Dreams Related To Puzzle

Cats in a murder mystery game

I am a woman. I was solving a murder mystery and my two kittens were at the crime scene. They appeared in a crate. They were comfortably cuddled together. One grey and the other ginger. They were silent and happy. I almost solved the crime, but I woke before the dream was finished. My main suspect was also a possible love interest. I didn't trust him and I didn't want to find him attractive until he was cleared of charges. It seemed that he was guilty.

Envisioning yourself trying to solve a serious crime within a limited time frame suggests you are currently in a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty, specifically in regard to your skills or abilities in reality. You may be feeling some self-doubt or lack the confidence you want to possess. The crate that contains your kittens in the vision may represent some jealousy you feel towards those with nicer homes or better careers than you. You wish you could provide better for those you love and care about in reality. Furthermore, the suspect who was a possible love interest reflects your uncertainty when it comes to sharing your deepest secrets. You probably want to wait for a sign that everything is perfect, even while holding such telling information from the one whose trust you seek to gain. In essence, these combined symbols point toward wanting to have it all but not wanting to give up anything in return. Until you can move on from coveting what others have and accept everything you possess, including the good and the bad, you would be unable to find the true peace and happiness you desire.