Dreams Related To Rabbit

Seeing a rabbit

Seeing a rabbit in front of you in your dreams is a good sign. It means you will definitely have an overall improvement in your living conditions and a significant increase in your income and assets.

A cat and a rabbit

I looked to the window sill and there was a brown rabbit holding a black and white fluffy cat by the neck in its mouth. I took the rabbit by the ears and put it in a bag to restrain it because it bit me. The rabbit then fell apart into pieces. I tried to fix it but the pieces disappeared after taking my eye off them. I then looked to the cat, who was lying on the floor. I nudged it and the cat woke up. I then picked up the cat in my arms and kissed it on the right ear, then the cat licked me on my face.

Seeing a rabbit in dreams is often a symbol of good luck and fertility. Meanwhile, the white cat symbolizes bad luck and misfortune. In effect, the symbols seem to cancel each other out. The first part of your dream vision is positive enough. The rabbit has the upper hand which means you would be able to overcome whatever problems you may have at the moment. However, your luck would turn once more as illustrated by the rabbit falling into pieces. Doubt, confusion and misunderstanding would once again rule your life. Perhaps your dream vision is ultimately a reminder of how quickly things can go your way or turn against you with a single defining moment. In a sense, kissing the cat can symbolize acceptance of things that are out of your control.

Black rabbit

Dreaming of seeing a black rabbit is an indication of your growing disappointment or becoming deeply dissatisfied with the actions or behaviors you have been currently displaying while interacting with other people.

Eating a rabbit

Encountering a dream where you are consuming a rabbit unfolds a positive omen, hinting at the forthcoming arrival of good fortune. This symbolism signifies an impending upswing in prosperity and abundance within your life's tapestry. Just as you partake in the sustenance of the rabbit, your destiny is poised to partake in a period of enrichment and financial growth. This dream serves as an encouraging sign, prompting you to anticipate the auspicious transformation of your circumstances.

A white rabbit in a cupboard

I dreamed that my sister told me that we have rabbits so I went to see and there was a cupboard, I opened it. It was full of sleeping rabbits, but there was one big white rabbit that was awake and it seemed special, he sat there looking at me, and then I let him out of the cupboard and I was petting him. He then went off jumping and playing, I let the cupboard door open and told my sister he will be back. And yeah after a little while he just came running and jumped to his place in the cupboard. P.S. this is the second time I dream of my sister and petting a rabbit.

A white rabbit in this particular dream can be interpreted as your growing belief that at this point in life you are settled with what you have or do, this could be the case for your relationship with someone or things you occupy yourself with on a daily basis. The vision of your sister showing you where the rabbits were kept means that people could be making you feel that you cannot achieve more or try new things in order to bring novelty and excitement to your life. The return of the white rabbit back to where it was in the beginning of the dream indicates that your attempts to diversify your daily routine have mostly been unsuccessful. Overall, this dream vision could be reaffirmation of your timid and shy nature or complacency which prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

Rabbit transforming into someone you know

Dreaming of seeing a rabbit undergo some sort of metamorphosis to transform into the form and image of someone you know means you have obtained some useful information that can adversely impact this person's life, and now this person is afraid of you one day using this information to your advantage or to further some personal agenda.

In situations like this, it is important to remember that taking advantage of others at their expense is an action that will come back to haunt you. So, if you insist on using other people this way, expect bad things to come back your way when you least expect them.

Rabbits or hares in dream interpretation and meaning

Grey rabbit

Rabbits are generally auspicious omens depicting luck and success, but their color could lend a different meaning. For example, grey rabbit dream meaning alludes to a trickster. A very charming or fascinating individual could catch your fancy only to find out later that this person has been spinning lies and crafting tall tales. Be more discerning before you fall completely into their trap.

Rabbits for married women

If you dream of seeing rabbits surrounding you and you are a married woman, then this dream indicates you will have an addition to the family by either having a baby or adopting a child.

Catching a rabbit

Dreaming of catching or cornering a rabbit is a sign of redemption. It means you will be able to redeem yourself in front of someone you unintentionally hurt or disappointed because of your lack of concern or carelessness when communicating and interacting with this person.

