Dreams Related To Punishment

People being punished by beating

I am stuck in a house with no doors to get out along with many people those I do not know. In one of the rooms, some people are lying down on bed on their belly. Some people are beating them on their bums with sticks. I am not beaten. I even get to go everywhere inside the house. Except for the room where people are beaten. Please note these dreams are not during my dreams, but in the stage where I am half awake and half asleep. Even if I open my eyes and lie down, the vision is still there.

Dreaming of being inside a house with no doors for escape likely means you feel trapped. There is a sense of restriction and inability to express yourself in this scenario in your dream. Furthermore, the vision of people being beaten with sticks could be a projection of your suppressed anger or even repressed sexual energies. Again, these powerful images correspond to a turbulent mind because you lack an outlet or avenues for catharsis. Hence, the feeling of being in between sleeping and dreaming while you are witnessing all these images reflect your own confusion and state of limbo. You may need to find a way to free yourself of whatever burdens you carry, otherwise you run the risk of imploding.