Dreams Related To Pull

Being pulled backwards

A force that pulls you backwards in a dream vision, such as getting dragged by an invisible entity, refers to tasks that make you feel stressed and possibly overwhelmed. You may be driving yourself too hard which could lead to burnout. Breaking down your responsibilities into chunks might make a big burden much more manageable to carry. Alternatively, this can mean going against the grain and being forced to conform. It will be up to you if you choose to capitulate or if you want to be known as someone who stands apart and refuses to take part in echo chambers.

Someone pulling my hand

Dreaming of a person tugging at your hand and pulling you in a certain direction is an allusion to someone guiding you in wake life. Much like a friend waving at you to get your attention, this symbol is a metaphysical sign that you can overcome anything in life with the right support. Look to the people you love and trust most. They are likely to have the answers you seek.

Someone pulling your feet

Envisioning someone pulling your legs or feet is both a reflection of your personality and your hopes for the future. In essence, someone grabbing your feet or ankle means you want to feel loved and needed. Your most happy and fortunate memories revolve around needing someone else and being appreciated in return. In the future, you would prefer a life filled with love and joy to one devoid of affection, even if it means being poorer.

Being pulled underwater

Being pulled underwater carries a somewhat negative interpretation, according to the thoughts and studies of John Paul Jackson. The idea of drowning or sinking below the water's surface represents setbacks or being overwhelmed by negative emotions, bad energy or a sense of impatience. Other dream workers think this symbol means that through the struggle you are evolving beyond a certain lifestyle that requires you to keep up appearances. In that sense, you are being changed or reborn through the water, but the experience is likely to be fraught with difficulties and sadness.