Finding rabbits in mud

On my travel while walking I found two rabbits in mud. I thought at first they were kittens but I realized they were rabbits when I got them. I got the two rabbits from the mud and took them with me and cleaned them. One is white and the other is kinda dotted grey and white. I did not feed them and brought them with me from my muddy travel walking. When I was sitting, they were on my lap.

Seeing rabbits in a dream is a good omen. It suggests an overall improvement in your current living conditions and a significant boost in your material assets. The mud likely represents a tricky or difficult situation which you would fortunately be able to overcome with great success. This experience would give you the wisdom and confidence in order to pursue your goals and passions. Any obstacles or failures you may experience would open up bigger and better opportunities for you. As long as you remain motivated and optimistic, by carrying the luck of the rabbits around, your hard work and perseverance would bear fruit soon enough.

Someone taking care of rabbits

Seeing someone taking care of rabbits in your dreams is a sign of your secret desire for this person. This desire could stem from your intent to have sex with this person or your desire to start an actual relationship with this person.

Too many rabbits around you

Seeing too many rabbits around you in your dreams is a sign of the need to relocate to a larger city or metropolitan area, or it could be a sign of a possible successful marriage. This dream can also mean you are about to experience much success in your business or other projects you are currently involved with.

Killing a rabbit

Seeing yourself killing a rabbit in your dreams means you are about to encounter great material loss or you will become deprived of resources, finances, or people needed to be successful in your life.

Female rabbit with big litter

Dreaming of seeing a female rabbit with a big litter is a sign of prosperity. It means you are about to have a significant financial gain and even be deemed as wealthy when considering the material assets you have acquired.

Rabbit crossing your path

Dreams of a rabbit attempting to cross your path may suggest a sense of impending struggle, loss, or unhappiness. This dream could reflect your subconscious concerns or fears about challenging situations or difficulties in your waking life. It's important to remember that dream interpretations can be highly subjective, and the specific meaning may vary based on your personal experiences and emotions related to the dream.

Rabbits of different sizes

I see my father pointing at the cute bunnies or rabbits falling on the ceiling... I also saw a snake crawling on the floor and a lizard passing by... Can you help me interpret my dreams? I saw 3 regular-sized bunnies and then a family of bunnies: 2 little ones, 2 regular-sized, and a medium-sized bunny.

Dreaming about a family of rabbits symbolically represents both the children present in your family (either your own or belonging to your relative) and your ability or interest to care for them. You may have a calling to spend time with children or simply to love and protect them. The snake represents your fear, possibly about having the responsibility for these young lives who depend on and look up to you, while the lizard suggests you are slowly learning more and more about yourself and the nature of your current situation little by little, easing some of the worries you may have and giving you confidence.

Baby rabbits

In my dream, I saw two baby rabbits besides me when I was bowing in front of two saints (one was a male and another was a female). I was feeling very calm at that time in my dreams.

Seeing rabbits right in front of you in your dreams is a good sign. It means you will definitely have an overall improvement in your living conditions and a significant increase in your income and assets. Saints in this dream could also represent the people who are connected to you on a spiritual level and who will go great distances in helping you to achieve these fortuitous events in your waking life.

Chasing after a rabbit

Someone had a dream twice about me pursuing a rabbit for eating my vegetables. But I wasn't able to get the rabbit after 5 hours of chasing after it. When I was tired, the rabbit then sat down and mocked at me with its nose. In the 2nd dream I sustained injuries while chasing after the rabbit. Please what does this dream mean?

Running after or chasing a rabbit in dreams points to trivial or annoying hindrances to the development or progress at work or in your personal life. Rabbits typically represent good luck, success and power. On a more personal note, they symbolize fertility, warmth and intimacy. It is possible that you are seeking some sort of fulfillment, whether romantically or professionally. This sense of accomplishment perhaps evades you at the moment, but your persistence and motivation keep you on track in pursuing your goal. However, this vision cautions you from being too aggressive and single-minded, as your efforts could end up backfiring. Practice prudence in your plans lest things get out of hand.

