Dreams Related To Purse

Stolen purse

A stolen purse in a dream is often thought to be the manifestation of money troubles that are weighing on you in reality. According to modern dream interpreters, this vivid imagery usually appears to those who have been the victim of identity theft, a mass lay-off or credit card fraud. Of course, it may also refer to less serious financial issues, like poor budgeting skills or a tendency to live outside of your current means. If you are able to recover the purse and its contents, it may reveal a way to overcome this challenge. If you were unable to find it, however, it means you would have to deal with the outcome of this situation for a long time to come.

Losing purse

Losing a purse in a dream is an ominous sign that you could become a subject of admonishment, harsh treatment or even grave threats by people or institutions you are indebted to but have so far been unable to repay. Since you are still incapable of repayment given your present situation, you could be afraid that your creditors or lenders might take more drastic actions against you, and this unnerving thought could cause you enormous amounts of stress.

Losing purse then finding it

To lose a purse in the dreamscape is a prediction of financial troubles. Your overdrawn bank account or piling credit card debt will be an enormous source of stress. Fortunately, finding the lost purse means salvaging the situation. Someone could lend you enough money to clear your debt or you could find a stable source of income to keep you afloat. If you just keep your head down and do the necessary work, it could be the magnetism you need to attract blessings and luck to your life.

A purse with money stolen

Several dreams of me leaving my purse or wallet in my house or on a table somewhere and going back to get it realizing that someone could have stolen it, only to realize money and credit cards have been stolen. I usually find someone who knows who did it or they only know what they look like. But wake up before it is returned.

Losing a purse in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a negative sign predicting owing someone a debt but being unable to repay them when asked to. This could be related to money, such as loans or credit, which means you may not be able to fulfill your obligation to the lender, or this could be related to a favor someone performed for you that you feel unable to return for some reason. In either case, your difficulty apprehending the thief in your vision suggests this situation may persist for some time.

Purse stolen

Having your own purse stolen during the course of a dream vision carries special meaning for those interested in metaphysics and karma as it relates to the supernatural. It suggests someone close to you is about to make a poor decision that would lead them to financial ruin. You could take this vision as an opportunity to warn or advise them, possibly leading to you receiving a just reward for your efforts.

A small women's purse

Dreaming about seeing or having a small women's purse indicates that an important secret or mystery has been divulged to you recently and you are in a position where you could gain access and be privy to even more undisclosed information or knowledge. This vision could also represent a world of illusions and false perceptions that might be lingering in your mind. But your imaginings could actually come true and could even prove beneficial to you.

A purse placed on the head

I had a dream that I was with my bbf and we were sitting down in a club where we're at and an older woman put her purse on my head and I took it off. It was laid on its side on my head for a few secs. I was so upset.

A woman's purse, in the context of a dream vision, often represents mystery and intrigue. To see a purse placed on your head, then, could suggest that a problem has been nagging at the back of your mind, although you may not have had the time, energy or knowledge to realize what it is exactly. Knocking that bag over can then be interpreted to mean that, upon discovering the nature of this issue, anger or confusion may make it difficult to find a way to solve it. This is further seen in your own reaction to the lady and her purse.