Dreams Related To Rainwater

Catching rainwater into containers

I dreamed about rain coming through the ceiling and being caught in clear containers. I emptied the full one.

To see the rain pouring through the ceiling in your dream suggests suppressed emotional issues that may be forcing their way out of you by breaking down your psychological defenses. This vision is a sign that ignoring certain issues can cause bigger damage further down the line. On the other hand, rainwater indicates a promise of success. Gathering rainwater in clear containers and then emptying them points to feelings of ineptitude. Perhaps your low self-esteem is preventing you from fully taking advantage of opportunities. Maybe a part of you feels like you do not deserve recognition or success. These are personal issues that you need to reflect upon to lead a more fulfilling life.

Flowing rainwater

Seeing flowing rainwater into a blank plot attached to my house.

Consider yourself lucky because finding rain water in dreams is a promise of upcoming success. More specifically, you can anticipate an increase in your popularity because of your accomplishments. These achievements can occur in the workplace or within your social group. A boost in your confidence will open further doors of opportunities for you, so make sure you make the most out of this auspicious period.