Dreams Related To Priest

Hugging a priest

Hugging a priest means you are embracing spirituality and leaving behind worldly activities. After an eye-opening experience, this dreamscape scenario suggests you will understand the futility of amassing material things and focus on forging meaningful relationships. Alternatively, you may end up exploring a whole new faith or religion after being disillusioned by your current beliefs.

Catholic priest

Seeing a Catholic priest in your dream points to a morally ambiguous situation in reality. You may be forced to lie or provide an alibi for a friend. While this may be easy for some people, this prediction underscores your strong values and moral integrity. Other people's perception of you may change for better or worse if you break your code of ethics to save a friend in need.

Priest blessing

A blessing from a priest indicates promising progress in your current project. Fate will be in your favor as forces of the universe conspire to give you what you need, whether it is funding or manpower or a game-changing idea which will lead to your project's success. Moreover, this positive reading reveals personal growth. Instead of focusing on winning, you will learn to appreciate the process and the people who will help you achieve success.

Exchanging money with priests

I saw receiving tika and money from family priests and me giving money to them as well.

Receiving money from someone as well as exchanging it with your priests in this dream symbolizes your generous and kind nature. You are always willing to lend a hand whenever there are people who are in trying situations, and eager to share your blessings with the less fortunate. This outstanding personal quality is most likely the result of closely following the canons of your faith and religion and being open to advice given to you by the members of your congregation.

Help from a priest during apocalypse

The world started ending in my dream and I was in this room filled with moths and they all started dying, so I ran desperately looking for help. In this room where there was a man, I had a feeling that he was like priests and next to him was another person. When I entered the room I could see myself and I started bleeding from my nose and then a deep cut was made beneath my right eye causing me to bleed more. The priest man then extracted from me some type of a spider the size and color of sand.

Observing apocalypse in your dream signifies something catastrophic developing in your life. You may experience despair and hopelessness brought about by some difficult, life-changing event. The moths that die in droves around you could be an indicator of your lack of knowledge about how to deal with this situation or whom you can turn to for help and support. As a result, you could find yourself in dire straights. Bleeding often is suggestive of loss, particularly monetary and material. It would be wise to think carefully about whom you can rely on in times of trouble and perhaps come up with a list of emergency contacts just in case.

A priest and a wooden box

My parents called upon a priest to find out what's wrong with me. The priest said that I had been murdered in my past life and that's why my personality is mean and skeptical. He told my parents to get rid of a box that I kept. The wooden box felt extremely important to me. I don't know what was inside; only that it had something to do with my death in the past life of me in the dream. I went to a cliff and cried holding the wooden box. Priest wore 15th century Roman Catholic Church clothes.

A priest coming to help you in the dream world may be an omen of looming difficulties on the horizon. Those challenges may be related to the contents of the wooden box you felt was so important. Wooden boxes are thought to contain negative feelings, particularly envy and pride. Both the priest and the box suggest your issues with holding onto these emotions could lead to conflict and agitation among those you spend a lot of time with in reality, such as family or co-workers. Standing on the cliff at the end of the vision represents the opportunity to enter into a new phase in your life. In order to get there, however, you would need to let go of those things that have been holding you back thus far.