Dreams Related To Prophet

Fighting with a prophet

Prophet wants to take my daughter and I fought him, he was not bleeding even after I stabbed him several times. It was like he was the devil.

Dreaming of a prophet is usually associated with the dreamer's quest to find wisdom and guidance in the real world. Perhaps you have uncertainties or apprehensions in terms of raising your daughter. Her presence in the dream, and the fact that the prophet is taking her away from you, reveals your own doubts about taking care of her. However, seeing yourself as you were fighting back to save your child means that you do not let problems or misunderstandings completely destroy or sever the ties that bind you. You are humble enough to own up to your mistakes and patch things up with her.

Being told to eat salt by a prophet

I dreamt that a prophet gave me some salt in a small salt package and told me to eat it and I did.

To dream about eating salt portends a serious illness. The fact that you seem in the pink of health and far from getting sick at the moment is no reason to be complacent. You might be surprised to discover some dormant disease which could surface anytime soon and develop to an extent beyond saving. Before this could happen, you would do well by making a quick appointment with a trusted specialist and learning what you can do to prevent this potentially serious health situation.

A prophet warning about difficult days ahead

I saw a Pandit Ji saying that I will have very difficult days from 14th to 18th of November. I clearly remember the dream. He said it is very difficult for me to pass these days. And then everybody realized that today is 14th of November. That's all I remember. Can you please tell me the interpretation of this dream?

Dreams involving predictions typically reveal real-life anxieties about the future. You may be currently concerned, even fearful, about the coming days. Perhaps some big and important event is about to take place and you are particularly afraid of not being able to control the outcome of the said event. Maybe you feel powerless about certain aspects of your life. This could be especially true if you are the type who does not like surprises.

Being a prophet and fighting with Lucifer

I was a prophet of God. Healing people from mental disability and physical dysfunction. Lucifer kept trying to kill me and my son. I saw through his plan and took my son before he did. I was very upset to be a prophet.

Dreaming about being a prophet of God while under persecution by Lucifer could mean that you are observing some negative things which are happening around you and you want to change them, however you feel powerless to do so. You could be struggling morally with the decisions people close to you are making and you want to help them but you do not know how to do it and you feel like you and your loved ones are suffering from other people's life choices.

Being healed by a prophet

I dreamt a well-known prophet was touching my legs and he told me he loves me. I suffer from arthritis of hips and shoulders. I was at a conference with him but when I woke up I couldn't remember the venue. This prophet is famous for healing.

A prophet in dreams alludes to wisdom and guidance. In your case, your health issues may have conjured up the prophet healing you in your dream in an attempt to shed some light on how to effectively manage your ailment. Perhaps you are afraid that your arthritis would worsen in the coming weeks and months. Hence, your subconscious may be assuring you that with faith and proper self-care, you can improve the condition you suffer from.