Dreams Related To Protection

Someone protecting me

The image of someone protecting you may have different interpretations depending on what is going on in wake life. For instance, those who are in love may see the image of protection as a sign to have confidence in their relationship and consider ways they can contribute to the continued growth of the connection. There is also a spiritual aspect to this symbol as well. For instance, seeing this sign after an experience with fate or a miracle may signify that a higher power is looking out for you. This could be God or the angels from the Bible, or it may be someone senior to you in life, like a family member, teacher or boss.

Black dog protecting me

Dreaming of a black dog that appears as a bodyguard can be interpreted through the symbolism of dogs as guards and protectors. This dream suggests that you are seeking control over your emotions and that the dog is helping you confront and face your feelings. It can also be interpreted as an angelic omen of shield that is guiding you through a difficult period. In a nutshell, the dream is a reminder that you can protect and defend yourself and that you are not alone in your journey.

Protecting someone from getting killed

Envisioning protecting someone from getting killed symbolizes your feelings of responsibility and care for the safety and well-being of the person you are trying to protect in the dream. In the dream realm, it depends on the situation you were facing, if you have succeeded in protecting someone from getting hurt during a shooting for example, it means that you are capable of handling even the worst problems and have a positive attitude toward helping others. If you failed to do so, it means that you are unable to protect the people around you and are overwhelmed by the problems you are facing in your waking life. The dream is a reminder for you to keep helping others and keep yourself away from danger as well.

Protected from an ex by a friend

I was at a friend's home, having a bath, and when I got out of the bath my ex partner was there and put my son to sleep, then left. Then my ex showed up with a hundreds of people and started attacking the house. So my friend used a liquid and put it on all the walls, doors and windows so they couldn't break in.

This dream reveals your conflicted feelings for your ex. On one hand, the first scenario, where your ex-partner puts your son to sleep, illustrates your lingering fondness that causes you to wonder sometimes what your existence would be like if you had not separated. On the other hand, the subsequent attack to your house parallels the emotional turbulence that occurs whenever you two get together. Perhaps the latter scenario speaks to your pragmatic side and represents your tendency towards self-preservation in times of doubt.

Protecting dog from a creature

Protecting my dog in my old house from a threatening mythical creature.

Protecting your dog from a menacing mythical creature reflects your tendency to help others in waking life. Just as your dog relies on you for love and care in reality, so does this vision suggest there are others, such as friends, family members or co-workers, who heavily rely on you for protection, advice or support. In essence, this vision is a direct manifestation of these positive qualities you possess.

Unable to protect and save children

I had a dream that I was a nanny and the house was getting robbed and the 2 children I was trying to protect we loaded up in a car trying to get away. Then it exploded, I was hospitalized, they died and I kept asking about them during hospitalization. Then I fell in love with my therapist, later got pregnant by him. He was abusive to me and I kept hearing a voice that told me "Protect your unborn child".

Dreaming about trying to save children from harm but failing to do so because they die anyway reveals the current situation which you have to face in your waking life. It seems that your life is a series of pitfalls and you seem to be getting into more problems despite trying your best to keep out of trouble. The changing scenarios in your dream could portend that regardless of your desire to achieve peace and happiness, you may still face obstacles and difficulties. This is reinforced by your worries about the safety of your unborn child. In this respect, you should keep in mind that a new child is a symbol of hope and the fact that you were told to protect it symbolizes that things might eventually start to improve, just keep yourself motivated and forge ahead with determination.

Protecting someone

Protecting someone in a dream vision is considered more than a symbol of valor or bravery. In these visions, it can be said that your subconscious mind is trying to alert you to someone or something in your life that needs protection. This may be someone in the dreamer's family, like their child, or a friendly acquaintance seen often in wake life. Alternatively, something like your spiritual well-being may be under attack due to conflict and confusion within your soul. Finally, this symbol is sometimes seen by those who have had interactions with criminals and the police. If you fall under that category, this symbol should be interpreted as your subconscious trying to comfort and heal you, reminding you to have faith in yourself and others.