Dreams Related To Proposal

Proposing to someone

Proposing to someone signifies your growing confidence. Getting praised by your boss or an attractive person flirting with you will bolster your self-esteem. You can use this personal boost to close a sale, go on a date with a Tinder match or submit your application for that big promotion. Getting a positive view of your self-worth will influence the way you deal with people and the way you present yourself. Others will notice this change in you and they will also respond positively to this change, so maintain this feeling and keep your insecurities at bay.

A proposal during a celebration

I dreamt that I was sitting in on some sort of Jewish holiday, learning and meeting new people. I remember laughing and having a great time. Before I knew it, I had met a very fun man, he made me laugh. Before I turned around he had asked me to marry him, and then I woke up, and I was smiling from ear to ear.

This dream vision should be very encouraging and uplifting, especially if you have been in a difficult life situation recently. Starting at the end of the vision, receiving a proposal for marriage predicts beneficial changes happening in your life. These changes could completely flip your life around if things have been difficult for you, boosting your mood and confidence. This is preceded by the sign of meeting an enchanting stranger, which is often interpreted as a sign of rising fame and prominence. This prominence is likely to come with all the perks normally associated with fame and fortune, including monetary incentives, gifts, and the adoration or many.

A sudden proposal from a friend

I was hanging out with a friend, and it was raining. He said he was going to get something from his car and he would be right back. It was taking awhile, so I went to check on him. When I saw him, he was staring at the ground, so I asked him what was wrong. He stood up and I thought he was going to walk away, so I asked him why he was leaving. Then he turned around and he had flowers in his hand. He placed them on the ground in front of me and said he could never leave without me. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes and we went for a drive. He parked his car, smiled, and kissed me.

Seeing a particular person in a dream vision suggests this person has been on your mind a lot recently or that he has recently begun to have more prominence in your life. Being left alone represents some feelings of loneliness and isolation, and the fact that you sought his company indicates you value his company and opinions. His presenting you with flowers is a more overarching sign which predicts there are a number of young men who are interested in you and being proposed to is usually interpreted as a symbol for positive changes in your life. Because the topic of this dream is highly romantic, it would seem that these positive changes are in relation to your love life. If you are not currently in a relationship with someone, you may find yourself in one before too long.

A man proposing to someone

The general image of a man proposing marriage to his partner or love interest carries a positive connotation in the dream realm. The exact type of proposal may depend on your cultural background. For example, Western peoples may see the man go on one knee and produce a ring, while other communities may see a young man negotiating with the father of his intended. In either case, this symbol is typically associated with happiness and good fortune in the foreseeable future, especially in regards to your connections with others.

Proposing to a boy for girls

I am a girl. My dream was I was on my knees and the boy I was proposing. I don't remember his face in the dream. I knew him in the dream but not in real life. The boy had the ring and I took the ring and took his hand and put the ring on his finger. After that my dream broke.

For females, dreaming of proposing to the opposite sex could be an indication of growing self-confidence. Perhaps you tend to be submissive or agreeable in reality, but circumstances are about to happen in which your mettle would be tested. In the face of unfavorable odds, you could discover your potential to lead and live your life on your own terms. This defining moment would pave a path to a future you may have not previously imagined for yourself.