Dreams Related To Racist

A conflict with racists

I had two dreams today that disturbed me. The first one was two racists trying to fight me at a gas station and while fighting someone stole my personal truck and had it going to a chop shop. The second was someone stealing my personal belongings while I was attending a football game and holding my stuff for ransom. Guess my mind was playing tricks on me.

Dreaming that some racist individuals were trying to fight with you could represent upcoming changes that would take place in reality. The idea that you considered or perceived these people as racist could mean that this is related to racial tensions in your life, but it may also simply be a reflection of stories you have heard in reality. Having some personal belongings stolen during a football game can be interpreted as a sign that you would be unable to repay a debt. This could be a financial obligation, such as a bank loan, or a repayment of time or services offered by a friend. These two possible outcomes may not be related, but it is possible there is some connection considering the dreams occurred so close to each other.