Dreams Related To Prize

Being killed for jewelry as a prize

I am a woman. I had a dream of a murderer hunting to kill a woman with pierced ears on the anniversary of every year on a cruise ship and then taking her earrings for a prize. All of us women on the boat were trying to escape him. In real life, I was woken up by my husband before I found out if I was the woman he selected in the dream to kill.

Dreaming about a murderer on the loose may be your subconscious mind channeling your desire for excitement. In many cases, this dark symbol is seen by those who are in some ways bored or unsatisfied by their current partner. This does not necessarily mean you do not love your husband, rather, it suggests you may be stuck in a bit of a rut. This is supported by the setting of the cruise ship, a surrealist image when combined with the murder associated with a desire to partake in a more relaxed, luxurious lifestyle. Finally, dreaming that the murderer was after women with pierced ears reflects your own preoccupation with looks and appearances. You desire to be seen as someone with their life together, someone with impeccable style and taste. Perhaps upgrading your wardrobe and changing up the activities you do with your husband would alleviate some of these feelings and give you peace.