Dreams Related To Princess

Saving a princess

Okay, so I tried using the site to interpret this weird dream I had last night but it said no results, so now I'm using this. Last night my dream began as random scenes of the movie Shrek, I don't remember most of the dream after that but towards the end I guess there was some dead princess I needed to save, but the thing was, I saved her with Wii Remotes. I started pressing the A Button on the remote like a thousand times while the music on my alarm was playing, then I woke up, what does this mean?

Being part of an animated movie like Shrek could reveal a need for more frivolity in your life. Certain aspects of your life may be more tense of serious than they should be, leading your mind to take refuge in a world of make believe during its unconscious moments. Saving the dead princess may reflect both your need to be strong and stable under the circumstances while conversely acknowledging that your efforts may be in vain. The video game controllers you eventually used to save the princess may reflect the need to use tools to overcome your particular challenges as well as serve as further proof of your need to enjoy yourself more. In essence, this vision means you need to find a way to lighten your load or use other tools at your disposal so that you can have more time to enjoy life, relax and take care of yourself.