Dreams Related To Rainbow

Multiple rainbows

Multiple rainbows, such as a double rainbow, in a dream vision is a highly positive and fortunate symbol. The interpretation of this particular portent is related to the idea of good luck and fortune, much like a rainbow in reality. Furthermore, those who see this sign often speak of feeling harmony, hope and peace. It should serve as an indication that good things are coming your way.

Drawing a house, rainbow and garden

I dreamed about drawing a house and coloring it blue after that. The background was a rainbow and a garden.

Drawing in the dream world is connected with the concepts of idealization and focusing more on a fantasy future rather than a likely present. It is also considered a warning that your confidence in the way things work may be shaken due to your misplaced trust. The objects your drew shed a little more light on what you may be putting too much faith in. For instance, the blue house, the rainbow and the garden landscape all suggest a belief in having good luck or increasing your wealth or possessions. While this may be possible, the degree to which you would be able to do so at your current trajectory is possibly overambitious. This vision could be suggesting that instead of placing faith in less sure methods, like lotteries, it may be better to focus on improving your skill set or reassessing your spending habits, which are more likely to yield good results.