A frog and a rabbit

I dreamed of seeing a frog on my flowers by my bed. He was catching bugs, then he became a small turtle. The frog and turtle were just there, not really doing anything. Later I saw a brown rabbit. I was helping it to escape, like someone was after it, but I helped it to get away. It seemed the brown rabbit had something slowing it down, maybe its foot. I had to make it leave so it wouldn't get caught. Seems there was snow on the ground. There was another animal but I don't remember what it was.

The frog catching bugs in your dream indicates a heart break. The bugs, in particular, symbolize negative emotions or pessimistic thoughts. This means that the falling out, with a romantic partner or a friend, will be due to external factors that are causing friction in your relationship. The frog transforming into a small turtle means the break up will actually bring you peace. Perhaps the relationship has been very toxic and stressful for you, so cutting that tie will be a relief. Meanwhile, the rabbit you were driving away refers to the unfavorable economic climate nowadays. You are trying to avoid taking any financial risks because you do not want to be saddled with debt or deal with bankruptcy. Perhaps the break up means leaving your current job and the consequences of that will reflect in your financial situation. Overall, there will be lots of changes in your life so it will keep you on your toes.

White rabbit

Dreaming of seeing a white rabbit is a sign of devotion. It means you are living a life surrounded by people who have proven to be trustworthy and have shown themselves to be completely devoted to you and committed to improve your personal well-being.

Rabbits in the field at night what do dreams mean about rabbits

Many rabbits frolicking in the field

Seeing a bunch of rabbits frolicking in the field is a sign of your children's cherished position in your life. They are going to be a great source of inspiration and joy as part of your family.

Chasing rabbits escaped from a cage

Dreaming of seeing yourself chasing and catching rabbits that have escaped from a cage is an indication of facing trivial but annoying problems or issues that are interfering with the progress and success of your work or personal life.

Sleeping rabbits

Buying girly baseball hats at family member's garage sale (pastel, pink, blue, etc.). Began getting daughter (7 years old) dressed to go pay for them and looked down and saw multiple rabbits sleeping on their sides with tiny blankets wrapped around them under a bridge type area through a grate we were standing on.

Buying hats of different colors is often connected with the idea of being on an emotional roller-coaster. The variety of hues represents the variety of experiences that await in your future. Some events may lift you to heights never before felt, while others may bring you to new lows, but in both cases you are likely to grow and learn. The rabbits could indicate one of two possibilities. They could symbolize travel or a permanent move to a large city which is characterized by economic growth and prosperity. However, rabbits also tend to be associated with love and marriage, so it is possible that a current or new relationship may become more satisfying than before.

Rabbits with cat faces

It was black rabbits, small ones, like 3 or 4. They came into my house and cats were there too, but the fleas jumped off the black rabbits and started attacking and biting me. I was scared and didn't want to go back to my house. Also the rabbits had cat-looking faces, but rabbit bodies.

Black rabbits in this dream symbolize growing disappointment in your own behavior and actions, particularly in your interactions with others. You may have had a shorter fuse when dealing with co-workers or those who rely on you for guidance, making your irritable and susceptible to bouts of anger not proportional to the event that caused them. You may also fear that your lack of kindness and compassion may put you at risk for being the subject of gossip, as it is likely that others have noticed how you treat those under you. You may want to find ways to be more personable and try to get ahold of your temper when dealing with others.

A baby rabbit

Playing with a baby rabbit.

Playing with a baby rabbit represents a subconscious desire to have a lot of children. Some part of you that you may not want to recognize wishes to enjoy a life filled with children's laughter. The joy of a big family is something that calls to you in this vision.

A black rabbit on the bed

I opened the back door and saw something running, which I at first thought was a mouse, but when I went into the room, there was a black rabbit sitting next to me on the bed. I only realized it was a black rabbit by its ears. The rabbit was very calm and that's about it what I can recall.

Opening a door in a dream vision is synonymous with welcoming positive energy and goodness into your life. This often leads to improvements in relationships, such as more affection and generosity, and even implies meeting new people, such as potential friends, partners, and mentors, into your world. However, the black rabbit that darts inside may suggest that leaving yourself completely open could result in some disappointment. You may not be totally satisfied with the way you are able to interact with everyone, causing some frustration and disillusionment in the process.

