I then ruined a colleague's painting exam by painting over it. I could not get a lift home as my lift left without me. I went from one group of people throughout the city to the next, each in a worse social state. The dream had a strange glow about it. I was finally raped by a lesbian lover.

This dream has a number of complicated symbols, making it difficult to clearly interpret. The first situation, behaving badly at a work function, indicates dealing with a lot of stress, almost to the snapping point. You might sometimes feel like throwing caution to the wind and giving up because of the difficulties and challenges you face. Your journey and the ensuing desolation you find represent feelings of isolation in wake life, possibly due to your hectic schedule. This culminates in rape which, though horrific in wake life, is actually a sign of success in dreams. If you are able to overcome your current situation, you are likely to be met with recognition and respect.

Being raped inside own house

I dreamed about being raped in front of my son in my house.

Being raped in a dream is an ominous sign predicting upcoming trials and challenges. This is likely related to your family, as this event occurred inside your house, which otherwise symbolizes comfort and security. Because this happened before his eyes, these difficult times may be related to your son. Either his behavior might cause some problems within the home or he might be experiencing trouble elsewhere, which means you need to interfere on his behalf. In either case, it would be wise to pay attention to the situation developing inside your family or around it and do what is best to preserve the peace and happiness of its members.

Being saved from rape and drowning

My ex-boyfriend saved me from being raped and we ended up having sex, but then I woke up on the beach and someone told me they saved me from drowning and I dreamt everything and nobody I knew was there.

Being saved from getting raped by your ex-boyfriend alludes to some lingering feelings for your ex. You could be harboring a desire to get back together with him. Maybe you are feeling insecure or vulnerable at the moment and you long for the comfort and security of having a romantic partner. The sex with your ex-boyfriend, however, is a bad sign that an old conflict or issue will be returning to your life, which will require you to spend a considerable amount of time dealing with it. So before you entertain thoughts of returning to an old pattern or getting back together with your ex, think of the consequences of such a decision. Awakening at the beach likewise refers to rationality. The presence of sand and water in the context of your vision suggests a need to temper your fluid, impulsive nature with your solid, pragmatic side.

Being raped and tortured

I had a dream last night that a man came into my room and raped me. He was putting live mice inside of my vagina and torturing me. I realize how insane this sounds, but I figured I would see if it meant anything.

Dreams which center around the idea of being raped often hold a highly negative connotation. They represent going through a very difficult period of time filled with challenges and mishaps in varying degrees of misfortune. The image of mice being forced inside you could point to medical troubles or something going wrong with your diet which necessitates seeing a doctor. It would be wise to pay close attention to what you eat and, if you begin feeling ill, to contact a health professional immediately.

Husband raping a daughter's friend

I was about to have sex with my husband when he admitted he raped one of my daughter's friend who was very big busted and flirtatious. I became angry and began getting dressed for work. Everyone knew as the girl had told people. Everyone did not believe the girl because my husband is a good guy but he clarified her story which made me very upset and sad.

Dreaming about sexual assaults has ominous connotations. It could mean that the person who was perceived as a victim of rape, in this case your daughter's friend, could experience a very negative situation or event in the near future, probably something fateful and disastrous and it could be up to you to help this person. The notion that you dreamed about your husband being the rapist does not necessarily mean he would be the cause of her suffering, however you could be subconsciously questioning his recent behavior or involvement with people you consider to be unreliable or even threatening to your relationship with him. This dream vision could also be a reflection of shifting dynamics inside your marriage, some disagreements or suspicions slowly eroding its foundation.

Father-in-law involved in rape

Father-in-law asks my husband to rape my mother.

Experiencing a dream that indicates someone you love is in significant trouble, and you have the capacity to help out, holds a captivating and meaningful symbolism. This intriguing vision serves as a powerful reminder of the deep connection and bond you share with your loved ones. It suggests that you possess the ability and resources to provide assistance and support during challenging times. Embrace this dream as a call to action, urging you to extend a helping hand and offer your aid to those who are in need. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your compassion, empathy, and commitment to the well-being of those you hold dear. Trust your instincts and intuition, as they guide you towards the best course of action to provide the necessary support. By stepping up in times of trouble, you strengthen your relationships, foster a sense of unity, and create a supportive network that brings solace and aid to those in distress.