Dreams Related To Race

An enemy of a different race

Dreaming that your enemy in a dream is someone of a different racial or ethnic background than yourself could reveal that you perceive those from outside your group to be a threat. This may be your unconscious mind trying to work through these layers of socialized and learned bias, but it is equally possible that you are not ready to address the prejudices you carry quite yet.

Racial tensions

Racial tensions in the dream world can have different interpretations depending on the sources you consult. In general, this symbol tends to manifest when the dreamer is under a lot of stress. In some cases, this is directly and literally connected to race or culture. For instance, you may find yourself concerned about immigration policies or you might be living in a community where you are considered a minority. Alternatively, the racial tensions in your vision could be connected to involuntary associations you are making about a particular individual of a different race who is making you feel uncomfortable or agitated in one way or another.

Attacked by people of different race

Getting attacked by people of different race is an allusion to your fears about the recent developments in the world. People of a different race is a metaphor for unfamiliar and unknown circumstances which give you a lot of apprehension and anxiety. Another suggestive interpretation is that you feel out of place in your community. Perhaps you are in a foreign land and you do not have a lot of friends yet or you do not have any common interests with people in your workplace or even in your neighborhood.

Kissing someone of another race

Kissing someone of a different ethnic background than your own is interpreted by Jungian philosophers to mean that you are growing in your self-awareness and spirituality. You are likely at a point in your life where you are open to new ideas and philosophies. Now may be a good time to pick up a self-help book, subscribe to a guided meditation podcast or follow a blog on a subject you would like to improve in.

Being shamed for your race

Being shamed for your race is often considered a reflection of your own insecurities. Rather than suggesting you are concerned about your own race, it means your race is replacing some aspect of your personality that you are not satisfied with. Your perception of your qualities may be skewed by your culture or surrounding cultures. For instance, you may think that you talk too much compared to others in your group. Instead of focusing on your faults, however, it would be better to focus on the unique good points that make you special.

In love with someone of another race

Being in love with someone of another race depends on if you are dating someone in reality or not. For those who are in a relationship with someone of a different background, this vision represents your acceptance of their differing views and life experiences. For those who are in a relationship with someone of the same racial background, it could represent involuntarily picking up on subtle clues that your significant other is interested in things not traditionally a part of your heritage. For instance, this would include Caucasian people being interested in anime and martial arts or Asian people being interested in yoga and essential oils. Finally, not being in a relationship in reality at all could point toward your growing self-awareness of your own willingness to step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

Killing someone of another race

Killing someone of another race, especially if it was due to their race in the vision, is not necessarily a sign that you are racist or bigoted. Rather, Freudian philosophy would read this vision as your subconscious mind's desire to confront your own bias and prejudice. In a sense, it is a reflection of self-awareness and personal growth. Therefore, now would be a good time to enter discourses with those of different backgrounds so you can hear their stories and try to really understand where they are coming from. Only when we listen and open our hearts can our preconceived notions about individuals from other background be changed.

Friends with a person of a different race

Finding that you are friends with someone of a different race or ethnicity in the dream world could have different implications depending on your context in reality. For those in large, cosmopolitan areas who are frequently interacting with or on good terms with people of various backgrounds, this vision may simply be your unconscious mind's reflection of your ability to "not see color" when dealing with others. On the other hand, those from more homogeneous groups without much contact with outsiders may see this vision when they are at a level of self-awareness that allows them to be open to the situations, feelings and experiences of those outside their group.

Being followed by men of a different race

I have had two similar dreams. Both dreams were about my boyfriend. In the dreams, we were both walking when approached by two young men of different racial profiles. They asked if we were together and continued to follow us until my boyfriend went missing.

Your interaction with the men of differing races in this dream could suggest entering a happy, fulfilling period in your life. It is likely your position in life would improve to some degree. For example, you may move to a new house or get a promotion at work. You would be very pleased by this enhancement and likely motivated to continue working hard. This change of pace is likely to be followed by some other extraordinary event, as the symbol of your boyfriend's sudden disappearance predicts. This subsequent happening could be either positive or negative in nature. It would probably be closely related your reaction and work ethics after the first change.

Fighting someone of another race

Fighting a person of a different race means you are on a heightened state of fear. You have an unknown enemy and unconscious mind is telling you to be alert. Your perception in the real world is blocked due to your other responsibilities, so this enemy has probably infiltrated your social circle. On the other hand, this can also represent your tendency to fear anything unfamiliar to you. Since you have already established your routine and identified your comfort zone, you are hesitant to venture outside your personal bubble. This could lead to wildly inaccurate judgments about things beyond your knowledge or experience.

Living with people of another race

Living with individuals of a different racial background than yourself is often considered a symbol of enlightenment, especially if the members of the household were on good terms. It suggests that you have an open and flexible enough mind to see things from another person's point of view, especially in matters of religion, culture and politics. If, for some reason, the members of the household were not living in harmony, it does not mean you are too rigid or racist. It only suggests that your path to understanding would be a bit more difficult than you might initially expect.

Belonging to a different race

Seeing yourself as belonging to a different ethnic or racial category than you were born into is often connected to surrealist imagery and thought. It represents the irrational juxtaposition between who you perceive yourself to be and who you actually are. This may or may not have anything to do with racial biases, however. One example including racial bias could be that you perceive those of a certain group to be less civilized or smart as your group, when in fact you are not a beacon of intellectualism yourself. An example not including racial bias could be that you are annoyed by those who talk a lot and yet tend to be a chatterbox yourself.

Being born as a different race

I am a female. Fifteen-year old Hispanic, to be more precise. I previously have had a dream where I was in a park during a family gathering or funeral. However, my family supposedly consisted of African Americans whereas I am Mexican. I kept being called "The Sad Child" by those who supposedly knew me. Near the end of the dream, it was revealed that I was, to be exact, "an unplanned pregnancy." Therefore the term given, "The Sad Child".

Being at a funeral or other family gathering in a park during a dream vision could reveal some negative changes taking place in your life. You would need to make tough choices or decisions which would put you in a bad situation. However, not doing so could lead to even worse repercussions. Envisioning yourself as an unplanned, unwanted child could be the manifestation of your desire for help and support during this period. You may be unable to directly vocalize your requests for some reason, possibly because of embarrassment or concern about inconveniencing others. It would be wise to seek help when it is needed so that things do not progress beyond the point of no return.