Buying rabbits and protecting them from rain

I had a dream that I was in a nice public place, it was me and my mum and my brother in this dream. I saw this young man with lots of grey rabbits, different shades. And I went over to ask if I could have a rabbit. And the man said "Sure, yeah, they are $10s each. So me, mum and brother all got one. Mine was a very nice one, light-grey color. We could only keep them for an hour since we couldn't keep them permanently. Then it started to rain and get cold, so we opened our umbrellas to protect them and keep them warm.

Rabbits are considered a good omen. When you see rabbits in your dream it signifies happy tidings. It could be something to do with an increase in your income or allowance, or things falling into place when you receive good news after waiting for a while. On the other hand, nurturing or caring for rabbits to protect them from the rain can symbolize your desire to look after younger children and ensure their happiness, safety, and well-being. The fact that you could only look after them for a short time in this dream signifies that although you do love taking care of children, you may not be allowed to look after them as much as you want to.

Protecting black and white rabbits

Last night I saw so many rabbits in my dream, they were in large numbers in green fields and I was protecting them from death. Do not remember enough about how I was protecting them. And one more thing, in the dream I was also checking if they were white or brown, but from afar they looked white, and going to their nest I found broad lines of brown feathers also. Then after saving them I went to my auntie's house also in my dream.

Rabbits in dreams symbolize luck and fertility. Therefore, seeing a multitude of rabbits in a lush landscape signifies an abundance of blessings about to happen in the waking world. Or perhaps you are already enjoying this fortune in reality and your efforts to protect them from death reveals your anxieties about losing your wealth or current social status. Alternatively, the rabbits could also hint at your secret desire for someone. These feelings could stem from your intent to become intimate with this person or trying to get to know this individual better in order to eventually start an actual relationship.

Rabbit with a human face

Rabbits are amazing creatures that typically carry a fortunate sign. This animal is said to be associated with prosperity and vitality. However, a vision of a bunny having a human face is a sign that you need to pay attention to your current situation. You might be overlooking important matters because of your busy schedule, or you think you are living a mundane life. Additionally, you may be seeking care from the people in your circle yet are shy to open up about your emotions. Specific elements in your dream and the actual world will guide you on how to face this matter in real life.

Rabbits attacking

Rabbits attacking you or others in a dream can be a sign of unresolved conflicts and problems in your life. The animal's aggression and biting symbolize the presence of negative energy in your life that needs to be addressed. This dream could be a warning that conflicts are brewing among family or friends that need to be resolved before they escalate further. Moreover, it also signifies that someone you love is going through a difficult time and needs your support. On a spiritual level, this dream indicates that you need to focus on cleansing your aura and removing any negative energies from your life to achieve spiritual growth.

Rabbits in house

In the dream realm, seeing rabbits in your house signifies good luck, fortune, and happiness. Usually, a bunny in dreams symbolizes achievement and success and indicates that you are likely to achieve your goals, and good luck is on your side. You are feeling positive and content in your waking life, and your sleep reflects your inner peace and harmony. Overall, this dream may be an indication of positivity and the potential for great success in your life.

Grey and white rabbit

Dreaming of a grey and white rabbit suggests the need to be careful in life, as this could be a warning of potential obstacles ahead. However, seeing this animal could also be a fortunate omen, indicating good things to come. In terms of relationships, the presence of a rabbit is a metaphor for a capable and trustworthy person in your life, illustrating the need for closeness and the importance of resolving any issues that arise, as this can lead to positive outcomes. In a nutshell, with careful attention, any potential problems are resolvable.

Rabbit with three eyes

A rabbit with three eyes in your dream serves as a symbol of your heightened libido and strong desire for sexual connection. In figurative language, rabbits are often associated with sexuality and passion. The presence of three eyes suggests your keen focus on assessing potential sexual partners and their ability to fulfill your desires. This dream may reflect a period of intensified sexual curiosity and attraction to potential partners, emphasizing your desire for physical intimacy and connection. It encourages you to explore and satisfy your sensual desires in a responsible and consensual manner while being attentive to your personal needs and the boundaries and desires of your partner.